Neptune And Projection: Did You Hear The One Where I’m An Alcoholic?

This is from January of 2008, part of my Saturn Pluto crush! As far as I know these people still believe me to be an alcoholic in denial. Fact is, I can smell a glass of wine and get tipsy. Such is the sensitivities of Neptune. I updated this in late 2009 (below). There has been no change since…

If you ever want to discredit someone…

It turned out this false accusation was made far and wide which was something I didn’t realize when I made this video. Ultimately I had to stand up in a room of about a dozen people (who had authority over me) and confront this. I wound up singing a John Prine song to them as a matter of fact. “Where is your evidence?” I asked after I sung my song.Β  ‘Where is my big red nose? Where is the bottle in my purse?”

I challenged them toΒ  find ONE person in the entire history of my life who thought I was a drinker besides the liar in question and when they all stared blankly.Β  I suggested they stop making references to my drinking in their reports, “Because if I ever need to challenge any of you in court, you’re going to look like fools. It’s shameful,” I added. “Tag someone with something like that with so much as even asking them. I am ashamed of every single one of you for doing such a lousy job at your job. Ashamed and disgusted that is…” I scolded, with the power of my Capricorn rising.

I have heard not heard about my hologram drinking problem since. This does not mean people don’t still believe it, they just know they can’t prove it so it’s all fuzzy, see?


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  1. That’s sort of a funny story! Who is going to sign a document like that!? I have Neptune in the 4th and before I left school for break, one of my roommates told me she thinks I have a drinking problem. Well, I don’t, but she’s convinced. You’re absolutely correct about how the more you say you don’t have a problem, the more people think you do. To further hammer home the Neptunian influence in the home, my mother DOES have a drinking problem (though don’t tell her that) and I knew the second I told this roommate, that she would assume I had one also every time I have a glass of wine or a beer. I can’t see a benefit to this chronic distortion Neptune emits though I suppose ‘distortion’ is another word for creativity.

  2. Wow. It’s true though, people will believe all kinds of dirt on others with no need for proof of any kind. On the one hand I’m amazed at how easily these people were convinced that you had a drinking problem just on the word of one person, but on the other hand I’ve seen that sort of thing happen before. I don’t know what else to say about it, except that I’m sorry it has happened to you.

  3. Elsa this has me very concerned. Do you smile so gregariously when protesting you aren’t a drunk? Sorry to sound so goddamn meddle-y (my Cap Moon is outraged) but those people need to give you more than a disclaimer…
    I understand that it’s Neptune talking but–ack! I hope what they’ve given you meets your needs for the situation!

  4. kashmiri – I am sure I do smile like that, I always smile like that. And I get your point but they don’t know what is real and it was not their job to discover it. he said / she said… then pass the buck to someone else to decide.

    There has been a god awful lot of buck passing and frankly I expect it to continue indefinitely. I also expect there is not a damned thing I can do about it. I am having a Saturn transit. That means my natal Saturn is activated (which is tied to Neptune) so the fact my public reputation will be undermined is damned near a given.

    What about that Italian guy who wrote people who commented on my blog to tell them I was a dead beat? WTF?

    Anyway, I have a fix on how to deal with this.

  5. First of all, I missed your videos Elsa!
    Secondly, again I am stunned by your Neptune stories. I have a Capricorn MC so it’d be death for me if someone attacked my public image like that. I’d be a wreck, a bundle of insecurities. So it worries me, but I know you have a good way of dealing with this.
    It seems to me that there’s no way out from those outside perceptions: they see an alcoholic and the more you try to deny it, the more they condemn you. I get really uncomfortable when the “truth” is amputated like that, it chokes me.

    Good luck, Elsa! I hope your year is a thousand times better than the last one.

  6. Elsa – I’m sorry this is happening to you. Its like the more one denies something the more people think there is something to hide UGH!
    I can sooo relate to this. I have natal Neptune in 7 House and have Neptune transitting my 10 house (square). The mud slung at me was not from authority figures but 2 long term friends. Their projections slid into abusive letters hand deliverd to my letter box. One even screamed at me in public. I defended myself vehemently. After months of this I realised their idea of me was so fixed and not based on reality that the best I could do was to cut all contact. This was the best thing to do, however sad and painful. These events are also tied into transitting Saturn trining my natal Venus.
    Hang in there Elsa.

  7. Well, CRAP!!! Having lived with an alcoholic I can relate to the denial that goes on. Is there anyone who can testify on your behalf under oath if need be? Too bad I don’t live close by because I’m very convincing (Mars/Merc on the ASC) when I speak up for someone. πŸ™‚

    Maybe Jupiter in Capricorn will prove helpful to you. Here’s to a much better year ahead for you than last!!!

  8. Hey Elsa, I also have Neptune on the Midheaven. Once when I was at art school, I took a Religious Studies class at the nextdoor academic university. I took that class because I had just been to Jerusalem that summer to visit my Jewish Israeli boyfriend and I was really turned on by religion, almost it didnt matter what, but this Old Testament class (actually it was called “Oral Tradition” : ) fit my schedule. We read some parts of the Old Testament, but the one I had also had a New Testament in the back and the print was really small and it took me a long time to read, so I was walking around with a bible all semester and what I realized was my friends at art school thought I was a born again Christian and the more I tried to say I wasnt, the more I felt like I was sinking in Quicksand, the more I was showing symptoms of being a complete nerd fanatic, and well, I couldnt laugh about it. I am sure some of those people still think I am a Christian fanatic, and I would still be creeped out if I had to defend myself.

  9. Deirdre – that’s a great story and matter of fact I am going to talk about defending with Saturn / Neptune tomorrow once people catch up with this video. Good luck to us with that, eh?

  10. Elsa, what I really was trying to say was something along the lines of ‘godspeed.’ I don’t even believe in “GOD” but my Sag is at a loss for words that won’t put a foot in it, ha ha

  11. Oh Elsa,

    I can’t believe people would be so defamatory without having any idea what they’re talking about. You should try “admitting” you have a drinking problem and backing up from there – not much fun either.

  12. Angela – I just wish they’d get my pathology right, you know. πŸ˜‰

    I am addicted to the alcoholic not the alcohol, sheesh! πŸ™‚

  13. I had something very similar happen recently.

    Here’s the story:
    There is a male neighbor of mine (I’m a woman) who I had an argument with last year. At issue was the fact that he would repeatedly come around and lecture me about things, or tell me if our overhead garage door was open, etc. Neighborhood watch type stuff. Which I appreciated since we live in a higher-crime area, but over the years I really found him to be almost abusive or menacing in these little visits, scolding me like a child. Plus, since I live in a duplex and am not the only tenant, I really resented not only the attitude but the assumption that I was the one who had left a gate open, etc.

    One night I came home from work and quickly ran in with a set of packages, let the dog out, and came back to my car for the rest. Sure enough, Mr. Neighborhood Watch was in the alley, ready to lecture me about the open door even though I had literally just run in for 30 seconds.

    Well, that was the last straw and I somewhat angrily but calmly told him that that this was unacceptable, that while I truly appreciated looking out for each other as neighbors, I was not his daughter or his wife and could take care of myself, thank you very much. He pretty much confirmed my opinion of him as a prick by not apologizing in the least for the way he came across.

    Fast forward to about 1-2 weeks ago. He and I have not spoken almost at all since then, but he came over to discuss another issue. He and I have “gotten into it” over this other issue as well so there is more bad blood. In the course of our conversation, our original argument about the garage door last year came up. He says,

    “You started barking at me. AND you were drunk….”

    I was incredulous and said, “WHAAAAAAAT? I wasn’t drunk! I don’t even drink! And I certainly don’t drink and drive!”

    But afterward this bothered me as I realized he had certainly shared this with his wife and other neighbors, and it wasn’t true … but now, how many of them think I’m a drunk? Plus, I wondered, why did he think I was drunk? Had I been drinking? The only possible thing I could think of was maybe I had one after-work drink and he smelled alcohol … but the accusation made me almost question myself on this!

    This is especially mind-blowing because I am not a delinquent in the least.

    I am an Aries with Aries rising so any man who swaggers around trying to tell me what to do is pretty much going to get my blood boiling. But I have Mars in Libra in the 7th and a 12th house Sun, Mercury and Saturn so that seems to short-circuit my aggressiveness somewhat and constrict my speech and self-expression. Neptune is also in the 7th, opposed Venus in the 1st so lots of Venus/Neptune issues as well.

  14. I have Neptune on MC in Capricorn in conjunction with moon. I can certainly drink a bottle or a few on occasion though im not a drunk. i understand ur frustration.

    and ppl perceive me to be million different things… either im a drunk [neptune mc] or im a soldier [arian mars, arian ac], or im 2 unemotional and detached [cappy moon]…. its irritating to be a girl perceived that way.

    but what can u do. ppl just see whats in their head anyway

  15. Hey Elsa
    I have Neptune conjunct the Midheaven… in my teens my dad was convinced I used his MP number to buy under-the-counter drugs… He was a drunk. Projection, anyone?
    Money went missing at my last job, and everyone just assumed it was me — despite the fact that four people handled it in a matter of minutes. The manager even demanded I be the only one to pay the money back. I was like, Haha, nice one.
    Salut to all us Nep/Midheavens!!! πŸ™‚

  16. The whole time I was watching this I was thinking about the “witches” in the 1600’s. If you drown in the dunking chair you not a witch, if you survive, you are witch and your burned or hanged. I’m guessing a few of those women had Neptune on the Midheaven, what do you think?

  17. I have Pisces on the midheaven and my Pisces almost-ex tried to accuse me of alcoholism during our custody battle. And he is the one with the lifelong alcohol/marijuana problem and the arrest record, thankyouverymuch.

  18. Let me try that sentence again….If you drown in the dunking chair, you are not a witch, if you survive, then you are a witch and you’re burned or hanged. Maybe Neptune was obscuring my keyboard or I’m drunk πŸ˜‰

  19. I would have signed it alright, maybe Donald Duck or goofy even. Upon questioning my actions. I would reply: “I must be drunk”

  20. I just recently learned about an experiment on this type of thing that went on in the late 70’s-early 80’s.
    A group of grad students and a few professors went to various mental hospitals complaining that they heard voices saying, “Empty,” “Dull,” and “Thud.” Once they were admitted, they stopped reporting the voices and acted normally (even taking notes on how they were treated, etc). Did any of the medical personnel notice they were sane?
    They were released, some as much as a month later, with the diagnosis “schizophrenia, in remission.” Any action they took while hospitalized was used as evidence of their insanity.
    The weird thing is, the other patients would say things like, “You’re not one of us. Why are you different?” and the staff still didn’t catch it.

    You can’t make this shit up. Apparently you can’t deflect it, either.

  21. Well, jeez, don’t all you Mexicans drink!?

    (Sorry, sorry… I flashed back to the time when people thought you were Mexican and hiding it!)

    I hope that whatever you went through here is resolved. πŸ™ It sounds horrible, like nothing I could ever deal with.

  22. Well I started being mistaken for a “hore” when I was 11 and was mistaken for a whore the last time about 2 years ago and I have no doubt there will be more fun times ahead.

  23. And oh ywah. I am a bad bad mother, out whoring around no doubt and I don’t even have to have CHILDREN to pull this one off. 2 cocker spaniels will suffice.

    Do you know that bitch that I am, I actually left my dogs at home to go to work?

    You think I would get some credit for cleaning up all that SHIT (yes, shit) people left in my house for some hologram reason and when I try to report about the shit, guess what happens?

    I am persecuted!!!

    har har har

  24. Avatar

    I got it I got it!! I have neptune 7th and THAT explains why everyone thinks I have drugs to sell them or that I know who is selling. ROFL. Finally, I get it. What they don’t get is that it was my parent’s generation that did the drugs and despite it still being common in my generation I’m one of only a few people I’ve ever met that haven’t tried one or another sort of drugs. My SO being one of the other few in that category. No one, but no one will believe me I’ve never done drugs. Hey, get a clue – I watched it growing up there was never any curiosity or taboo around drugs and so… none for me. Thanks again Elsa!!

  25. mud – the fact is it doesn’t matter what is real, people will believe the illusion. If I showed up drunk, people would think me sober. “She wouldn’t dare show up drunk..”

  26. Avatar
    Le Ciel du Scorpion

    Lol! I actually WAS an alcoholic and no one believed me. Now, I can also not smell wine without both getting tipsy and waking up with a raging headache the next day.

    But your story reminds me of ANOTHER John Prine song: …you can’t steal a kiss in a place like this, how the rumors do fly in a town this size…


  27. So no neptune in my chart however I am always being mistaken for something/someone I’m not.
    For example, I am not perfect (surprise!). Yet I have been told repeatedly that the reason people don’t like me when they first meet me (even before they meet me) is because I come off as having my shit together.
    It’s weird because I am a complete disaster. I know better than anyone of all of my flaws (Virgo Sun) and I am so hard on myself because of it. Yet it takes so much strength just to hold my head up high.
    It’s good advice that you gave in this video: you can’t control how people see you. But man, it’s hard to be disliked right of the bat.

  28. “you can’t control how people see you. But man, it’s hard to be disliked right of the bat.”

    Agreed! Or to be disliked for something you are not like the people who hate me because I am a “dog abuser” when they see, Dora!

  29. That’s okay, I’m the ‘mean mommy’ who wouldn’t let her infant watch TV and eat sour patch kids.
    But I didn’t care because I knew in my heart it was right. Just like I’m sure when you leave, she follows you home – some abuse.

  30. I work for a law firm and I cannot believe that they could actually put that in a legal document without proof and on hearsay! What you said Elsa! I am stunned! I am so sorry you are going through this but all I can say is, what won’t destroy you will make you stronger! And who is that italian guy who said you were a “dead beat”? WTF does he know!?? May Neptune strike the b*strds with his mighty Trident!

  31. I have capricorn rising and neptune right on it πŸ™‚ I can relate to the statement that you can’t control how people see you. Sometimes I don`t even know how they see me πŸ™‚ I drink only on rare occasions with my closest friends. When I am in a room full of people who drink i can feel like im drunk just because of the environment even though i didnt consume alcohol. Typically Neptunian i guess πŸ™‚

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