Why Am I Nothing Like My Sun Sign?

sun god apollo franceOccasionally, people ask me why they don’t relate to their sun sign.ย  There a few explanations.

First, people have their own minds, myself included. They sometimes adjust astrology to suit their needs and preferences.ย For example a Leo who would rather be a Scorpio so they’ll see their Sun in the 8th house and proclaim themselves to be “really a Scorpio”.

I believe the Sun in Leo is A SUN IN LEO.
The 8th house is an area of experience.

The Sun in Leo will shine brightly, illuminating the area, regardless of which area we’re talking about. If you put the sun in the 8th house (Scorpio’s house) it will illuminate the darkness of that house.

This could be a person working with the dying in a hospice, for example. But they would still be a LEO. They would still be dramatic and childlike. They may be a shiny object in a load of crap, but they’re still shining! A Leo sun is still a Leo sun. It will never, ever, ever, ever be a Scorpio Sun.

Less commonly, this can happen when the sun is heavily aspected, especially by outer planets.ย  It can also happen when a person has a large stellium in another sign.

Sun In One Sign, Stellium In Another?

I think you do yourself a great disservice to deny your Sun, which is your vital life energy. It’s like saying that the heart in your body is not your real heart, but some other heart. Once you do that, you’re lost.

Do you feel divorced from your sun sign?

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  1. I totally disagree with you on this one, Elsa. I am a Sun Leo in the 9th, conjunct Pluto with Scorpio rising. I am definitely more Scorpionic than Leonine. When I was a child, I exhibited all of the classic signs of being a Leo, but as I’ve aged (I’m now 57), I’m definitely turned Scorpionic. Although having 5 planets in Virgo tends to make one not bright and shiny…rather intense and critical

    1. Im a Capricorn female with double ascendant in Pisces ? overly sensitive and moody ? How can I control these mood changes? ?

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      Scorpios have been wonderful to this Sagittarius. They were friends to me when I didn’t know how to be a friend to myself, have given some of the best advice I’ve ever received. They look out for the people they care about.

      1. While I don’t do well being married to Sag….I am drawn to Sag and find Sag women to be amongst my favorite folks. I love that fire! I wish I had some! Sag is the most fun I have ever had.

  2. yup, oh, i’d be an idiot not to think i was an aries just because the sun’s in the eighth… in fact, i have this bad habit of not noticing the eighth house effect because it’s even more undercurrenty than the sun is in my self expression.

    “you mean i deal with deep stuff? well, why doesn’t everybody?”

  3. Moni – I don’t want to talk behind your back… you made my beginner class with your comment. Here is the bit regarding your comment:

    I read that and I thought, sounds like a shining LEO sun to me. Is she not PROUD of her Sun Pluto conjunction?

    If this gal has Pluto conjunct her Sun in SCORPIO she’s have said nothing, see? She’d have stayed in the rafters.

    True Scorpio is only going to come down from their perch to kill or defend you but LEO is going to be seen. That sun is shining and it is shining in Leo…

  4. what I notice about 8th house suns is that they are attracted to scorpionic types. I think personal planets in houses make them attracted to that type of individual. ie, actress Nicole Kidman 8th house gemini sun, married to 3rd house sun scorpio Keith Urban. or that she likes water sun men. or if your sun is in an earth house, individuals are drawn to earth men.

    1. Wow. It’s almost like they have mutual reception with the houses and rulerships. I have Moon/Venus in Gemini so anything or anybody that stimulates my 3rd house is a keeper.

    2. You just described my relationship interests, Elsa! I have an 8H Libra Sun and I’m definitely attracted to Scorpionic men. My last intense relationship was with a man with Mars conjunct his Scorpio ASC…cigarette, please! lol

  5. I’m a Gemini with a 6th house sun so I think it gives it a Virgo feel or the act of service to the Gemini. I hate being a Gemini, it seems my brain is always all over the place and I never finish anything.

  6. I have an unaspected sun at 0 Cancer in the 11th house and ruled by a Moon in Gemini 10th. The 11th is Aquarius’ natural home. I’ve never felt at home with my family of origin because I’m so very different from them and all their various dysfunctions. I’ve usually felt much more comfortable with my friends or at work (Sun’s ruler in the 10th). Because of my Cancer sun, I treat all my friends and coworkers like family. Probably more so than my actual family…

    1. I can relate, Primrose. I have an Aquarius ASC and a Mars in Gemini IC. My “family” tends to be my friends. There is no “water” or “earth” holding my biological family together; just a lot of mind games and power plays.

  7. I like what your example for Moni.

    I have a the Scorpio shadow hovering over my Taurus Sun with it opposing my Pluto Scorpio Rising.
    I’m definitely a Taurus, but most people guess that I am a Scorpio. & I certainly identify with it; however, having been acquainted with many Scorp Suns, I can discern our differences with the Sun placement.

    Plutonic as hell, yes yes I am.

  8. I usually read horoscopes for cancer because it is my ascendant..so I forget about my pisces sun…I think maybe I have been twisting astrology to how I want it !

  9. I have a Pisces Sun and Moon in the 8th. I identify with Scorpio’s intensity, but I’m definitely a Pisces- intensely Pisces. I have Pisces ideologies but with a deeper and more intense essence.

  10. My husband has a Scorpio Sun in H12- he’s def a Scorpio- way more of an asshole than me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ he’s definitely more hard headed. There is no mistaking the difference between fixed and Mutable energy.

    But our egos and personalities get on like peas and carrots.

    The emotional / Moon side… Different story- I can def tell the difference between a 2nd and 8th house Moon. My husband 2nd house Moon- is NOT deep.

  11. I am a libra sun conjunct Pluto. I am not a Scorpio. Harmony is the most important thing to me in the world ( not peace, but harmony). Being harmonious with life is what makes me feel excited to be me. With Pluto on my sun I go through a lot of intense self reflection and transformational experiences. When I find that little spot in the middle of the chaos and loss, where I can walk on the tightrope (a libran totem if there ever was one) I am the most alive. I’m a libra having a Plutonian experience.

  12. Lately I have been discovering more things that steer me toward whole house Astrology and I have a full 8th house with my Virgo Sun there. I have always thought that Virgos and Scorpios are not too far apart in how they think. Both have a sharp tongue and my Sun conjuncting Pluto by 1 degree in the 8th helps confirm it for me. Yes, I am still a Virgo Sun and I can spot a flaw from 50 yards away. I have a sharp tongue and most of the time is better that I keep myself away from people because I am easily aggravated with them. Pluto squares my Moon as well and turns me Plutonian in that area as well. I just can’t go by the Placidus chart because it has my stellium in the 7th. I am not a person that enjoys being with other people and I am quite happy to be alone. Tomorrow I have to do the Thanksgiving thing and I dread it. But yes, overall, you are still your Sun sign, even from the pit of Scorpio.

  13. I have an 8H Libra Sun. I am educated (through the school of hard knocks!) in investments, insurance, living trusts and Wills (very 8H!), divorce matters. Also, I have a strong interest in mediumships and NDEs.

    1. Yep, I noticed that interest in 8th house subjects is way more common among people with personal planets in the 8th, especially the Sun, than it is in Scorpio Suns.

      My husband is Scorpio, but he’s strongly averse to anything taboo- anything remotely hokey or resembling supernatural phenomena. Many of my friends throughout my life have also been Scorpio Suns and I have never noticed an intense focus on matters such as NDE, mediums, psychic phenomena, metaphysics etc in any one of them as much as I have in the 8th house People I’ve known.

      It’s because the house is the area of experience you focus your energy on and it colors your energy. A Scorpio Sun, for example in the 3rd, is going to be focused (or less focused;)) on communication and they are going to act much lighter than a Scorpio in the 8th. There will be a totally different energy coming out from them.

      1. Hmm…That has not been my experience with scorpio. I am a scorpio sun in the 12th house..I am totally fascinated with Nde, psychics,metaphysics as well as the scorp friends that I have had. Now my hubby has 4 planets in Virgo 8th house. I would not consider him very spiritual at all. He does enjoy watching the shows that look for ghosts however.

        1. I have read that Virgo on the 8th is supposed to make a person not care about the paranormal. HAH! I have a bunch of Virgo placements in the 8th and I have been obsessed with the paranormal since I was old enough to talk and read. Some people with Virgo on their 8th with planets there might not be interested in things like that. I do. So cookie cutter descriptions of signs don’t exactly work. Frankly, I am not interested in the money or inheritance parts of the 8th house. But everything from ghosts to divination is fascinating to me and has always been a part of my life. It always will be too. Halloween is a way of life for me.

          1. I’m into divination too. I use i-ching, tarot, horary, the good old fashioned 8 ball. It’s ridiculous. Its a weird thing…I think it’s related to the 8th because 8th house can be about control…not Saturn/Capricorn control. But control over your fate. Control over life or death. Of you are prepared for an outcome, you have more power over it. Since 8th house People are ever aware of impending death…life changes are a kind of death. And we’re all too aware that life throws you curve balls. So best to be prepared. Then sometimes we want to know things just to have power or an advantage over a situation.

            Anyway, sometimes I hate it…it can be a double edge sword and keep you stuck in fear.

  14. Gemini Sun with Mercury in 6th house. I’m definitely a Gemini Sun playing in the 6th house realms (I’m also a MD) so it’s right on spot ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. That is very true. I have a pronounced virgo :asc, pluto, venus; and moon, mars, merc, neptune in Scorpio all within 4 degrees, and my lonely little Libra sun in the 2nd house. It is easy for me to ignore my sun.

  16. I personally don’t agree with this. I have Sagittarius Sun in the 5th house and Leo Moon in the 1st house. I often feel like was a Leo Sun/Aries Moon. Plus, as a woman I identify with my Moon more, I just always had. ? So I think that the zodiac signs and the houses associated with them work in different ways but ultimately belong to the same archetype, along with ruling planets as well.

  17. I think the reason why people don’t claim to be like their sun signs is generally due to the cookbook descriptions giving some rather unsavoury traits, especially if it implies weakness.

    I have lost count of the amount of times people say; I’m not like a Pisces sun (or any placements for that matter), I’m not wishy washy, self-pitying, and over emotional!

    (Ah but are you creative, imaginative, empathetic, and a good listener?)

    The other factor is that they simply haven’t acknowledged the traits, or they are dormant. Maybe they haven’t been in a situation that gives the opportunity for the traits to reveal themselves.

    Lastly, they say what you don’t own inside manifests externally as fated people. The denier could be attracting people that display and act out their sun signs FOR them.

    Just for the record, I can be wishy washy simply due to apathy/indecisiveness, my over emotional side leaks out as a rotten temper, and my legendary Pity Parties have PLENTY of tequila shots and maudlin songs – invites open to all ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Disagree. They all work together and all of them are important. You can learn a lot about a person by just studying their house positions and the planets on the cusps as well as the planets in those houses without looking at the aspects. But to add the aspects is like the icing on the cake.

      1. Au contraire. If one studies charts, then one will see that its aspects that are important. They govern action, when something will happen. Normal Linda Goodman western style astrology is far to complex, and as a consequence is wrong. One can make any interpretation one wants with this style of astrology and always be correct. Ten astrologers. Ten interpretations – all correct. Keep it simple stupid – less is more.
        Besides, its not just a single chart that governs a person (if it does at all) its the interaction with others chart that does this. A person can have few aspects, but this is made more complete or full by aspects from and inbetween other charts. Can be people, or situations such as the place where you works – that has a birth chart.

        1. I am not talking about what happens to a person. I was saying that you can tell a LOT about a person by their chart signs and placements. I am not talking about predicting. I am talking about learning about them period. Western Astrology works just fine.

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    Clifton Greene

    Rudolph Steiner in his book, Bees, from the 1920s said that to think of the heart as an organ that pumps blood through the body is akin to saying that the hydroelectric generators pump the water over Niagara Falls. It just comes to mind when reading this. I recall Elsa’s post on the planets being like decals on a telephone pole with the sun being that telephone pole. Things like that or the equal house system I just take Elsa’s word and experience.

  19. I used to feel divorced from my sign. I never wanted to be drowning in water, so serious all the time and so darn sensitive. And I’m not always, but a Cancer Sun/Moon/Mercury can feel that way. I wanted to be more like my rising sign, Aries. Fire signs are so full of vitality and action, and I love that. Cancer is so passive, quiet, etc. But hey, it’s all in the 3rd house.

  20. I have a 8th house Leo sun stellium and I have a Capricorn North Node rising with Aquarius Saturn as my chart ruler. According to astrology, the ascendant can’t see the 8th house. My favorite clothes to wear are all black

      1. I was raised by my grandparents after I got out of foster care. It shows that in my astrology chart. My 6th house Gemini moon is connected to my 7th house Cancer south node. My biological father disappeared and my biological mother is a abusive bipolar drunk.

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