When The Veil Drops: Neptune In Real Life

dora-2-small.jpg“I saw Dora see herself in the mirror the other day and she was taken aback,” the soldier said. “She couldn’t believe what she looked like.”


“No and when she saw me come up behind, she really knew it was her and she looked even sadder. Who is that googly-eyed dog?”

“Oh no.”

“Yeah, she always thought she looked like, Lassie. She thought she had hair flowing in the sky like, Lassie, he said,” waving his fingers alongside his face. “She was none too happy, I’ll tell you that.”

Ever have the Dora experience?

18 thoughts on “When The Veil Drops: Neptune In Real Life”

  1. Almost every single day of my life…I’m still shocked & puzzled by my appearance, most days 😉 Even though I take a billion & a half pics of myself…lol…I think it’s for reassurance…”yes, I do look like that…” 😉

  2. Not really that often, but photographs are often like that. I can look in the mirror and say ‘Wow, lady you look awesome’ And then I see a picture and I’m like ‘What the hell is that all about!!!’

    Interesting observation, lilly–I have a friend who is stunning and she takes really unstunning pictures (which sounds awful, but compared to how radiant she is in real life, is true).

    What the hell???

  3. Poor Dora. When she stands in front of the fan, 4 wispy hairs fly up. She used to be bald though and covered in scabs so…

    Plus she is a very manipulative dog so don’t feel too sorry for her. More stories coming!

  4. Poor Dora! (I’m a sucker for a dog anyways). I have had that happen. Think I am looking good, feeling good about the fit of an outfit and the color and then I pass a mirror and I’m like…well, shit.

  5. I have an inner Dora. But I’ve also experienced the opposite thing, where you get a reflection that is so much lovelier that you thought it would be. Nice when that happens!

  6. I was going to pass this by, “Nah, that don’t happen to me. Nothing to say here.” But it does! *laughs*
    I’m always shocked — shocked! — by how my body looks in the mirror. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m fat (100 pounds overweight), but my weight’s been stable for five years, so WTF? It’s like I forget that I’m fat until I see proof. 🙂 And I’ll forbid hubby from looking at specific body parts: “Ugh, don’t look at my arms, they’re fat.” “Look at this thigh, it’s HUGE! No, don’t look, IT’S HUGE!!!!” As if it hasn’t been jiggly the entire time he’s known me. *snert* 😀
    What can I say, man? Neptoon!

  7. Elsa, LOL, poor Dora, and the tragic thing is, I can relate to her feelings when looking in the mirror on some days. Too many days.

    SaDiablo, when you say Neptoon, do you mean Neptune rising? Do you have Neptune in your first house?

  8. No, Loonsounds, I have Jupiter rising (conjunct ASC) which some say shows a tendency to be fat. 🙂 I do, however, have a Sun-Merc-Saturn conjunction that is trined Neptune and a Pisces MC, so there’s plenty of delusion and projection to go around.
    I wrote Neptoon as really more of a joke, since that’s how Elsa put it a lot of times in the “Hall of Mirrors” articles.

  9. Thanks SaDiablo.

    I love Dora. I would like to join the Dora fan club. I can’t wait to read more about the adorable poor Dora!

  10. I think I have the opposite problem. Virgo rising, you know. I look in the mirror and see fat, lumps, too-close eyes, blemishes, spots, hair, disproportion and imperfection. I had a similar reaction when I looked in the mirror when I was 18 and thought “wtf? I’m sort of pretty.”

    Also, Dora is adorable. Tell her that for me.

  11. I’m having the opposite – who is that chick in the mirror and when did I grow collarbones?!

    I am not complaining. 🙂

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