Escaping A Horrible Situation

Recently I escaped a bad situation.  I’ve been in it a long time and while a person should get out of horrible situation, sometimes it’s just not possible.

You may have stuff in your 12th house, for example. You may be in literal prison (12th), or something that may as well be.

You may not have the option of ramming the wall down with your head to get out!  In fact, an attempt of this kind, one that is premature and unsuccessful, might actually set you back.

I got out of my problem (finally). But I know someone who is still in hers. And you or I can scream at her until we’re blue. She really can’t get out of it at the present moment.

She can be optimistic though.  This way, when an opportunity does present itself, she’ll know to slip out and be on her way.

Have you ever had little choice but to lie low and wait for help of some kind?

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  1. Yes, I’ve had to live with difficult situations for a while. Fortunately, I feel like I’m gradually jumping from a better situation to another better situation. Let’s hope this keeps on happenings.

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    curious wanderer

    My childhood wasn’t the worst, but it wasn’t peachy, either. I was pretty much on stealth mode until I felt like I could create my own environment.

    Aside from that, I feel like my Jupiter in the 12th gives me a “get out of jail free” card. I just don’t always remember to play it.

  3. Saturn transiting my 12th 🙁
    Am determined not to drown from others’ dead weight. But I’m still swimming and am still far from shore.

  4. Feel like I’m there now. I need to do a lot of re-creating in my life, from scratch. And I’m eager to do it. But I don’t think I’ll be fully free to do this for another two years.

  5. What are some possibilities for a situation other than 12th house related matters? Where else might it appear in a chart? Curious.

  6. I kind of feel this way about my current job. I want out and am trying but at the same time I am ok with laying low until the time is right to leave.

  7. Thank you for this post, Elsa. It’s exactly what I needed to read. Knowing that you were in something nasty and got out is also very comforting.

  8. yup. I’m knocked out on all battlefronts- and at it right now.
    no way out yet.
    reading threads on these boards help alot. ALOT.
    …but it’s the pits for a fire person to lay low and wait for help.
    neptune transiting 12th house, uranus transit 1st,
    pluto transit 10th, saturn transit 7th.
    it’s cruel.

  9. Good post today. You do have to dig your heels in and bide your time; otherwise, the problem never goes away.

  10. Oh yeah! I have been known to stay too long at the fair. But the tension usually builds to a point and I am ejected suddenly. If it involves responsibility that I have taken on, I usually wait until there is a replacement person (help to get out) in place so that operations continue to run smoothly. But when in dangerous situations, yes I’ve had to bide my time until the opportunity for safe escape presents itself. Enough humdingers in my lifetime that I am surprised I’ve made it this far sometimes.

  11. yes, more than once. i have 2 important planets in the 12th house including my chart ruler. and im in a similar kind of situation now, except this time i know it is temporary and when it will end… my heart goes out to anybody in this situation <3 have faith, this too shall pass.

  12. I literally had to lie low and wait for help by the family when I was put in jail. Thank god it wasn’t prison. Now I live with a control freak which is my father but the good outweigh the bad and I also live with my mother and I have moved out so I’m fine. I may be paranoid there with Pluto in the 9th house. The confers one to think the father figure is a control freak and a person who just wields too much authority. But we know why. He grew up with an irresponsible father who was sick. So I understand where he’s coming from. Independence comes slow again due to economic instability. But my education is my way out. I can apply to a Master’s program that’s my intention 😉 Also with God all things are possible my friends! But we’d have to turn away from sin too 🙂

  13. Jupiter and Nepunte in Pisces in 12th house.
    The vedic astrologers say I have providence. It feels like.

  14. I’m doing what I can and I have influence, but ultimately, it’s up to others’ decisions whether I’ll be able to get out without losing a leg in the process.

    My current SR: Sun+Mercury in the 12th, Moon in Aquarius… I’ve been in ‘prison’ since a little after my birthday. Almost a year now. 🙁

    Sometimes, I feel like slipping out the window, but I will have to ‘lose a leg’.

    I will cut the leg if everything goes to horribly to shit. Better than letting them have their way and lose everything. If I see it going really bad, that’s the plan.

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    libra 12h – Yes, I find myself having to lay low rather often, but not as much lately, I seem to get out these situations a bit quicker – I learn the lesson faster – balancing enjoying being the only goat on the mountain and choosing more wisely who to team up with.

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    Libra 12th here also (w/ retro Uran/Plut, not conjunct). “Laying low’ and ‘wisely who to team up” could have been etched on my forehead for the last month, that statement of yours is so true.

    A nearly devastating work situation happened in the middle of March, for which I had to pull out the talent stops of both the air/fire trines in my natal to strategically survive. And it’s funny you also mentioned “learn the lessons faster”, ohhhh boy, you better believe that is something I said as I dealt with 6 weeks of corrupt supervisor and HR hell. Called the corrupt supervisor’s bluff, stood my ground, backed up my statements with calm and collected intelligence (usually I am hotheaded) and I won that fight. The day the work fight ended and HR and the dept director reprimanded the supervisor, I went home and cried. That’s how draining it was to fight for your job, while proving that a SUPERIOR is trying to intimidate/bully/curse you into unethical/irrational tasks. After the cry, that same night, I went to bed and in the dark said, “Learn the lessons in this battle the universe gave you and STAT!” Main statement I made that won in that boardroom was “At the end of the day I have to respect MYSELF first and foremost. I have reflected on why (my supervisor) has deemed it allowable for me to be the recipient of retaliation and her frustration. Every deadline, I meet. Every student, coworker I am a positive team-player with. Is it safe to say that a ‘manager’ is exempt from being a positive example or to hear her subordinates out, from what I am seeing here and have been experiencing for months now? No, I respect myself and will not attack back, which is why we are here, at this level of conflict resolution.” And with that, I think HR finally realized that I can SEE them standing up for the bully and how unethical their alignment was.

    Other lessons were, “chose more wisely who to team up with” (as you said) and I am not bulletproof; watch my mouth/emotions and be the better example. In the past, the hotheadedness came out because my skillset is so strong, but social/people skills are king, really. Ugh. All of us are being asked, really, to learn the lesson in double time. I don’t know why the rush, but something universal is happening.

  17. That picture is cracking me up…. Peace.Out. Mars in Aquarius 12th. I’m kind of a Houdini..when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. *Poof*

  18. Scorpioandproud

    I have been trapped more than once with no way out. I think this is why I work so hard and watch money like I do. I never want to be in that place again but life is funny and you never know when you are going to land in another pile of crap…when you least expect it too. The good news is that I have become quite the escape artist….

    I have Natal Mars in Gemini H12R

  19. Ugh, yes, been biding time, working with what I got and looking for an escape route for a long, long time. Right now I’m blaming the saturn opp mars transit I have going on at the moment.

  20. Yes i have been there. I have an uncanny ability at escaping these situations. I will not be contained. I will not be denied my freedom. Tremendous strength in strategic’s. I will get out.

    Natal Mars Aquarius 12th R.

  21. Have a 12th house stellium with Sun, Mars, Mercury, Uranus and NN in 12H Scorpio. My life has been of extreme ups and downs…always…Whenever I feel like now my horrible situation has ended and things are coming together, something breaks down…No respite…

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