“Am I A Plutonian?” Let’s Get Some Criteria Goin’ Here…

jack and the beanstalkRaven asks on Are You A Plutonian Character:

“Elsa, is there an easier way for you to determine if I am a Plutonian person? I would really love to know…”

As to  what constitutes a “Plutonian”,  I’d say it’s subjective and exists on a continuum. Some may say that anyone with their Sun in Scorpio is “Plutonian”. I would put the bar much higher.

To me, “Plutonian” means that Pluto or Scorpio energy dominates the chart. I’d be looking for a stellium in Scorpio, a stellium in the 8th house, Pluto aspecting many personal planets, particularly if it’s on an angle..

An astrologer coined a phrase, “Outer Planet Person“. I heard it from, David Pond but I’m not sure he originated it. A person was considered an “OPP” if they had their Sun in a sign ruled by an outer planet, or had an outer planet prominent. “Prominent” was defined

Using that criteria, most people would qualify. This makes the concept meaningless. I feel the same way regarding the term “Plutonian”.

Even if you do meet some enhanced criteria it does not mean you are any good at using the energy. It’s like putting a bunch of kids in the same class with the same teacher. They have access to the same opportunity but some of of them are going to excel while others are going to under-perform.

If a person can stick a small seed (an idea or notion) in you and have it grow like Jack’s Beanstalk, they’re definitely a Plutonian regardless of what their chart says. Pluto = unfathomable power. If you have it but don’t use it then you’re ineffectual. I don’t care how many planets you have in Scorpio.

Anyone else?

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  1. Loved re-reading this thread. My natal chart is full of Pluto and Scorpio. A stellium with Pluto-Mars-Saturn were in 7th and 8th Houses in Leo and they impact nearly every planet in my chart; Scorpio Sun/Chiron/Mercury. Lots of impact on, and impacted by over time. The thing that is happening now, in the Progressed years, that is even more interesting? It’s what happened/happens to this energy when a Scorpio Sun becomes an eccentric rebellious Aquarius. The Pluto-Saturn conjunction remains — in opposition in fact — in aspect to my Sun. I’m finding what it means to live with the impact of a Pluto infusion early on (immature, but potent … messiness) tempered during the progression through the signs.
    Now that is an example of how tiny Pluto (seed power!) grows a being.

  2. Funny, I was drawn to read this fir further clarification as to whether I may be considered ‘Plutonian’. Then I started to read the first comments which just so happened to be on my birthday (Nov 15).
    I certainly feel Plutonian alot of the time. Both with the upheaval and change/transformation in my own life that I’m somehow able to move through reasonably quickly, but also as the initiator for change/shedding/upheaval etc etc in other people’s lives. It’s generally totally unintentional to cause these disruptions but of course, in hindsight, a necessity in terms of growth for whoever is involved. I am a Scorpio sun. My Pluto and mercury are also in Scorpio. If I use the whole sign chart method, Venus, Saturn and Uranus are in my 8th house, with Venus being the ruler of my Taurean ascendant. If I switch over to Placidus chart, Scorpio rules my 6th and 7th houses. Naturally that means my Taurus ascendant also rules my 12th house (cancer and Capricorn are intercepted) and so my Scorpio ruled 7th house cusp, is in opposition to my ascendant. I’m guessing that could possibly fit the criteria for what some would consider Plutonian.

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