Saturn in Sagittarius – High-Flying People Come Down To Earth

I am beginning to see a wave of high-flying people, landing hard.

I see so many of them already, it makes me think we’re going to see a tsunami. And it looks to me, like the vast majority will never recover the status they had.

Not everyone is Betty White.

It’s not just Saturn in Sagittarius. We’re also losing the mutual reception between Saturn and Pluto.

Do you see this as well?

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  1. Not sure but there are a few I hope will be victims of this. 😀

    Personally, I have nowhere to go but up. But, I am raring to go and strangely not worried. When you let go of hateful people who don’t care about you, it can only be liberating. So whatever, tomorrow can’t get here fast enough. The past is so OVER.

    1. Hehe,

      I even wish ‘bad’ people well, but I steer clear if they’re toxic. Good philosophy to let go of hateful people though! As for Betty White, how fitting. She’s a Capricorn, a Saturn figure too.

    2. Wow you said it Kumquat. Yet hateful ones use this manipulating behavior that’s masked as caring.
      I’m surprised yet that evil barrier right below the surface left a warning. I Elsa’s email of the Dugars left me stunned flipping me. For the first time I watched that show just days ago. Wow.

    1. Udalls are generally decent people. I’m loving the way Mark is “dropping the mic” on his way out of the Senate.

    2. Well, then we ought to see the ‘high flyers’ falling like rain drops in the coming months and years. No one will be spared.

      1. Thank you, Elsa~ I have been following your articles for a while, now. I thank you for your work that sheds light on astrological events that affect our lives.

  2. ….I soooo HOPE that people ( like me) that had it hard for so long that everyone thinks they will NEVER have love and abbundance- becuse it can’t HAPPEN TO THEM-
    …will finally get the good they deserve and worked for. and it will happen to them too..I’m counting on saturn for some symatry here for all…
    I am so looking forward to saturn in sag in my 9th house. saturn in scorpio 8th house- was hard and bad like it was 30 years ago. and then….I was free…

      1. Ditto. I agree wholeheartedly with you, Cuspy. It has been for me, too! Although, it (Saturn in Scorpio) isn’t gone & OVER with for good. It retrogrades back in the summer of 2015. I’m not liking this at all. And just in time to ruin my bday, once again (Cancer).

        First half of 2015 is still looking pretty hellish, to me; especially with upcoming Mars transit in Aries then those eclipses in the spring. Ugh. I want this Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn & ALL of these awful eclipses over with! Last 4 yrs have been complete & utter hell! 2015 is gonna be more of the same but even more of an intense oomph & blow! When does Uranus finally leave Aries? I know Pluto is gonna be screwing with me for a very very loooong time.

        The worst isn’t over with, I’m afraid.

        1. I am a Cancerian too Eva and exactly the last four years have been non stop grind and extremely harsh and I still have the pluto oppositions to come. Plus my Mars is in Aries so that’ll get it too!
          But it’s life, and astrology doesn’t dictate what we do with what “happens” to us.

  3. Our prime minister is nose-diving. His popularity rating is down in the pits.
    He started as the golden boy past summer when he was elected as the party leader for the Finnish conservatives, became prime minister and is at the moment the least popular pm almost ever.
    He is of the global type high-flyer who breaths the social media, participates in triathlons,wears exlusive brands and speaks all languages fluently.
    He is so foreign in his ways and perceptions compared to the average Finn.I doubt he understands much about the life of his countrymen. He is – or has been – blinded by his own perfection and success.

    And today’s main story in the media is the financial down-fall of a certain business consultation company whose owner is of the same breed as our pm.

    Poor boys – I hope they will finally grow up.

    1. As a fellow Finn, I must say that as a Nation, we’ll fare extremely well under this influence, since these two mentioned are about the only high flying types I know. 😉 We tend to fly well under the radar, mostly.

  4. I haven’t noticed yet but it still makes me irritated to see lots of smug people wish for the comeupance of others. Not everyone knows what each other deserves.

  5. Yes I feel this too. There is so many people that just live in their own bubble with high status (the big middleclass- living on a lot of borrowed money..) They travel, go to nice restaurants and never think about people that struggle for their survival..No they are afraid of them. If they just could show some empathy – that would save them from the hard landing.

  6. It never is good for the soul to feel smug for someone’s comeuppance, even if they are smug people.
    I’ve already seen this, I’m not a bad person, not shallow or ungrateful or ignorant to the plight of many nor certain “it” would never happen to me (although Jupiter rules so an optimist) but I’ve had a terrible run of things leaving me in a precarious position. I’m sure there will be those that will smile at my “demise” …if it makes them feel better then i think that says a lot more about them than me.
    Often bitter bitchy people never took the risks or had the fortitude to go where others dared and it’s just self justification for being mediocre that makes them happy when successful people fail.

  7. I hope I don’t sound like I like seeing people fall. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    In fact, this is a frequent topic around here. It doesn’t bother my husband in the least, if someone gets what they deserve. But I don’t care if a person deserves it or not – I hate seeing anyone suffer. I can’t help but feel compassion.

    Having Libra, I can see both sides of this. I can understand that people learn due to consequences, however the lessons are mighty for some…and it just hurts to witness.

    We talk about this all the time, because I am so frequently dealing with people who are suffering. I would like it to affect me less…but I’ve worked on this for close to ten years, and I continue to feel very bad for people, when bad things happen to them, even if they asked for it. It just doesn’t seem to make a difference.

    1. I agree. People can make assumptions about the way a person is or acts or even appears to be, but there is always another story inside. Nobody walks in anothers’ shoes. At the very least, it is sad to see someone turn out so bad, when we are all just plopped down here on earth the same (humans).

    2. I think this Saturn transit has to do with opportunities, maybe opportunities in relation to the collective. We only know what is out there by exploring. Now we will have to really work hard to find our chances, to become big.

      I admire how you have sympathy for those who are falling flat on their face and having a rough time, whether they deserve it or not. It’s not for me to judge whether they deserve it or not. Rather, all I can see is that every restriction (and consequence) has an opportunity

  8. Not you at all Elsa! It did occur my post might sound like that but I assure you not at all
    I’m talking in general, there seems to be some glee when it happens
    For criminal behaviour sure we all feel aggrieved by the fat screwed up bankers but just for people who have done well in their lives, no.

  9. Leogirl. That’s me I’m Leo fighting great battles. How could they think I not survive. They did 30 years ago, but now is a replay. Wow I must say your courageous Lion. To say what will be but I guess being brave is saying so. I’ve been hinting finding every clue, the path is clear. At last.

  10. Avatar
    Christofer French

    I agree with the “high flyers” comments and many of these examples are certainly well chosen. And let’d hear it for our Super Blogger Momma. Aint she great?

    I tend to look at these in societal and cultural terms, instead of “individual ones”. Cosby and Udall are perfect examples, but when you look up into the skies and see the coming falling stars you think of big topics like: the free spending American Economy with out of control printing presses, the hate filled Chinese ready to get in out way any way they can. They copy air craft carriers and stealth bombers because they know that’s the quickest way to dominance. The old high flyers are going to be challenged and that is the way of nature, the stars, and wolves with green eyes and bullies in the school yard. The system is set this way and it is going to unfold. No, I don’t know all the ways, but it is fascinating to watch. Here’s to Elsa!!!

  11. Yes, I am seeing this- especially with Sadges. I’ve also noticed it escalating slightly since Saturn went direct. So…

  12. I just celebrated my birthday (Sag Sun 3rd house) I just pulled up my Solar Chart for the coming year and see I have Sagittarius rising at 22 degrees and 3 planets in Sagittarius. Mercury and Sun in the 12th house and Venus in the 1st house. As Saturn transits I expect to feel the double whammy of Natal Sun and then the 3 planets in my Solar Return chart.

    Still it’s Sagittarius that in itself makes me smile.

  13. I think stuff generally happens to me before everyone else. Already got knocked down. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone else though, even Jonathan Gruber.

    1. Gruber. Another good example. And I feel the same way you do. I would like to feel *less* this way and more like my husband, but I never seem to break that way for some reason.

  14. Yes, my Scorpio brothers and niece seem to be landing very hard with some bruises (my niece ate an entire bag of chocolate candy Xmas Day, poor tortured soul). I thought it would be easy for them once Saturn left Scorpio, but quite the contrary, and I’m having a hard landing as well (I don’t think Saturn likes being in Sag very much). Do you think we’re going to get any relief anytime soon?! I’m starting to question my beliefs about how others perceive me and it’s quite sobering and uncomfortable (I have Sag in my 1st house).

  15. Speaking of high flying people getting a dose of reality. Anyone on here hear about Madonna? Yes, Madonna the pop singer from the 80s/90s/blah/blah, she’s had songs from her upcoming album leaked. At first, many thought that she had leaked the songs as a publicity stunt but no artist in their right mind would release more than three songs on the internet these days. Apparently, someone leaked almost 30 songs from her up coming album, I bet Madonna thought that would never happen to her. Madonna is a Virgo moon, Saturn in Sagittarius will square her moon. There’s a chance this will affect Madonna’s album sales for her album.

  16. People seem to be split in half. Half of the people that care enough to read about it, think it’s a publicity stunt, maybe a strange one but still one.

    The other half think it’s somebody that’s in her camp that’s betrayed her somehow. Maybe a secret mission of sabotage? Could be a mission of just making $$$$?

        1. anonymoushermit

          As a gay male, I’ve always followed Madonna. Hardcore gay Madonna fans worship her. ‘Worship’ may seem like a strong word, but trust me, in some circles in the gay community, Madonna is looked at as a God/Goddess, like she’s Jesus. I like Madonna, but I don’t worship anyone. Seems like Saturn in Sagittarius square her Moon in Virgo, has brought some ‘down to earth-ness’ to the Material Girl/Mom. Her last album in 2015 flopped. It could simply be because albums aren’t selling, in general. But I also think it’s partly the leaks from 2014.

          This isn’t her first flop album, her 2003 American Life album flopped, and her 1992 album, Erotica, could have sold more. But shhhh, don’t tell her hardcore fans that, they’ll jump down your throat. Like I said, they worship her. I think she’s a great business woman, but her career isn’t infallible.

  17. I suspect those of us who have worked for years and earned seniority at work will be brought down to earth, too. Just because you’ve put in years and years of hard work and worked your way up doesn’t make you special. A newbie could walk in the door and easily outperform you, kicking you off that pedestal you’re on!

    1. anonymoushermit

      Depends. Saturn seems to hate arrogance, even more so than Pluto. If those seniors, or those that have seniority have acted with integrity, and don’t have a power hungry attitude, then I see no reason why they would receive a downfall.

      I guess it’s all about intentionality. I see people who are in managing positions and boss positions, where they become really overly aggressive. They don’t know how to deal with the power they’ve been given. This is the type of hubris Saturn isn’t fond of, I find. But the ones that realize they might not be in power forever, or that help the newbies, though they might not be in power, they might not fall as hard, or as far, as the others with negative attitudes towards others.

    2. anonymoushermit

      Also, I might have overreached, maybe ‘down to earth’ isn’t necessarily a ‘downfall’, just a reality check. Two different things.

  18. Well, we can add former NFL player Aaron Hernandez to the list of once flying high folks that have crash landed. He had just been found guilty of first degree murder…without anyone finding the actual murder weapon. Aaron seemed pretty smug during the trial, but IMO his defense team did him in by conceding that Aaron was present during the murder but did not kill the victim himself. Of course he will appeal, but my guess is he will not be successful…at least while Saturn is in Sagittarius.

  19. I’m thinking of CEO Marissa Mayer over the next 16 months with this Alibaba/Yahoo debacle. She’s definitely a high flyer.

    When Saturn moves into Sag, it is going to make an immediate conjunction to her North Node, which could be rewarding financially if she played her cards right but t.Pluto is moving into a longstanding opposition to her Saturn in Cancer conjunct (she’s been receiving tons of criticism about her abbreviated maternity leave–her Saturn widely conjuncts Venus) and t.Saturn is going to oppose her Sun in Gemini while t.Neptune squares it. That’s a crapton of corporate pressure and I’m sure she’s feeling it. Saturn is also going to oppose Juno shortly thereafter. Wonder if she and her hubby are going to be strained with these two new babies coming? Motherhood and executivedom are both tough jobs. To have both is doable but definitely difficult. ?

    She’ll be one to watch. She has contradicted herself on a few occasions so I wonder if she will reprioritze her values after Venus rx has passed? We’ll see. ?

  20. My husband’s ex-caregiver….I’ll bet he NEVER thought ST would have the balls to fire him. Nor to confront him about his drinking. He thought he could keep falling off the wagon and leaving me and my legally blind roommate to take care of his client. Pffft. He thought we were weak. HE THOUGHT WRONG.

    1. I haven’t thought about it, but I would say, “not necessarily”. Anyone who thinks they can rule over a nation is probably a bit inflated? But really, I don’t know.

      Everyone is humbled at some point, *for real* not for fake. But I don’t know when that might be.

      In the news currently…to be seen as “rich” and owe 43 million dollars…I think that’s a reality check. But Neptune is square Saturn through 2016. There could easily be delusion around an authority figure.

  21. I read this whole thread. I was humbled, and I’ll admit I wish it for others. Not in a bad way – not because I want to see them suffer. Just because my ego keeps fixating on “how is it possible that some people stay asleep through all this” or there are seemingly no consequences. Well, it can take years, I’m learning. And, again, not that I want that for other people, it’s just been super perplexing. I for one would love to see some of them come down to earth and wake up. Maybe just a little. Granted I don’t think it’s very noble of me. 🙂

  22. Saturn in Jupiters Sign Sagittarius will be truly humiliating. Sag, which is sign of luck is a misfit for Saturn. One suddenly has to struggle to get simple things. Your assumptions take a hit. You find yourself on an unknown terrain. You are made to think twice. Saturn will turn the journey in to Sag really exhausting and your foundations shall be shaken.
    I can go on writing…..

  23. It’s so strange to look back at when this was being discussed. I had NO idea what rough water I was getting ready to wade in. End of Dec 2016 SO SICK….if you had told me then I never would have believed it. I should have seen it coming from 50 miles away. I was running myself into the ground

  24. Add Matt Lauer to the list.


    Harvey Weinstein
    Bill O’Reilly
    Charlie Rose
    Al Franken
    Mark Halperin
    Charles Manson (dead)

    (I’m sure there’s others I’m forgetting. New people make the list every day now.)

  25. Looks like Papa John’s pizza is going to need a new face for the company soon. The founder’s been booted over his criticism of the NFL players awhile back while Saturn was still in Sagittarius.

    This morning I wondered if the people who got away with blurting during Saturn in Sadge would face the music once Saturn moved to Capricorn and shit got real.

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