Venus In Scorpio – Trash Dump, Garbage Heap, Corpses Of Ex-Lovers – Right Out Of The Dirty Grave

Oscar trash canVenus is solidly in Scorpio now and Mars is soon to follow. The planets will be conjoined for weeks and it’s going to be non-stop action on the corpse front.

If you’re new here, I refer to ex-lovers who come back from the dead as corpses. This is a Venus/Pluto phenomena which is what Venus in Scorpio represent.

Mars joining Venus will add intensity and vigor to the whole situation so expect action on this front to be robust and most likely, disturbing. You could have sworn you put that person in the garbage can but good and then here they pop up, if not in real life, then in your psyche and what can you say, but there they are.

As to how to handle this, in many cases, this is appropriate advice: Step away from the corpse.

In other cases, people will get back in bed with the corpse but this usually doesn’t last long as the old adage, they’re out of your life for a reason, comes into play.

As a general rule, it’s usually not a good idea to linger and hang around with a corpse when they show themselves though there are exceptions. As an example, I am married to one of my corpses – a man I thought was dead for 20+ years so you know. Use your judgment.  But most times it’s best to push the person back into their trash can and stay focused on the here and now because dragging a corpse into your now (reasonably) happy life or marriage is of course going to foul things.

Not that this will stop some of you but you know. If you’re going to do it, might as well do it deliberately.

I was prompted to write this because I knew this really nasty woman when I was a teenager. I got sued because of this gal and today her name, first and last, showed up in my head. I was surprised as I’ve had her names blocked from my psyche for years but there you go.

Any corpses shown up at your place yet? Are you the ex coming back from the dead? Tell us.

24 thoughts on “Venus In Scorpio – Trash Dump, Garbage Heap, Corpses Of Ex-Lovers – Right Out Of The Dirty Grave”

  1. Well, I have noticed a pattern with my corpses…One and half years span after the break up before they did to show again. So yea I am expecting the possibility of one of them returning again. He has been popping in my mind, so the vibe is there. Generally I talk to them for 15 seconds before closing the door and burying the dead. It seems to work for me.
    Interesting thing I hadn’t about is the fact that it is about this time of year.Hmmm. well, my Venus is in Scorpio. Could this be the reason? ha

  2. lol Elsa! Thanks for the above advice. There have been a few people around wondering how to handle the energy.

    I have had mental corpses (ones just stumbling around in my head)- I hope this is ALL I’m up for.

    Glad you’ve got your shiny red gun now- boy they’d better watch out- you always shoot straight from the hip =)

  3. “you always shoot straight from the hip =)”

    That’s right. Blammo. And I said I was going to do it so why the surprise?

    I learned this from my husband. People just don’t expect a person to follow through, do what they say they are going to do. Just because you are full of shit, doesn’t mean the other guy is. Very good thing to have in your head.

  4. No one has shown up in “real life” yet but definitely in my head — finishing the work of grieving the endings, maybe — coming out of denial

  5. Just the other night a woman called my cell phone – didn’t recognize her voice and she asked for my husband. She was a ‘friend’ from the past (like 25+ years ago). They talked for a bit and then about 10 minutes after they hung up another woman called (must have been notified by friend #1), and asked for my husband. She was another woman from the same crowd/time period. They all tripped down memory lane (which of course didn’t include me). It was odd- and now they have befriended me on FB. Even though they aren’t my corpses, I’m letting them lay… and walking away!

  6. Gah, it’s been corpse time around here already for a week, both in real life and in my head. Has *not* been fun.

    This is going to be rough, because I am resolute to stay away from any and all corpses.

  7. Gee. I don’t think mine is a ‘corpse.’ I had a lovely experience with a woman in college–she changed schools, I graduated, we drifted apart. I kept in touch with her sporadically. I had not, however, talked with her in almost 10 years. Along about February or March, I ran across a picture of her and two lovely notes she had written to me in college. I put the picture out in my office and every now and then I would walk by and say. ‘Call me.’ On 23 July she did. I went to visit and it was as if 47 years had never passed. (And I was greeted with 47 roses for each year we had been apart.) So each day for us is a gift. Namaste’

  8. Last time Elsa talked about corpses coming back, I remember thinking: “There’s no way mine will come back. I’ve locked them all in the closet and I’ve locked them good.”
    Guess what? One of them did came back to annoy me, through text messaging. So I’m expecting same will happen now.
    Which got me thinking, is there anyway we can stop this, permanently? Can’t we incinerate them or something?

  9. Nope, not yet, but it doesn’t seem totally impossible with Venus RX hitting my natal Venus late October. In fact, exactly the same day transiting Saturn will him my natal Pluto. And since I really don’t want any zombies in my life, it’s a good thing my father taught me how to use the chainsaw !

  10. You guys are funny. No you can’t stop them. They’re incessant. They’re obsessed in some cases (or you are – you keep them alive, keep breathing life into the dead). When Venus goes retro, all this goes double!

  11. “No you can’t stop them. They’re incessant. They’re obsessed in some cases (or you are – you keep them alive, keep breathing life into the dead). When Venus goes retro, all this goes double!”


  12. What, you can’t stop them?! They’re zombies and ones that you can’t finally kill dead? Oh god it’s going to be like the ending of…oh wait, no spoilers. 😛

    Time to get my cricket bat.

  13. FUNNY>
    Yesterday the day after my birthday my ex who hasnt talked to me since last birthday showed up at my house with a six pack of good beer pound of scallops and shrimp fresh green beans and said Sorry I forgot your birthday..One day late!!!

    OMG how timely anyway it was nice but the guy lives right next to me and has not spoken to me in a year.The food was good and he had to tell me how his dad had upset him a couple of weeks ago because he told him his friends were all scumbags..I did not tell him that I totally agree, but they are.Guess he decided I was daddy meeting material.Who knows?

  14. I’ve had plenty of corpses in my life just lately – several last week, inc one of my favourite ex-lovers. I keep meeting them at the funerals of mutual friends, some not seen for many years lololol. We keep saying “we must stop meeting like this…”

    I ignored all the ’emotional corpses’ ie people I really had put the lid on, except one – a woman I once worked for (but she’s married now to an old friend of mine so I was civil). But those I cared for, and who I consider part of my emotional hinterland – well whatever the reasons we grew apart, I always leave the door open if no great pain was caused.

    I did my ‘getting back into bed with the corpse’ late last year, and I’m still working through that… it’s painful! BUT I’d have forever regretted not giving it one last try… it had to be done.

  15. just last weekend i finally had to let go of my corpse… was i sad? of course, am i still sad? of course… but i did finally take in the exact mindset you are speaking of, SO i am glad you touched on this, because who knows he may pop around the corner again, and i will be prepared to keep such a mindset in tact. THANKS ELSA!!!

  16. WOW, I’ve been feeling my corpse coming for a week now (had really thought I was done with him), but from what you’re saying this is gonna take every ounce of my Scorpio determination not to bed the dead – he was the best sex I’ve ever had! (Maybe one little tango wouldn’t hurt? – yeah, right). This ain’t gonna be easy folks…….

  17. if any of the fuckers I amputated after they treated me badly show up, I’m going to go medieval on their ass.

    you hear that corpses?



  18. Is anyone else experiencing the corpse not so much as an old lover but as your old fantasies about love right up in your face and having to deal with the story line you have created for your life? It is kind of like dealing with all the places I froze around love and sex…???

  19. I just had to laugh when I read this post this morning! Before I got out of bed, I spent 20 minutes lining up abusive relatives – some still alive, some dead – in my mind’s eye, and just blasting them to bits. I just let them all have it – screamed at them, and in my grandparents’ case – doing physical damage. (Yep – they’re dead.) I’m just loaded for bear this morning – which is a rare state for me. But it feels good. Powerful.
    When I started reading other stuff on the ‘net, and found out that it’s grandparents day – well….I just thought that was PERFECT!
    It’s occurred to me that everything I’ve “learned” on an “enlightened” journey – ha! -may perhaps be wrong. What if being “nice” and turning a blind eye to other people’s massive fuck-ups isn’t the right tack to take? Especially when they not only abused me, but still steadfastly refuse to accept any responsibility. (In the case of those still living. It’d be the same with those who are gone.)
    Maybe they deserve an atom bomb to go off in their faces.
    Whatever – all I can say is I much prefer this “blast it all to Kingdom Come” attitude than being a sitting duck victim.

  20. Yesterday was my 66th birthday. Got a brief, warm, respectful email from an old beau (I am in a new relationship, so I believe he was respecting that). I wondered whether he would contact me. Personally, for the past month or so, I have been intentionally using this current transformative energy to purposely exhume old “corpses” which still haunt me and affect my life still today. I do “autopsies” with the intention of healing myself and seeking major paradigm shifts. At my age, I REALLY don’t want to repeat all this pain in my next life time. So I am cleaning up what I can NOW!!!

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