Defining The Pluto in Scorpio Generation

scorpio-necklace-vintageNeith asks:

“Say, speaking of Scorpio, i would love to have your take on the Pluto in Scorpio generation, “hooking up”, piercings, tattoos, etc. Were these kids the catalyst for these trends?”

They are psychologically sophisticated. For example my eleven- year-old daughter today offered her analysis of one of her bullies:

“Her parents keep separating, getting back together, separating and getting back together. I am sure she’s angry and maybe this is why she comes to school and calls people names…”

And what about the whole “emo” thing? So much for putting your fresh perfect face out there like it’s the 50’s and everyone is happy! Feeling states are not only acknowledged, they are respected. You are supposed to have pain for chrissakes!

What do you notice about the Pluto in Scorpio generation?

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  1. If your daughter’s insights are typical, they will do fine. It will be interesting to watch what happens when they hit their first Saturn Return. I have much faith in Scorpio’s ability to undergo these amazing transformations as in total regeneration!

  2. I am pluto scorpio..all I can say is we are together alone. Some rise above. Others stay under a rock. Still others act out of ignorance. The few coming foward- choosing to trust instead of suspect, to be confident instead of jealous, to absorb instead of veto…- We have the capacity. We have to shed our bodies away without fear. Instead of living in fear of death and life (emo is suspended fear of expression) we have to accept them, reveal them in our every step.

    Man..emotions & truly emotional music are like great sex..if you haven’t experienced it, you can’t describe it but try endlessly to the point of embarassment..and if you have, you don’t need to!

  3. “we are together alone”

    Oh man, Al is so right. I was completely amazed by the Pluto in Aquarius’ generation’s ability to come together. We are completely alienated from each other. There is no youth culture.

  4. I am part of the beginning of the Pluto in Scorpio generation. As we are now entering into adulthood, I tend to sense anticipation and even fear on the part of our elders. As they define us, I think they tend to place too much emphasis on the superficial qualities that mark Pluto in Scorpio. Their attempts to marginalize us is a reflection of their inability to understand their own shortcomings. I think the Pluto in Scorpio generation will mark a profound change in the social attitude. The superficial things that consumed former generations will fall away. To me, the nation we have now and our ideas about power and duty are built on unrealistic ideals and outright lies. Pluto in Scorpio marks a social reckoning–the mistakes of our elders will come to bear on us.

  5. I am apart of the beginning of the Pluto in Scorpio Generation and on top of that. North Node in Taurus with Scorpio in the South Node. I believe that I carry a lot of scorpio energy

    The thing that has been apart of me since child birth is the refusal to conform and battling against Authority. I very seldom find a person that I can idolize and It feels like I am in search of someone or something to look up to. I just feel the need to stay in my house because I have a tendency to suspect wrong doings of others. There has been countless times of betrayal going on in my life. I prefer to be around animals and children because of that.

    Lately I’ve been getting a lot pyschic energies going and feel the energies of others
    “too easily. Pyschic protection does not work with me, staying under a bed does lol. I often time pierce into people’s heart and reveal things about them that they are like “WTF” how did you know this and that about me? I really don’t know how I do it.

  6. I am one of the older Pluto in Scorpio too, along with Venus, Saturn and South Node in Scorpio. What Jamaal, Anna, and Al said are resonant with what I’ve been going through.

    I’ve never had anyone I really looked up to, just mainly ideals, most of my life. The most I’ve ever looked up to are my professor who helped me in college and the organization she introduced me to, who are all essentially very radical with the goal of drawing attention to the underlying crap in society in order to break it up and recreate it into something better.

    I did have people betraying me by abusing shared resources offered to them, some of these people I had to totally cut from my life.

    Pluto as well as Scorpio I heard also dealt with issues of the occult and a lot of this generation seems to be interested in it because to us it seems pretty mundane, compliments of the ability to sense underlying currents that no one can “see” as readily. For some reason psychic protection in the normal sense doesn’t work with me either because I feel like I absorb everything that’s in my immediate environment, but I think it’s because I feel like I have to be constantly connected with everything just to know what’s coming my way. I’ll have to agree with Jamaal with staying under my bed (my room) works best for me because of the grounded barriers I put up around my room (rock).

    The statement Al made, “We are alone together” is definitely the crisis that we are going to face as we age, especially with the baby boomer generation sucking all of social security leaving us with absolutely no support.

    I am definitely very curious to see what my Saturn return will bring.

    A couple of questions for those with Pluto in Scorpio, just out of curiosity…
    – How many of you are good at cyber-stalking?
    – How easily do secrets about other people come to you?
    – How many of you are able to sense society’s collective energy clearly and see things move around right after you feel the shift?

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