Client Testimonial: “I *was* a stubborn commitment phobe…”

Vintage zodiac trivetDB writes

“I’ve worked with Elsa over the long haul. I was a stubborn commitment phobe and I can honestly say that through Elsa’s patient, consistent advice, I have managed to turn my life around and I am happier than ever! I was chasing something and insisting (to Elsa) that things would go “my way,” but Elsa is wise. She knows a lot about how the world works – relationships, especially. And while I wanted to fight her advice and kept trying to skirt around it, things always came back to the “truth” and she was right. Now, looking back on all the hard work I did with Elsa’s support, I’m so glad that I found her. I’ve read books, I’ve had therapy, I’ve “run away” etc, but Elsa just tells it like it is, no apologies, and that’s really what worked for me in the end! I’m REALLY REALLY grateful for someone to have just been super honest with me (even if it’s not always what I wanted to hear -!) Elsa is life-changing!


Thanks a million times over.”

Thanks, DB!

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