Pisces Poster Child – In Love With Love

Pisces vintage iron onHelp!

I’m so lost lately. I’m a Pisces who can’t break out of this cycle I have with men.

Men I don’t like fall for me, while I fall for men who are disinterested. It’s causing some serious frustration and depression. I could be a poster child for Pisces women. I am in love with love, and am finding it difficult to cope.

I’ve been trying to stay positive but am finding it increasingly difficult to say the least. Everyday tasks are becoming more and more difficult to accomplish (and Pisces already finds these tasks mundane to begin with).

What can I do to help break out of this vicious cycle?

Perturbed Pisces

Dear Pisces,

Becoming aware you have a problem is hardest part of resolving something. So as far as I’m concerned, you’re on your way. Er…if this was baseball, the hardest part is getting the base hit, right? So you’re on first base now and I’ll try to kick you to second.

Yes, you’re Pisces with Venus in Pisces and you have to cope with everything this signifies. You’re addicted to love, you create situations where you pine, sacrifice yourself, hang from a cross etc. This is a given, but there is something deeper afoot.

Your Moon is in Virgo, did you know that? Virgo opposes Pisces. Think 180 degrees. And when you embody two energies opposite each other, do you know what happens? Well you live one and project the other. And further, you slide back and forth.

So understanding that, look at your life. You have this dynamic and you live both sides of it, don’t you? So this would be the next step to progress. To integrate your Virgo, that is. Because you’re obviously very identified with the Pisces archetype and guess what’s going to save you? Your Virgo!

Because Virgo can discriminate! Getting this? I am suggesting you have everything you need solve your problem. It would work like this:

Pisces starts to fanaticize about some un-gettable guy. Virgo says, “Whoa, there” and quotes Reverend Ike. “If you can dream it up, you can dream it down.”

And with a little practice you can learn to work sides of your nature and once you do that, you will stop traveling the same loop. Good luck.


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