Client Testimonial: “Mind-Blowingly Accurate, Straight To The Point”

Vintage zodiac paper dollsTree Frog in London writes:

I have consulted Elsa regularly during the past year and have always been more than happy. I’m always amazed at how much information and wisdom she can convey in just 30 minutes. She is just mind-blowingly accurate, straight to the point and very kind.

When a tricky emotional dilemma arose today I needed help… and fast. Fortunately the recently- launched ElsaElsa Live service saved the day. I sent Elsa my Skype details and she called me within minutes.

She quickly became familiar with my accent (the Frog is a Brit!) and proceeded to get right to the heart of the problem. The advice she gave me was priceless.

ElsaElsa Live was the perfect solution today. Instant help and support just when I needed it. I didn’t even have to calculate the time difference. If the Elsa Elsa Live icon is there, so is Elsa P!

I nearly lost my job earlier this year owing to a gaslighting boss. I went to Elsa for advice on how to deal with the situation and by following her advice I was able to turn the situation around, keep my job and earn the trust and respect of the management.

Thanks Elsa, I’ll be back soon!

Thanks, Tree Frog!

3 thoughts on “Client Testimonial: “Mind-Blowingly Accurate, Straight To The Point””

  1. Toni it was awful. Thanks to Elsa she doesn’t f**k
    with me anymore, but she has made my colleague (who is afraid to speak up) quite ill. I’ve really encouraged her to spill the beans on this gaslighting nutjob and I think it’s only a matter of time.

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