Astrology at the Hair Salon: Venus Rules Beauty

There are a lot of hairdressers who read this blog, as we found out when I posted last month’s my plea for help choosing a stylist. I went to the new gal today (I am happy) and the astrology hit me.

I have Venus (your appeal) in Leo (ego) square Neptune (faith) and when I go to the salon, I never instruct specifically instruct the stylist. I tell them I want to look good (very good, says Leo)… and then I explain I have no idea (Neptune is oblivious) how this should be achieved.

“However, you are a professional and I am sure you do. So please make me look really good, however you think you might and I’ll be very grateful…”

Faith, right? I give it to God, who in this case is the gal with the scissors. And I started doing this about fifteen years ago and it almost always works out for me. But I wondered today how the rest of you handle this.
Where is your Venus?

11 thoughts on “Astrology at the Hair Salon: Venus Rules Beauty”

  1. I used to be terrified of hairdressers after a very bad experience in my teens (i wore a hat for a year)and it took a very good hairdresser to restore my faith. Now, although i still get a pang before i go, i just give them pretty much free reign, though i always say keep it at least shoulder length (then i can tie up if it does go wrong, also dont have the neck for short styles) and i always ask for a senior stylist preferably at reputable salon. Having a relaxed attitude (even if you’re not feeling it) seems to give them more confidence too; if you’re too nervous this often makes them more nervous and therefore more likely to fuck up.

  2. I decided to be a stylist when I had a series of bad cuts as a teen. I don’t have anyone that I don’t know that gives me free reign. It takes them a long time for that…but when they finaly do they are pleased.

  3. I co-create with the stylist (when i’m not being cheap and doing it myself – Cap. moon). Usually they’ll have taken things into consideration which i’d been unaware of. Libra sun, venus & uranus.

  4. I always walk in with an idea, and after much discussion, the stylist and I usually come to an agreement that always ADDS to my original idea!

  5. I’ve never had much luck with other people cutting my hair. They never seem to achieve what I want, and if I just let them do what they do, they make me look stupid or fifteen years out of style. I suppose I have a different sort of hair than most, finer or something. I think I’ve only been pleased with a haircut from another person once, and I think it had a lot to do with the fact that the lady wanted to “experiment” with my hair and use a different cutting method.

    About six years ago, I had a particularly bad haircut and firmly decided I could do a better job than they even though I’d never cut anyone’s hair. So I began cutting my own hair… and since then, I’ve actually gotten COMPLIMENTS on my hair! Nobody’s touched my hair but me since.

    Venus in taurus, quincunx ascendant/mars in libra & quincunx uranus in sagittarius. “not getting what I want” probably has a lot to do with my moon-venus opposition.

  6. I co-create, Venus in Aries, 8th house but almost in the 9th.

    First, I only go to hairdressers I trust, if I can help it. Changing hairdressers is a scary thing b/c my hair is DIFFICULT and I’ve had some very traumatic haircuts.

    When I get there, I either want them to trim up what I’ve already got, or I have a good idea of what I want to do next. Sometimes I have a picture to show them. My latest big change was done by a trusted hairdresser, so I told her the length and effect I was going for and the reasons why and let her loose. It turned out well!

  7. I have very specific ideas of what I want and don’t want. I used to experiment with short cuts when I was younger (Venus is in an out-of-sign conjunction with Uranus), but no more. My hair is long, slightly layered, and highlighted, and my stylist knows exactly what to do when I come in. Not surprisingly at all, my Venus is in Virgo and conjunct Pluto. Control freak much?

  8. Venus in Sag in the 1st trine Saturn in Leo . . . I pay very close attention to what’s being done and REALLY don’t like it when the hairdresser does something without consulting me first.

  9. My mom has venus in leo square neptune. Now with this self isolation thing (and before as well) I am the one chopping her bangs because they grew too much and she can’t see. We’re laughing so much when it’s time to do that. Like, do you trust me with the scissors? I have mars in aries and she has mars in libra. But every time she gets more pleasantly surprised. And given how hard is for someone who has her sun progressed in virgo to be pleased by something, I got totally proud of my ability to chop bangs. My hair is long and a bit wavy, has some loose curls. A little bit of honey vinegar diluted with water for conditioner and that’s it. My hair is not high maintenance and I thank the Gods every day for it. Hair saloon was just for special occasions, like a wedding in the far away or something. My venus is in taurus.

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