Client Testimonial: “Stitch In My Side”

MM writes:

“Thank you for the spot on advice and for the stitch in my side. You have the rare and invaluable ability to show me the brass tacks, get me to swallow them while making me laugh. Then, afterward, I thank you for the pleasure.

The insight and honesty you provide is amazing and beyond helpful. I have two fantastic, uber qualified, and amazing psychologists that I love and who have saved my life. But they do not have what you have. You have that flash of insight or intuition, that knowing, that no training can provide AND you have the balls to use it kindly and for good. Thank you.”

Thanks, MM!

2 thoughts on “Client Testimonial: “Stitch In My Side””

  1. I had a consult with Elsa yesterday evening and it really gave me some clairity. I have Moon Neptune right now. So thank you Elsa!!

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