Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition: It’s a Hall Of Mirrors and We’re All In It

I was talking to an astrologer pal today about Saturn opposing Neptune in the sky and how her life has been impacted as well as events in the collective. Well, mostly she was talking. It was her dime. But to sum it all up, in the end she said she just felt everyone was crazy. “Crazy has never been more popular,” she said. “Do you agree?” This is cf talking and that’s how she talks. Elegantly, that is.

Well I told her I was not sure if I agreed or not. I explained I have strong a strong Saturn Neptune signature in my chart and have been very curious to see how the collective would deal with what I and people like me deal with day in and day out. A disappearing (Neptune) reality (Saturn), that is. Reality isn’t real and un-reality often is.

She asked me to elaborate and I brought up the photoshopped Katie Couric shots as an example. “There’s a picture of a person and you think that’s what they look like, but it isn’t. It’s a hologram. Like that photographer in Israel who was faking the war photos. You are being shown something, but it is reality? Obviously not. And is he the only photographer fudging photos? Doubt it.

I explained the day before I heard about 10 seconds of a Bush interview around Katrina.

“He’s got the microphone in his face and he opens his mouth and all this unreal stuff comes out. The people think the government’s response was fantastic or some such thing. And you stand there hearing this and wonder if it’s real. Is it? Is it real because he says it’s real? Is that how the people feel?”

And you get the idea. Real unreality is everywhere you turn. You think something is real (Saturn) but hey! Maybe not!

And personally, I am in element. All the sudden I am making sense to people! Intuition (Neptune) is real (Saturn). Magic (Neptune) is real (Saturn) The ethereal is now real and the real is ethereal and it just keeps going back and forth like that.

And later in the conversation, I was trying to explain around the circumstances in her life, that she was not going to be able NAIL things down. It’s just not possible. Nail someone to a cross and whoops! Their spirit slipped out, right? Hah! Tricks on you. It’s very slippery stuff. Like catching Casper! Good luck.

And this is very hard for the pragmatic or for those who like control (Saturn). Because you simply can’t execute in normal fashion. And the harder you dig your heels in (Saturn) the more you’ll be undermined (Neptune).

So what about you? Have you noticed your reality (Saturn) shifting (Neptune)?

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19 thoughts on “Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition: It’s a Hall Of Mirrors and We’re All In It”

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    Strawberry Fields

    Too long to explain (or rather, not the place to)… but you have just answered a question I had been meaning to ask you. So, thank you.

  2. Yes and it makes me want to cry. I have a boss that just manages to skip and hop right over the fact that I followed her instructions and they didn’t work. And now, I’m being blamed for the results. It totally went against my gut and there is a lesson for me. Even with such sky patterns I think our guts guide us right. Then again the boss, I feel sad for, she has Pluto, Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Venus all in Leo.

    All in all, I feel like I am in the twilight zone with her.

    Awh, well, we’re all in it together!


  3. structure – (saturn) that is permeable to inspiration (neptune) – as opposed to structure that controls and stifles inspiration and magic.
    we have to somehow remain open – sort of in a fluctuating state of vulnerability – to be continually renewed from within with this inspiration from the ethereal. too much control -too much knowledge – and inspired motivation diminishes and becomes very illusive.

  4. neptune’s been trine my saturn for a long time. reality? never heard of it. with saturn sextile my own saturn lately, though, i’ve got an endless disposal of those who think they know what real reality really is and absolutely need to shove this information down my throat… *snore* i’ll take a raincheck.

  5. Oh yes indeed. But I’ve got a fair bit of fairy dust going on my chart anyhow (lots of 12th house stuff, neptune in capricorn in the 6th opposing my 12th house moon/merc conjunction, & jupiter in pisces as the focal point of a t-square) so I’m actually doing Ok with it. It’s really been teaching me to follow my gut more than I have in the past, and it’s had pretty good results thus far. I’ve also discovered that the way to find out what I’m thinking is to set pen to paper and then come back and look at it later. Sometimes I truly am amazed at what comes out. I don’t know if that’s really related to what’s going on now, or if it’s a regular part of me and this neptune/saturn thing is just forcing me to learn to deal with my more, well, neptunian parts, but there it is.

  6. That’s a whole lotta Leo, C. Even _being_ a Leo, that makes me shudder! 😀

    Haven’t noticed it much, honestly. I’ll try to be more observant over the weekend and report back. Although, being at Dragon*Con prolly won’t help with that much…. it’s all about unreality, ya know?

  7. Hi Elsa,
    it just occurred to me, could it be possible that people are feeling unusually sick lately? As if they felt physically intoxicated? I’ve been feeling moderately like that for days and I’ve heard others feeling sick also. Another Saturn-Neptune effect?


  8. Ok, I have saturn conjunct neptune, and it has felt foggier than normal.
    i’m also noticing i am much more intoxicated with the slightest amount of anything alcoholic….

  9. saturn trine neptune here, too. i’m just glad this happened after saturn left the orb of conjunction with my natal saturn (barely. yikes.)

    so, a lot of it’s like, “well, looks like more people are realizing how often we’re getting duped. about time. seriously!”

    but, other things too. generally, that my odd sense of reality is getting accentuated… rather than simply hinted at. the borders between perception and the strangeness of existence fade some and i see better into the complexity that actually surrounds me. (we hide so much of what is around us from ourselves based upon what we expect to see. this fades out the expectations some, for me.)
    though i need new glasses ;P

  10. and i think i quit smoking, finally.
    (this is like the tenth time. but is seems more permanent, psychologically.) the first time was pregnancy. that was easy. but then i started again, afterwards. and stopped. and started. but i think i’m pretty much done with that addiction.

  11. You wanna know what scares the crap out of me? The ability we the collective now have to alter our perceived reality such as in video gaming, they can make things look SOOO life-like currently, just think how much better they are going to get at hologram making! SHEESH. Here you go merrily about your way making decisions based on your PERCEPTIONS of what you are seeing and turns out it that it’s all BS! CRIMINEY!!!

  12. born with saturn square neptune, the greatest reality is the thing you feel the deepest; everything else eventually melts away

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