Dating A Double Aries Man

aries ram on mountainFrom a consultation –

“…This is an independent man.  He’s a double Aries with Mercury in Aries. He’s going to put himself first in most any case.  He’s masculine. It’s survival of the fittest.

He also has Uranus in the 7th house aspecting Venus which is like a double whammy.  It’s not a deal breaker. But he does want and require space.

You can see how he has his life set up so he gets what he needs and wants. It’s perfect for him.  Girlfriend in another state…”

It’s challenging for a man like this to give up even the slightest ground.  Compromise is not natural for Aries.

What are your experiences dating Aries men?

12 thoughts on “Dating A Double Aries Man”

  1. My husband has moon, Mercury and Venus in Aries and he definitely is independent and a brat at times but I have sun and Venus in Gemini and Aquarius moon so I get it. LOL I like my independence too.

  2. My Husband’s a double Aries (Sun / ascendant with mercury / venus too) I’ve a stellium in Aries too (Moon, saturn, north node, Vesta and Eris)Sometimes it’s fireworks display other times it’s Dynamic Duo. We have to avoid each other sometimes, give each other space, but we both know the signs – when to back off and when to dig in the heels. But we can achieve joint goals with success and swiftness. It’s a fine balance but it works. (PS he has capricorn moon and I have capricorn sun – I think this combo acts as a pressure valve for us – it does sometimes get hot in the kitchen!)Aries are great doers, pioneers in their field, energetic, relentless but hot-headed and bossy. Saying that my hubby is warm-hearted and generous never mean, moody or vengeful.

  3. Hot cha cha. And lots of laughs. Fun while it lasted. My inconjunct friends/lovers: they come and they go. I don’t know if I could harness one if I tried. Wouldn’t be fun anymore.

  4. Oh, and I think my analytical virgo would drive them to despair. Like their footloose and fancy free would make me nuts after awhile.

  5. Thoughts on a woman like this ?

    I’m a Plutonic Taurus-Scorp.

    But, Moon Venus Mercury Jupiter NN all in Aries
    And Venus sq Neptune & Uranus

  6. My experience daring an aries man was just like elsa described! Had just broken up with a girlfriend who lived eight hours away when we met. Doesnt do anything he doesn’t want to do. Really fun in bed:)

  7. Don’t forget the vulnerability. But only if he is obsessed with you. Allowing oneself to be hunted means he will prize you above all else and put you on a pedestal. Be a doormat or too easily available and he will treat you just like one. It depends how much intensity you can take, only continue with a man like this if you are truly in love, or it will be very hard to extricate yourself without blood and tears!

  8. My Husband has, notably, Moon,Jupiter, Mercury and Sun in Aries. First three are conjunct, first two in the 7th house, Mercury and Sun in the 8th. The good thing is that when I started dating him, I knew enough astrology. I knew to check where he stood on important issues, such as marriage, children, money, work, ideal place to live and such before making any commitment, because I realized that if we didn’t agree on them, it would be hard to live with this guy, even if I’m Cardinal and have some 1st house, as well.

  9. THIS!

    Recently dated an aries. He was like two people (“You hardly are around/call me!” and “Yeah ok I’ll call you later” but disappeared). The other thing was that he made excuses for his “set up of freedom” but you were not to have the same liberties at all! lol. I stopped responding. He eventually calls me to “win a date again”. Right. No. Bye!

    Shocking thing is my dad is a double Aries. He and my mom are still together, married, and orbit each other in everything they do every day. 47 years marriage. In the past, he has acted like a “I’m a Warrior Prick Who Can Win/Do Everything On My Own!! ROAAARRRR!!” type BS, but within a day of my mom leaving he’s crying/begging her to come back. LOL. Seriously, my dad reminds me of a bully-child sometimes. He’s 67 and FINALLY now calming down and caring about others’ thoughts and feelings.

  10. Elsa, I know, right?! Better late than never! Seriously. Everyone in the damn family is more empathetic than his big toe for most of his life! Ugh, so insanely frustrating. The thing is, he was always closest to me, and showed me a caring side, so I know he has/had it in him to stop the childish warrior crap.

    Four years ago he and I were verbally sparring about something and before I get up to leave I said “You will end up alone if you keep this up. Trust me.” He must have reflected on that.

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