Horror and Paranoia: Venus Square Pluto

We have been talking about Venus retrograding into square aspect with Pluto but now the Sun, Moon and Mercury are involved and things are cooking with gas.

Everyone’s ex-whatevers are crawling from their graves and/or trash cans. They are emailing. They are calling, they are texting and commenting, some of them have angel wings they have glued on as decoy.

People I don’t even know are emailing me to get them on their side of their battle with other people I don’t even know. Nasty, nasty MERCURY moves.

Matter of fact, Mercury is applying in square aspect to Pluto and consequently paranoia is everywhere and unfortunately it is probably warranted. By God, they are out to get you. By God, that is an attack. Yep, matter of fact that is a betrayal and yep that person is up to what you think they are up to and probably worse!

Personally I know who my people are. All others will have their motives checked at the door.

Let’s put it this way: If you can’t check your motive, I can.

Egads people – what’s happening to youuuuuuu?

27 thoughts on “Horror and Paranoia: Venus Square Pluto”

  1. Honestly, I’d be up for some exes crawling out of the woodwork, but nope–

    A friend did just email though to try to get me on her side against someone else, but she’s always like that.

    On the up side, venus retro thru my 8th has brought some clients to me that I haven’t seen in a while…

  2. My ex literally sent me 16 text messages a few days ago, explaining a (very) grand lie about being in a mental rehabilitation center for 3 weeks and an attempt at (friendly) reconciliation. Creepy. I feel as if he’s crawling out of the trashcan for sure. This will end soon? 🙂

  3. My mum and my sisters turned up, along with a few other relatives I parted with on not so great terms about 8 years ago. I’m just hiding under this lump o’denial over here and deriving secret joy that the ones who aren’t two faced are probably as unhappy to see me around as I am to see them. Feels pretty dirty and maggoty ’round here though.

  4. This has been happening to me! A few of my exes have reappeared, and if it’s not an actual ex, someone’s teasing me about one, or reminding me of one. It’s driving me nuts. However, it’s interesting too, because they all reappeared in the exact sequence I dated them, which amused me. 🙂

  5. Good news. Bad News Scenario.

    Now that I’m doing the new guy, he’ll never be able to get passed it.

    And he’s sent me 40 emails & 28 texts to make it clear since 11 o’clock last night.

    (aka the one who was dating on match.com while i was upstairs)

  6. On the other hand, there is Wedding Drama blowing up for my cousin because OF COURSE the groom’s mother is a pain in the ass.

  7. Holy shit. natal venus in aries 7th house. This transit’s got me all discombobulated.

    I have had a couple of dates with men whom I find attractive “on paper” but not in person. One is emailing constantly, the other is quite aggressive and even texting me with his phone number and orders to text back. I feel kindly toward the one, and angry toward the other. I don’t want anything to do with either. I keep having to bop negative feelings in the head before they take hold and take over (waaah…no attraction…shit! this guy’s creepin’ me out! etc). Just today, I remembered the feelings I had just before I met either one.. that surge of hope and excitement and energy. That’s the thing I know is all mine, not there’s..and I don’t quite know where to direct this energy except, housecleaning—and I’m growing out my hair. That’s a biggie 🙂

    All the while, I am getting constant reminders of my ex. A mutual friend whom I haven’t seen in a while told me the ex’s father is dying, and I felt wistful. His sister emailed me to tell me she missed me. My colleagues have been in touch with him professionally, etc. Whenever I think it might be a good idea to drop him a line, I find myself towing lines and examining my motives and consciously trying to stay grounded.

    Sorry to write so much. It’s been intense, it really has.

  8. “Everyone’s ex-whatevers are crawling from their graves and/or trash cans”

    Lots of them.. and some with the most surprising/bewildering communications..

  9. ‘However, it’s interesting too, because they all reappeared in the exact sequence I dated them, which amused me’

    me too!! Incredible! and very unusual way finding the path to me…. but nothing pluto-eeee, at least not yet, then again this hullabalu will square close to my ASC 5CAP.

  10. Avatar
    Little Miss Hermit

    My love interest is flirting with his ex – again. Other than that, I’m fine, with not too much happening…:)
    I’m wondering about the same thing as von!;D

  11. Avatar

    I think I’m the one who popped up out of no-where. I’ve been very quite these last few years in my extended circle and just joined … facebook. Where everyone seems to exist. Scarey. Not trying to reconnect, just surprised at who all is there and talking.

    As for someone gunning for me, yeah, a female aries. I can feel it coming. I’m her favorite scapegoat/target without doing a single thing to get on her radar except be in the same room (necessary). I keep hoping she’ll find new focus and happiness in her life so I can disappear back into the woodwork.

  12. Ha ha I’m so glad when my relationships end, Venus/Neptune style. Ex? I have an ex? Oh yeah. In Australia, Ireland, and Germany. I make sure there are continents between us so I never have to deal with it.

    I wonder if my bf has had any exes contact him. You know those Scorps and their vaults! ::snorts::

  13. Venus in aries is transiting my 6th so I’m the one contacting companies i contacted before to establish a network and look for work to make money. Pluto is in my 3rd and i’m armed with a new strategy of communication. I’m using this networking knowledge to be part of the hiring list when the economy turns around. I’m hoping when mars and venus hook up and move forward together that I’ll have a job.

  14. Well, Aries is doing the samba in the sign it is in, in my natal chart anyway. I don’t have tons of exes bugging me (I’d want to kill them all), but my last bf has been in a lot of contact with me lately. It’s irritating because I finally discovered what the deal is between us: If I’m up, he’s the buzzkill, and if I’m down, he kicks me and accuses my being down as my fault (even if he caused it). I have now nicknamed him ‘the downer’ and ‘the buzzkill’. Me and cancers do not mesh.

  15. OMG ELSA!!!!

    My ex just emailed me yesterday! And I thought it was harmless so I emailed him back, though told my boyfriend and one of our best friends about it. They think he is being “passive-aggressive.”


    So I get back an email from him today to realize that my friends may be right.

    PS. His Venus is in Aries.

  16. I’ve been hanging out with 2 of my exes a lot lately (not simultaneously).
    The boyfriend that just left me two weeks ago to go work abroad put up a picture on facebook with his arm around a girl, saying “meet my new girlfriend”. I was shocked and hurt! Then literally 5 minutes ago we chatted and it was all a joke, and everything is cleared up.
    I actually was waiting for Venus to go direct before I had any closure and resolution about this facebook picture and any contact from him. It seems to have cleared up. Unless he’s lying and I find out that he’s lying when Venus goes direct.
    Sometimes I’d like to kick my Scorpio Moon in the stomach, and kick Venus Retrograde in the stomach, and kick facebook in the stomach too.

  17. hooked up with an old friend i haven’t seen in awhile, & talked about relationships… ran into a bunch of the old crew. good to be reminded, but there’s some odd echoes.

    hasn’t really been that difficult… except for driving through the ice storm last night… that was fun. but i’m holed up with nearest and dearest…

  18. Not sure if it is venus retro causing it but for the last month or so, all kinds of people including a couple ex boyfriends found me on facebook. We’re talking people from 30 hears ago!

  19. Grrr…..this is nuts. My husbands ex-girlfriend has been sending our mutual friend (my husband’s friend first, then she became one of my very good friends) messages on myspace asking to hang out sometime and the such. It really wouldn’t bother me, but I smell bad intentions.
    AND…..the one I lost my virginity to sent me a message on myspace this morning saying he’s been trying to look for me/contact me for a very long time. It’s been 13 years since I heard from him. blah. I feel like I’m in a time warp.

  20. My boyfriend’s ex has been conducting a stealth FB campaign to post pictures that only I can see (not her ex). I’m extremely paranoid that a never-quite-was (not ex) has been contacting my bf and he’s hiding it. Yes, it’s that paranoid of a Venus Rx!!!!

    shell, if I could time warp I’d fast forward to June, and to hell with those days of life lost. I hear you on the smelling bad intentions. It feels like the only thing I can smell.

  21. I mean, seriously. Paranoia is a problem that I am prone to naturally. I simply hate any transit that exacerbates it.

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