Twitter Clusters, Claustrophobia & Blinders

dogeTwitter released their algorithm last week. It appears they have everyone in “clusters”.  If you want to rise above others, which is exactly how many feel, your best shot it is stay in your cluster.  If I want a presence in an astrology cluster, I need to stay on topic, all the time.

I also need to interact with other astrologers and and people interested in astrology. This whole concept makes my claustrophobic, open-minded heart pound!

I’ve been thinking about this for days. To get ahead, you have to be simple, real simple.  You’ve got to be a machine, spitting out on topic tweets.

Really, forget about being human.  Just sit down and write 1000 quippy things and then post several a day. When you’re through your list, start back at the beginning and post them all again. This is definitely happening and may very well be the best way to advance.

So how do you feel about this? I have no feeling at all and that’s the problem. It reminds me of this, from 2017.

Pluto In Aquarius – Down With People!

“People” in my world, are multi-faceted. To be held in a “cluster” and to accept the situation feels akin to agreeing to chop off your arms and legs and half your brain.  It can’t possibly be worth it.

This also makes me think of the clustered planets I’ve gone on about for the last three years.   It’s so incredible limiting. I don’t have a one-track mind and the last thing I want to so is develop one.

What do you think about this?

22 thoughts on “Twitter Clusters, Claustrophobia & Blinders”

  1. Elon Musk said he wanted to get rid of AI driven bots. In fact he wants to crush the uniqueness of human interaction so that they can permanently be controlled by AI bots.

    He is commanding people to operate like bots. This is also what they hoped to achieve with identity politics: Stay In Your Own Group; Police Your Own; Keep Your Head Down.

    I’ve always believed he’s an actor playing a wunderboy CEO, the face of other global powers.

    1. I should have said Control Your Own. The true purpose of identity politics is to only have to Control the Controllers of that group (a minuscule subset), and unleash them to create compliance from within, shunning the non-compliant, creating castes. These Controllers are supported and lifted from the outside to give them power, ‘credibility’, intimidate the group.

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    Libra Stellium

    Your post makes me think of publishing and writing today. I’ve always written but eleven years ago I joined a local writer’s meet-up and made a great friend who also mentored me as I went into fiction. She, and several friends, have published. They work social media 24/7. But over time, they seem less creative, productive and creative.

    I took a couple of years out of writing and have tried to focus on self.
    I’m ready to start again but with less assistance.

    1. Yes, it seems you’re rewarded for compliance. There are acceptable views in every genre and this shows up in search as well.

      There was a time you could search “mars in aries” and get a number of different perspectives. Now you get what is essentially, chatgdp content, cut and pasted on a few websites.

      I understand AI can easily write 50 pages on a topic – all souless, lol. And paper thin in my view, because it’s not backed up by real life experience.

      1. Chatgdp is sort of a deliberate demonetization of intellectual property. It is decoupling intellectual property from claims of ownership. This is the further cannibalization of small business first rolled out by COVID regime.

      2. So please tell us what to do given the planetary forces lol😄

        It’s still in the shadow of the US Pluto return right? There is certainly something here that can be salvaged.

        But I’ll say this: I’ve sure started praying again these past few years🙏

        1. Here’s this:

          As to what to do, I think it’s highly dependent on the individual; their age and circumstances.

          Generally, I think everyone should be trying for from alliances with others… if you have no family, find some friends you can rely on and be a friend people can rely on.

          This is one of the things, motivating me to teach a course on relationships. The PTB want you isolated and powerless. This is counter to that; appropriate to all ages.

          1. Yes, this! I bought your two current course/workshops on astrology and relationships (the general, and Saturn), and loved them. I look forward to the new one.

            There is a new conversation rushing through about toxic relationships, narcissism etc, and this seems to be in sync with your astro-intuition.

  3. I have enjoyed some of the best laughs, comedy improv tweeted out by completely unknown people, responding to certain twitter situations that I follow. I do not use twitter on my phone, I read it on my laptop, so it is easier for me to read the posts. There are some extremely clever people in the world who used twitter, before Elon Musk took over. I can’t interact and see as much like that going on there, now.

    Back when Uvalde first happened, I was on Twitter when I saw a strange tweet. I looked up the account, and was absolutely horrified by what I saw. Something that cannot be unseen, something that sickened and repulsed me to my core. Something that I never imagined, a photo of someone doing something so sick and depraved, I realized then what a cesspool Twitter could be.

    I rarely look at Twitter now. Last time I did, I was disgusted by all the filthy photos showing up in my feed. I had no idea why, it’s not like I subscribe or search those images out. But there they were, unfiltered and horrible to scroll past. Elon ruined it for me. I am no prude whatsoever. I can handle some trashy scenarios and in the gutter comedy. But this time was different. I miss the old Twitter. I am no fan of Elon Musk. He ruined it, as far as I am concerned. Seeing the horror I saw back during Uvalde when I purposely peeked at a strange account was my fault, I walked into that. But I never asked for the filth and dismay that I see now, instead of the relatively uncluttered feed of what I was actually interested in that I used to enjoy.

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    This is an inescapable feature of corporate social media. They control the algorithms, and we comply in order to stay relevant and survive. We don’t pay for social media because our own eyeballs and attention spans are the product that the companies feed off of. WE are the product. I feel for anyone trying to reach others in today’s information climate. I work at a college and the best way to reach students is Instagram. But, we have to work according to Instagram’s rules and then hope our messages don’t get drowned out by whatever viral media pleases the corporate algorithm.

    I am trying to have less social media in my life. I miss the day when blogs and RSS dominated. I had more autonomy over what I exposed myself to.

    I am trying to live more of my life offline. I want authentic communication and relationships, and these will never be a priority for corporate-owned platforms.

  5. ” I miss the day when blogs and RSS dominated. ”

    Yes! And now we know, these things existed to see us empty our brains so the content could be sucked up by AI, homogenized and filtered…

    Well let’s just say, my neighbor bought a “cow share” and we have fresh raw milk to drink. It’s out of this world, next to what’s produced for mass consumption.

    Here’s a weird thing: AI might learn to make a point (say astrological) by telling a story, the way I do. The story would be fake but it’s even more strange…

    Twenty years ago, nearly 100% of people could relate to my stories. This is because everyone had a life!

    Our lives are predominantly lived online. We don’t have blood-pumping real life stories. I mean, you may get a rush playing a video game but that so inferior to actual flesh and blood, it’s a joke. But I see the narrative being sold. YOU are better and happier living online!

    And for a growing number of people, this is true. You don’t have to diet or shower or clean your house. You don’t even have to clean up and take a selfie. Let AI make you an avatar in whatever style you desire – FREE, mind you. Well, outside of the cost of your soul, and your mental and physical health.

    But what I am saying is, you won’t be able to learn… anything except what is sanctioned.

    Act like cattle and be treated like cattle. What else can anyone one do with you, if you want to do is get your fix?

  6. Yeah. Im a nurse. Most of the medical system here uses the EPIC computer system. EPIC does your evaluation… LOL.

    If you are good on EPIC you are a good nurse.

    EPIC says so.

  7. I don’t Twitter and hardly blog, but l have noticed my on line time increasing–l resisted for a long time…l feel my brain changing.

    Everything becoming simple, mechanical, uniform … no thanks.

    I will stay here with you lot if you don’t mind.

    1. Thanks for stating this so plainly. I have felt the same thing. The key for me is to be creative on the internet. If I merely consume, I get that feeling, right away. It’s become unbearable.

    2. I have been feeling soul -less also.. like I spend way too much time online. And the AI news and speed of it’s invasion are frightening…. I have made efforts, this past year, to reconnect with people,organizations locally,friends and meaningful activities that fell by the wayside during the covid times.

      I play cards with 3 other real women every other Tuesday, we go from home to home, we cook for one another, we talk,we laugh, we discuss the world, politics,sex and religion. Books,movies, and life.

      I volunteer at a soup kitchen and help the unhoused to have a hot meal.

      I walk, hike,ride my bike, and suck in fresh air, move my body, and watch as many sunsets and sunrises as I can.

      I returned to in person services at the Unitarian Universalist church I belong to.I notice there are hardly any young people there.. it’ s mostly aging baby boomers and older.. how do we entice younger folks to come worship,share, and celebrate IN PERSON together??

      I find that every single moment I spend outdoors, in Nature, by rivers and lakes, walking around trees and flowers, having animals nearby, and interacting with real humans, in real time,face to face, re learning how to handle differences of opinion , learning to be a better listener, reading facial cues again, touching, hugging, all very important to restoring my Soul.

      I am retired so I don’t have to contend with how AI is affecting my job.

      But I feel for all of us, stepping back into nature as often as possible will somehow help.

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    Aquarius Lurker

    They need to discover the algorithm for well-roundedness. Imagine how few people there would be in that cluster! I don’t know how many followers there would be either – ‘ugh why does she have to be so good at everything? I hate that in people!’ Chuckle.

  9. I find you multi lanes
    I find your star talk a spring board of
    Many a thought for me
    You go girl!
    possibilities brimming
    I find you tribal and free ,not sure
    What kind of a jingle or deep pockets
    Needed, or is cluster good or bad?
    You are GoodGood!!

    1. Thank you! I feel uncomfortable when I feel someone or something is trying to fold my brain in half! I intend to resist it at all costs!

  10. Elsa, I think as always you are “right over the target”….you are able to say, brilliantly and quite astutely, what many of us sense. Thank you for continuing to present your findings and for maintaining this lovely, interesting place for questioning, assessing, researching. Especially now.

    Freedom of thought and critical things seem to be out of favor elsewhere. A friend happened to say a couple of weeks ago that he and many of his colleagues and friends felt we are all being digitally herded into thought pens, perhaps to get us used to the idea until they can herd us physically. He was only half kidding , and it made me think. So reading what you wrote here really resonates. You are not alone. As to forming alliances, I think that in spite of appearances we are in silo culture, many friend groups began to form more earnestly since 2020. I think these groups, even just casual friends able to grab lunch or coffee or zoom, or just talk over the backyard garden fence with neighbors, or contact when walking the dog, are in fact giving strength-giving emotional support during….everything.

    I don’t think these support bubbles are going away. Like you, I think they are important. I sense people feel more than they say, per friends in my group when conversations finally roll. Our high school and college age nieces and nephews talk about it as do the grandparents and our elderly neighbors. In spite of AI and media spin forcing division by subject and online absorptive, I think balanced, supportive sub cultures aren’t going away. Real life isn’t in the headlines anymore. (I keep thinking of the French Underground as I write this, Lol!) Anyway, you know what you’re talking about, IMO. Thank you for your fine work.

    Stay human, stay uncluttered!

    1. Agree with a lot of this. I think we are moving back to the idea of creating our villages ..we will get stronger and healthier when we start focusing n our local environment..will we lose out by tossing our “connection” to the “world at large..” that big wide internet and zoom world where everything and everyone are instantly “available..” Well, what is remaining available may not be worth having anymore. (It won’t be “real!” ) And, real life experiences will take precedence for healthy people..and our worlds will shrink… but perhaps get DEEPER instead of wider.. right??

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