“What’s It To You, Blondie?”

blondieI met an extraordinary woman last night. She’s a Virgo. She’ll be 101 in a few days. She weighs 85 pounds.

Not only can she walk, she does all the laundry in the house, folds it so it looks as if it’s been dry cleaned. She also does all the dishes in the house. Apparently she likes to do this so they let her.

“Are you Italian,” she asked me.

“I am.”

“I married an Italian,” she said. “And when I moved here, there was so much racism. I was in the store and someone said, that DIRTY ITALIAN!” Her eyes got big.  “WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?” she asked, with her finger pointing, angrily.  “What’s it to you, blondie, he said to me. I had blonde hair back then. Natural, she added.

“I’ll tell you something,” she said, recalling the conversation. “That dirty Italian spent FOUR YEARS fighting the war for the likes of you!  Four of ’em!” she repeated, with her fingers up, for emphasis. “I was so mad!” she explained. “I was just infuriated by that…”

Later she recited a beautiful poem. I was told she knows at least 1000 poems by heart. I found out she lost her grandson, his wife and their two kids, all at once in a plane crash, and she left her first husband…

“She said to me, I think you should knooooooooow…I love him! I said, well guess what?! You can have him!”  And off she went with her two sons…

She says she pretty much raised her grandsons. They were scared one time and she told them, “Don’t you worry. You’re with me and I’m packin’!” Ha ha ha, she carried a gun.

And the got attacked, she was like 90 years old.  She was pushed down and robbed (they caught the guy). But after the attack, some woman with a big dog came to help…

“Why didn’t you let that dog go when you saw him hit me?”

They don’t call it the greatest generation for nothing. She’s a Virgo with a Cancer Moon. Venus in Scorpio. Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Aquarius.

11 thoughts on ““What’s It To You, Blondie?””

  1. This is a wonderful story I loved reading it and that lady sounds like a great person. What a wonderful find thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Its that time of year… Just met a lovely Cancer here but its a Virgo vibe of the season.. Things done in order are such a blessing as I find it.. lots of critiques but oh well They will learn hopefully anyone find strange critiques it won’t pass until there is communication Maybe a nice little note… lol

  3. Holy guacamole, sounds like she’s gonna have her own corner in the other world. Where the rest of us will pass by respectfully. Whew!

  4. My Grandmother lived to be one month shy of her 101st birthday she was wonderful! She hummed all of the time. When my Dad was a kid he thought it was funny to hear her humming when she was cleaning because he realized she was humming the popular songs the kids had been listening to on the radio or records. She had 10 children, my Dad is number 5. Of her 52 Grandchildren I was her favorite, and she made no apologies about having favorites. Her strength and character were amazing. She was an Aquarian. My husband has the same birthday. I’m his favorite too 🙂

  5. I love this lady! She reminds me sooo much of my hubby’s spitfire grandma. Everybody sorta disregarded her stories but I relished them. She was definitely one of my very favorite people on this earth. Sadly, she passed away some years ago but her presence is still felt just as acutely. ?❤️

  6. She reminds me of my own grandmother. Aries Sun, Leo Moon, with a grand fire trine in her chart. Born and raised in the South. She met my grandfather when he was a minor league baseball player, traveling. He was Italian, a Sag Sun with Aries Moon, also, a few years younger than she.

    Anyway, her family didn’t approve of him because he was a ‘dirty Eye-talian’…so she ran off and eloped to be with him. For years her family wouldn’t speak to her because of it. They lived all over the South when he was in the minors, and I’ve heard the stories about how people looked at the Italians.

    But yes…my grandmother was very independent, doing what she wanted and finding ways to do it so it would not look like she was going around my grandfather’s wishes (who she treated like a king, and vice versa).

  7. She took two naps during the (4 hour) dinner party. Each time, she walked around the large kitchen island where we were all sitting, to give us each a hug. This woman was amazing. And funny.

    At another point, she was chatting with just the other women (there were three not counting her). One of the men came in, “How are you doing, Miss Jessie?”

    “Well, I’m trying to put up with women,” she said, laughing pretty heartily for an 85 pound woman, about to be 101 years old.

    She lost five pounds recently, so they are concerned.

    I’d brought an apple crumb cake…she ate some with some butter pecan ice cream (her favorite). They were happy about this, she’d not eaten anything for two days. She ate the whole thing too. I was happy…she did not eat dinner with us at all. She did the dishes, while we were eating and after we were done.

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