Saturn In Aspect To Mars in Synastry

Eliza wrote on the “Too Old to Leap, Mars / Saturn in Synastry” blog:

“… I’ve been pondering about the effects of the Mars (me) square Saturn (him) synastry aspect I have with my boyfriend. I always seem to be the keen ‘leaper’ and am starting to feel a little rejected by the ‘I’m too old’ rebuff I get from him. Is this Mars/Saturn at work then? I wonder how we can get round this satisfactorily…”

I responded:

Yes that’s Mars Saturn but I don’t have much I can add. I really think if Saturn won’t work its end, Mars is going to be incredibly miserable.

Eliza writes:

..There is just one more thing that is really confusing me though and I wonder if I could have your opinion on it: do you think this aspect means that the Saturn person doesn’t want to be leapt on by anyone – as it’s just not their thing, or do they just not like the style of the Mars person doing the leaping?

Eliza, the Saturn person feels old around the Mars person, it really has nothing to do with a style of leap and yes their feeling decrepit is triggered (on in the case of the soldier), exacerbated by the Mars person’s apparent youth.

And while these conditions will constellate with this aspect between the charts, the outcome of this situation is variable. I feel the burden falls to Saturn to be responsible in not thwarting Mars just by the nature of the planets. And if the Saturn person fails here and constantly thwarts Mars, ultimately they will lose Mars and feel older and more decrepit than ever.

In the real life example here, the soldier and I are roughly the same age and met when we were kids. Now he feels he is a “geezer” where I feel I am merely old and it is of no consequence at all. He feels like a geezer, regardless but standing next to me is going to increases these feelings so he’s got some choices.

He either convinces me I am old too even though I don’t feel that way so he is less threatened or he lets my Mars inspire him to be young a little longer. The first option is safer for Saturn. The second option far more challenging but tremendously rewarding.

Lucky for me, the soldier has Mars in aspect to Saturn in his own chart and is conditioned and trained to accept difficult (if not impossible) challenge and so he tells me I can leap for 10 more years which makes Mars happy.

It is the difference between a grandpa who won’t let his grandchildren climb on him because he is frail and a grandpa who recognizes how important it is that he connects with his grandchildren so he allows the climbing even if he needs aspirin and a hot pack afterward.

Oh! And to be clear on your specific question, absolutely the Mars person threatens the Saturn person. For example, the soldier has used his body beyond belief. He is full of shrapnel, stiff, has hearing loss from bombs going off next to him, etc.

In contrast being as I am Henry’s granddaughter, I am inordinately spry and bend-y so you can imagine how he might feel standing next to me, especially because we knew each other when we were kids.

So compare that to how he would feel standing next to someone more matronly, reserved and flat-footed. He would be safer but not necessarily happy.

Happy Saturn finds a way to be young when they are old… period.

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8 thoughts on “Saturn In Aspect To Mars in Synastry”

  1. I was in a relationship — just a friendship actually — where my Mars was opposite the other person’s Saturn. It ended in the most humiliating and complete form of rejection I have ever experienced. Unevolved Staurn is fear and defensiveness, and Mars’ phallic energy especially scares him, And when an unevolved Saturn is scared, he can be incredibly CRUEL. This person wasn’t happy till I was on the floor.

  2. Busted – that’s not surprising. I think your story is far more common than mine with this aspect between charts. However there are exceptions and this is why I want to put this stuff out there. Some people feel this stuff and want to find a way around acting a negative expression. It’s good to know it can be done, but I assure you we both feel this.

    Er… and I am getting old to leap, LOL. 🙂

  3. I know this is an old thread, but I just found it and it’s such a great analysis of Mars-Saturn. I just met someone and we have this aspect (I’m Saturn) and this was incredibly helpful. Thank you.

  4. Great blog! Im the saturn person, but I try my best not to be restrictive or grandma-like…Mars is so amazing. He really is, and I dont think I could ever have a problem with him leaping at me. In fact we have a lot of fun together, and I can barely feel the saturn mars effect. Are there any aspects in a synastry chart that can counter act against the dreaded mars square saturn aspect and make it less apparent? If there is hope, lol which are the aspects to look out for?

  5. So does it mean it’s normal that the Saturn person feels awkward with the Mars person’s (sexual) advances? I have an exact conjunction with this man I’m getting close to. I like him a lot. He seems to like me back and I should be happy about that but I am always feeling a little doubtful and awkward about it… like ”really? you want ME??” maybe this is the feeling decrepit syndrome Elsa is talking about. I feel kind of raggedy around the Mars person and the fact they seem to be attracted to me makes me think ”what’s wrong with you?” lol. I feel like that side of me is so visible around them and it feels unattractive to me. I know I am attracted to him though (even though I admit I do see him a little too enthusiastic even foolhardy sometimes) but dang it, he is just so cute. I agree with saying Saturn needs Mars. Mars supposed to be exalted in Saturn’s sign Capricorn, so maybe that count for something.

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