Who Has A Strong Desire To Figure Things Out?

I am working on a freakishly large puzzle. “I would like to figure this out,” I told a friend.

“You’re not going to figure it out,” she said. “You can never figure it out.”

“What if I am supposed to figure it out? What if that is exactly why I am on this earth? I am here so I can figure this out. I think this might be the case. Why else would I be so curious and have this kind of drive?  Figuring this out might be my exact job to do…”

My husband has said the same thing from time to time. “Stop trying to figure things out.” But he spends years if not entire decades working on various mathematical problems.  What’s the difference between this and that?

If I see a lock on a door and I want to know what is behind that door, I will figure out how to pick the lock – won’t you?

I think some of us a lock-pickers for sure.

I just can’t imagine the universe giving me a tasty puzzle, and regularly supplying me with clues to that puzzle, if I am not supposed to notice this and try to put the clues together.

Do you enjoy puzzles? Where is your Mercury?

34 thoughts on “Who Has A Strong Desire To Figure Things Out?”

  1. This is so funny to me. My friend sent me a picture of his actual lock picking kit and front door knob last night. He just wanted to see how it worked all worked, so he went out and bought a kit and took apart his door. I thought it was the greatest thing.

    I love lock pickers. And I love picking locks, though only in the metaphorical sense. My mechanical skills are not finely honed enough for the physical task. My Mercury is in Scorpio in the 8th.

  2. Obsessively so. I’m a Virgo Sun and my Mercury is 29 degrees Leo…so, yea, I’ve got issues. 😉

  3. I have always been curious and question almost everything.

    Mercury in Virgo at 0 degrees in the 8th.

  4. I have Mars Mercury in the 9th and I am after the big picture, the story, the meaning. I strive to understand things.

    I think it’s funny people tell me to quit thinking. Why don’t they quit thinking!

    How can my husband work on some calculation for 10 years and then tell me to knock off considering some theory of mine?

    I actually think that I don’t think enough, lol. I don’t have a mind like the one I have, so it can sit and rot.

  5. good god, yes. virgo mercury conjunct my AC; it’s the apex of a t-square involving a gemini mars (MC) and a sag neptune(IC). even with all my leo, it seems to be the most dominant aspect of my chart or at least the most visible.

    i’ve loved puzzles as long as i can remember.

  6. @Elsa…I hear that ALL the time..”stop thinking about it” Huh? That’s like telling me to stop breathing.

  7. It’s so satisfying to crack some way-out-there piece of code. 🙂

    For all the complaining, people sure like to hear me say these words: “I figured this out…” Or, “I finally figured this out…”

    When I say that, they pipe down and listen, because they know it’s going to be valuable and probably very rare as well.

    Some people say good ideas are everywhere, but I don’t know about that. I have to work on things and sometimes it takes days or months or years.

    I think this is another case of people just not comprehending that other people are not like them. We have different purposes and abilities and I just don’t want to live another person’s life, when my own is perfectly fine, never mind, it’s designed for me and I for it!

  8. Mercury in Scorpio. In your above scenario, I would not only continue to figure out the puzzle, but then I would try to figure out why someone would advise me NOT to figure out a puzzle. Are they trying to hide something? Protect a secret? etc. etc. 😉

    (Hmm … why is Elsa writing this? Is there some hidden clue about the current transits? After all, it is the eclipse…)

  9. my mercury also in the 9th house but it is in pisces..I’ve always wished I was smarter. I am not detail oriented, most times oblivious to whats right under my nose(head in clouds kind of thing)always, always have wished I was smarter and more quicker thinker than I am.This is the one thing I hate about my pisces.

  10. Yes, Uranus, Pluto, Saturn and Sun aspect my Mercury – trine, square, sextile, conjunct. Merc’s in the 3rd house. Mystery novels are my favorite books when I’m not researching some topic obsessively.

  11. I heard a theoretical physicist lecture. She’s all into the science of dimensions and quantum stuff. Her comment was that it can make you crazy but it’s fun. There is a book on my shelf that I have yet to read by another scientist feynman entitled The Joy of Finding Things Out.

    My mercury is in libra in the 11th. I’ve shifted more into the process of how groups interact, the contributions of each member and the negotiation process that goes into a concerted effort and the final product.

    And my jobs always include troubleshooting and resolution. I chalk that up to my virgo stuff.
    And I think my curiosity has more to do with jupiter and the adventure of exploring (jupiter in virgo).

    Face it, you are interested in stuff, and that makes you interesting even though it’s not why you do it. You probably have the mad scientist gene. 😀

  12. Mercury in Gemini in the 11th house. Oh boy am I good at figuring people and friends out, and also figuring out things for people and friends. A friend can be extremely vague and tell me as little as possible about something and, if I know them well enough, will figure it out the exact everything anyways. I’m also great at helping people brainstorm. I like to remind people, when they’re surprised at my quick thinking, that my brain just works really quickly. For every 1 thought they have I’ve already had anywhere from 15-30 already.

    My Taurus, who’s mercury is in Taurus as well, is really slow at coming up with ideas and stuff. He’s got a situation going on and last night I helped him brainstorm it through. He calls it scheming, I call it “I’m a Gemini with mercury in it’s rulership.”

  13. Trying to figure out astrology, and tarot, and the other weird shit in the world…well, that’s my puzzle to solve. I’m never going to get very far at it, but I appreciate figuring out what I have so far. But that’s my puzzle: figuring out the language of the universe even when I’m not good at languages!

  14. Scorpio Mercury in the 10th. I’m known as a problem solver. Saturn/Mars conj in Cancer in the 6th makes me a patient can-do person. It’s a good thing too since I have Pluto in Leo in the 7th. I’ve risen from the ashes in marriage more than once, and I’m grateful I’ve been given the wits to make it happen. Thanks Mother God. 🙂

  15. Mercury in Gemini:
    overanalyze, overthink, micromanage, plan ahead.-planning, always always, planning.
    i don’t even *understand* the admonition to “stop thinking” (!?!)
    how does one do That?

    in my previous employed life as a bookstore manager–i secretly used Astrology in hiring. a very effective to see future issues, work ethic and compatibility:-)

  16. @Norah, we share Mercury in Scorpio 10th House and the Pluto in Leo in the 7th. So I am obsessed with figuring life out. I’m new to Earth kind of feeling …so everything’s a puzzle to me! Uranus in Gemini in the 6th House keeps my approach quirky and changeable. What I appreciate is your comment Elsa,
    “We have different purposes and abilities and I just don’t want to live another person’s life, when my own is perfectly fine, never mind, it’s designed for me and I for it!” For the new moon and eclipse I’ll tattoo that on my palm so I can see it every time I think “fit in!”

  17. I am always trying to figure something out, find a solution, or come up with an appropriate/best strategy out of a few strategies to approach something. Moon-Mars-Merc in the 8th. Sometimes, this means thinking too much about something that does not require so much thought, and sometimes it is warranted.

    I used to take things apart to see how they worked. I was also interested in learning lock picking because it seemed interesting – I even had a book on anarchy that a boy from another state shared with me online. It told you how things worked and how to make some shady criminal items. The info was a bit dated at the time. I did not go make anything in the book (illegal), but it was still interesting.

  18. I’m a Gemini with Mercury in Taurus in the 4th. I’m not quick witted or good at puzzles. I do like working with my hands – pulling up weeds or getting messy with paints. Doing something physical sometimes provide a solution to a mental quandary. If that doesn’t work, a nap (Mars in Pisces) or just put it away and give it time (Cap rising).

  19. Avatar

    Oh heck yeah. My merc is in Aries. Opposite Pluto. Square Jupiter. Sextile ASC and north node and mc. Trine moon and Neptune. And it rules my chart. I may set the puzzle aside for a bit but another clue comes along and I’ve once again caught the scent.

    1. Avatar
      Warped by Wuthering Heights

      My Mercury is in Aries and square Jupiter too — once I’ve “caught the scent” I’m like a dog with a bone. Brain never rests — puzzles, mysteries, locks, No Trespassing signs are irresistible to me. Need to know, compelled to find out, obsessed. Scorpio MC must be involved too.

  20. Mercury in Libra, 6th house, conjuct Jupiter … if the door is close then please keep it close, why bother? why spend time to look what is behind unless it attack me, I’ll keep chatting with my friends !!! Elsa will figure it out and next I’ll see the BLOG !!!

  21. Our thoughts can hold us captive..
    “Change your thinking, Change you life”.
    Our thoughts can hold us captive..
    Like an elephant, being chained to a tree,
    will eventually stay at the tree, without the chain: as a horse, stands at the hitching post, with just the rein tossed over it. Martin Luther King, had to convince his own people, to break out of this “captive” paradigm, in order to become a free people. Many of us, have been subjected to hand me down paradigms, of being
    held back, by those who fear their own loss of control…who will blame others, when they display their inability to control themselves.

    Locks have been in the news, prominently, this week. When the opportunity arose for
    those girls to break free, only one, took the chance. There were locks on many doors, in that house; but, even the daughter, didn’t really question it.

    I questioned everything.
    “Why?” was my middle name; but, luckily, I was given books, to research the minds of those who lived outside my narrow world, in the south; and I devoured them, questioned them and marveled at all these gifts of knowledge. Instead of
    quenching my thirst, it just gave me an insatiable drive to find out more..and yet, to question it all. Sheeple just irk me. I irk them, too. It lets me know I’m on the right track. A born iconoclast, (Uranus in 3rd/Gem, bridled by Saturn) I’ve challenged the “norm” and think more folks should, too.
    ~No Change?~No Change.
    As a Sun in 3rd house Gemini, with my mercury in the 29th of Taurus, it could be seen as a ball and chain, or..a tether for my balloon..or, the anchor to keep my ship from drifting, as I plot my
    course. I think it’s helped me to keep from kicking my own self in the teeth; as I’d reflexively, have put my foot in my mouth, otherwise, with Aries, rising. A lesson, learned at an early age, by
    way of a father who was a diabolical genius; from a long line of intelligent alcoholics; which I discovered, digging thru the genealogy records..where many family secrets have surfaced.
    It’s a treasure trove, locked to many of us, previously. I recommend it. These truths may not set you free, immediately; but they can loosen the ties, that have bound many of us, so tightly.

    More thoughts on thinking, by big-brained “successful” thinkers:

  22. Mercury & Mars in 9th in Capricorn – I ALWAYS work it out, lock picking or not! And it takes time.

    That’s my job too!

    To see the patterns, know the pattern, see the big picture, to methodically work it out or theorise, or philosophise, slowly over a long period of time then whamo: regurgitate it back to the mere mortals in a steady, simple, easy to understand way. ha ha.

  23. Merc 13 Mars 14 Jupiter 17 pallas18 in 2nd Sag.Yes, I love a good puzzle, and love to teach word/logic puzzles to children. I feel it us very impt.

    I like to get at the truth as and some days will move heaven and earth. That tendency has upset a few people along the way, too.

  24. Virgo mercury in 11th house – this Web developer totally relates to this. Brain never stops no matter what time of day … and always needing to find an answer that will benefit the whole company more so than a particular individual – although I do quite a bit of that too.

  25. “I would like to figure this out,” I told a friend.

    “You’re not going to figure it out,” she said. “You can never figure it out.”

    “What if I am supposed to figure it out? What if that is exactly why I am on this earth? I am here so I can figure this out. I think this might be the case. Why else would I be so curious and have this kind of drive? Figuring this out might be my exact job to do…”

    I came across this blog post, while looking to further understand something else… was a gift, as a story-tool about the bigger picture. (Among other possible uses, of course.)

    I love questions, and stories, that can be catalysts for changing how one thinks about things. <3

    While we're going through our various situations and stages in life, we continue to be the very same person at heart that we've always been. I enjoy that, too.

  26. anonymoushermit

    Ahhh, Virgos! What would the world do without you guys/girls?

    I always saw Virgo as the ultimate engineer, mechanic, and detective, of the zodiac. Mercury power!

  27. Omg so timely! Somebody told me recently that I overthink things. This prompted me to recognize that i like overthinking things, not out of fear or need to control, but because it’s satisfying when I figure out the purpose or cause or pattern in some situation in my life, but usually by the time I’ve figured it out it lacks all excitement.

    And It does not work with relationships in my experience! It sucks the life out of them. But my mercury in Scorpio does need some stimulation. So I started doing sudoku again. And just let my life be. Trying to solve life is like the puzzle piece trying to see the finished puzzle. Sudoku is great for people with mercury in Scorpio.

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