How To Overcome Your Fear Of Death

Cemetary statueHello dear Elsa,

You frequently speak about death, and it seems you’re not uncomfortable with the subject, and that you’re not afraid of it. What’s the astrological signature for it? I’m heavily influenced by Saturn and Pluto (Scorpio/Capricorn, among other stuff), but I’m pretty much terrified of it, when not looking at it intellectually, but emotionally.

Thanks for Your time, and greetings from Belgrade, Serbia, Europe


You’re right! I’m comfortable with death, but I have not always been this way. I’ve been comfortable with the idea of my own death for a long time. But I dealt very poorly with the death of others when I was younger.

I lost a good many people and I was always horrified by it. I am not even sure I can claim to have coped with death. I ran as far away from it as I could get, as fast as possible! I just couldn’t deal with pain at the time.

This didn’t help me develop or mature at all. I was always afraid when the next shoe might drop.

When I was in my early twenties, the flood of deaths stopped, which surprised me. No one died near me for the next ten years. During that time I slowly healed and developed a more mature philosophy.

You have Saturn with Pluto. So do I. That can definitely be seen as fear (Saturn) of death (Pluto). But it also describes someone with a deep understanding that death is real and part of life.

I don’t think it’s that hard to make this switch, if it’s your goal. The fear is created when a person gets stuck on a certain page of a story.

For example, we see teenagers commit suicide. They often don’t have the maturity to fathom the finality of what they’re doing and the consequences to the people they leave behind.

Eventually most come to understand that death is final. Here is where the fear sets in and a person might get stuck. However, if you build on this knowledge, doors fly open.  You have to turn the page.

Your life is finite. Knowing this, how can you make the most of the time you have?

Can you see how fear is transformed into something useful? It becomes platform you can stand on.

“I am doing this now, while I can.”
This is so much better, than, “I am not doing anything, because my life is finite, waaaah.”

Rather than fear of death, try to develop a fear of not living while you’re alive, due to your fear of death!

Good luck!

Do you fear death?


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  1. For most of my life I was afraid of death.
    Through astrology I have come to see that death, ruled by Pluto,
    the planet of transformation, is the gateway to the next phase of
    one’s existence. As I welcomed my newborn grandchildren, as they appeared
    from the birth canal, I wondered who these new souls were and where they
    were coming from.
    I now believe that life is a cycle that never ends. And so, I have to say, that I fear death no more.

  2. I never feared death until I had kids. Not with my kids but fear of my own death and leaving them without a mom. I don’t want to jinx myself but nobody I’ve ever deeply loved has passed and I do not want that to happen any time soon. 🙁 I don’t like to even think about it even though its a path we all must go through.

    1. Love your comment, Elsa. I live each day as much as I can (physically/emotionally/spiritually etc).I agree, death is a rebirth, so I do not fear an accident that ends my life quickly, I fear pain, and a long lingering illness that causes suffering. I used to fear for my family after my death, as well, until I bought a lot of life insurance. Now, I fear the death of people I love dearly. I think about people I miss who have died, and it makes me really grateful for the people in my life who are of great value to me. Cap sun, Scorp rising. Gemini in the 8th with north node. Nothing to do but accept the finite and get on with life while you have it.

  3. Great topic for Mercury conjunct Pluto.

    I’m going to one of those death cycles right now. I’ve recently lost a lot of close friends. One just before Christmas and I just came back from a funeral of another. And then publicly, people like David Bowie Alan Rickman etc that I admire and relate to going as well. It seems a lot all at once.

    I have Saturn conjunct my Moon right now, so I’m feelng deeply about things. Endings all around me.

    As a Scorpio rising I have a fascination with death. I’ve brought back some of my friends ashes… He always wanted to make it back to Canada, but never did, so I’m helping complete his wish.

    It’s quite fascinating (some might think macabre) to look at this little jar of ashes and think ‘this is part of the body that you inhabited. Is this your elbow or part of your toe?’ ( talking to him is part of my grieving process )

    I know that might be very weird to some people, but I find it very fascinating. Must be the Scorpio. ( also have Saturn) in Scorpio.

    Plus a Pluto Saturn square, so some resistance to change and endings.
    Yet death itself is more of a fascination. I love cemeteries find them very peaceful. The soul is eternal but the body is not!

    1. p.s. I find that after a person dies I dream of them a lot and that seems to be a way to process.

      I agree that the image of Pluto symbolizes transformation. It’s just a shift from one form to another

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    I lost my mom to ALS in 2002. She died a death you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. What she tried so hard to teach me was that life being painful is more of a reason to live the happiest, best life possible, not less. It sounds so simple,but I have never been able to fight off inflamed despair as well as she could despite understanding the wisdom of what she was telling me. Or move forward. Still fighting. If you don’t turn the page, the page turns you.

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    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    “If you don’t turn the page, the page turns you.” But HOW do we turn the page when we feel glued to it?

  6. I believe we, and the souls we perceive ourselves to be, are part of the earth’s magnetic field. We came from it, we are it, and will return back to it (literally). I think death is frightening because none of us “know for sure” what is on the other side of all this. We have to rely on the testimony of others who dipped into that plane and lived to tell about their experience. We have to hope they’re telling the truth because we have no real point of reference. It’s a little easier to accept when we view life as a temporary party instead of a long term investment. One of my favorite movies is Jacobs Ladder. He is chased by demons because he is afraid of dying. The angel in the movie is his friend, the chiropractor, who tells him that the demons are actually angels trying to release him from his earthly attachments; That it only feels like hell because he is refusing to let go of those attachments (his girlfriend, his ex wife, and his son). Incredible movie.

  7. I learned from a signature in a random forum (I was searching for something completely different):
    If it would be terrible to die, then less many people would do it.

  8. But seriously, whether you fear death or not, depends on what you expect to come after death. Nobody knows what happens then, but consider scenario for scenario and after all possibilities you’ll find that there is nothing to fear. There are only the possibilities of absolute equalness or justice. Nothing to fear. (My natal chart shows Sun and Neptune in Eight.)

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