Emotional Sensitivity And The Energy You Exude

Recently someone asked about emotionally sensitivity on the boards.  I said I was “medium” in this regard.

There are times I might have claimed to be more sensitive, but I had just talked to my friend, Ben who is sensitive. The difference between us is hard to ignore.  I’ve also written this: I’m Not That Sensitive…

Ben ( a Scorpio)  feels people are more sensitive then most think. He said they pick up on things.  Things like whether you like them or not, for example. And this impacts how they interact with you. I’m sure he’s right.

If you stop and think about this, it gets deep, fast. If a person is catching your vibe…well what is your vibe?

I get on the phone with strangers to do consultations, every day, seven days a week. I am totally focused on listening to them and helping them. I’m sure this comes across, because people speak freely with me and things get done.

If people felt I could not be trusted, or that I was going to judge them, nothing would get done! I’d be useless and they’d have wasted their time and money.

Do you give people the feeling you don’t like them? What are you exuding? Do you know?


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  1. I dont have a clue what I’m exuding, other than people have a strong reaction to me. Some just dislike me from the jump, some love me to death, even when I don’t care for them, and everything in between. Also, people stare at me a lot. Just random people in malls or restaurants. It’s not just me, others will notice and ask “why do people stare at you?” I can’t say what in my chart causes this, because I’m still trying to figure it out lol. I think (or, at least, I hope) people mostly get good vibes from me. I really care a lot about what people think of me.

  2. I have agape love for everyone and I show it. If it means having a conversation with the homeless man on the subway or giving a donation to the young musician playing on the street. Everyone is a special expression of Spirit and I acknowledge and salute them. I think of myself as a private person. (Scorpio Moon) However, I have Sag Venus in the third so I love communicating with neighbors, salespeople, workmen, children, etc. I treat my fellow Earthlings with respect. I surprise myself daily giving advice and involving myself in conversations with strangers. I feel charged to share my light with everyone I encounter. I smile from the depths of my Soul and I exude Love! Namaste

  3. Since I have Pisces rising, and Mars square Neptune, it can be hard for me to tell what kind of energy I exude to others. But I also have Jupiter in Gemini in the 3rd, so I like seeing people. I don’t always feel another person’s energy, but sometimes, I can feel a person’s positive or negative energy. I think I am pretty sensitive when it comes to 10th house or Sagittarian issues, but on other matters, I have a thicker skin.

  4. I think I’m aware of what I’m exuding… most the time…

    I can exude when I love people or exude when I don’t particularly like people… or don’t like things that they do… I think different vibes can co-exit too.

    And I think its kinda like a catch 22. Sometimes your vibes can work for you and sometimes they can work against you.

    Then you add on the layer of how your vibes are translated by others… which is where things can often get mucky… since I think everyone has unique perceptions.

    All of these vibes can be very confusing at times. o.O

  5. I know from experience that I can give people the vibe that I don’t like them, even if on the surface I’m making an effort to be perfectly polite. I’m fairly quiet in general though which sometimes helps to diffuse bad vibes that I may give off. It’s only when I’m interacting with these people on a regular basis that it becomes obvious.

    I agree that people are much more sensitive than they realize. I worked in a cafe in college and though I probably made the worst sandwiches and drinks of everyone, I was still pretty popular among the customers because I knew how to make them feel good and I liked to make them feel good. My friend who took the craft of food and beverages to heart would get upset because people would choose my messy, lopsided items over his masterpieces. If sensitivity wasn’t a factor, I probably would have been fired within a week.

  6. this is quite timely, as my daughter and I were talking about this yesterday. she said she avoids talking to people and puts on a mean face and doesnt make eye contact at school. that way people leave her alone as she just wants to get thru her day and not be bothered . she really is sensitive and I think this is her cover up.

  7. I, myself am waay too sensitive.I can tell if someone likes me or is just being kind or feels superior to me. It does color the way I respond to them. I can turn bright red and physically shrink away if I dont feel comfortable.

  8. I can exude detachment/indifference. I think it’s my 1st House Capricorn Moon sextile Uranus/MC. I can be reserved. I am hyper-sensitive to annoying other people. I don’t want to annoy people. So I subconsciously do the Cap ‘reject you before you reject me’ thing…I know it’s stupid but it’s hard to overcome. How it can come across to others hurts me deeply. Some people are afraid to approach me because I seem to cool. Nothing could be further from the truth. I really don’t know how to fix this. I have tried really hard but at the end of the day I’ve had to accept that this is just who I am.

  9. im not really sure what i exude… ive been told people (wrongfully) assumed i was a snob when they first saw me, but that was based on nothing other than the way i looked, and that im rather quiet until i get to know people. im a cancer sun and im highly intuitive to the vibes of others. i can pick up right away whether or not they like me, and its always impacted how i feel and behave around them… if i feel like people don’t like me, it is an insecure feeling that i get, and it usually increases over time. i try to avoid people if i get those kinds of negative vibes from them, but when you have close mutual friends, or perhaps work with them, it can be difficult.

  10. Im probably exuding a weird unstable Lilith in Gem vibe.. One minute all spiritual Indigo/hippie inclined… The next, Im out there to hunt you down and kill you.

    That’s always fun. 😀

  11. jgirl : I can relate, specially when emotions are involved…picking on the vibe and things get worse with time.. The thing is to focus more on yourself… Tune the emotions down a bit… Otherwise you’ll lose yourself in the process…

  12. Yes, I Love people and it shows, it’s palpable, to the point they get rather attached. When it’s *me* getting attached, which happens RARELY, they tend to pull away I guess, probably because they pick my intensity up, and this scares them away.

  13. I think I put a good vibe out there but water signs seem to get intimidated by my Saturn in Scorpio. :/

  14. Becoming more aware of it all the time. Have always done it. Will put myself out there but sense when someone isn’t there or isn’t into it and draw back. And sometimes someone will come on very strong and pushy and I have to pull back. And if I am too friendly in business, it seems to send a “take advantage of me” signal, which is always so disappointing.

    I can’t think of anyone I associate with now that I dislike or that dislikes me. The dislikers seem to want to fight. So I don’t know if they really disliked me or just wanted to fight me. I stopped fighting the fighters I had in my life, and they seem to have gone away. ???

  15. thanks stinger… i have a lot of planets in my 10th, including my libra moon, and i think the idea of what others thought of me, has always been an issue in my life and something im working to overcome… through adolesence, fitting in, and in adulthood with making new friends and meeting people. i indeed need to remember to focus on myself, what i know to be true about my life decisions and my goals, and worry less about the opinions of others.

  16. people can also be so hypersensitive sometimes too though I’ve noticed that they mis-judge or over-judge

  17. I feel that people can detect things like this.

    What I exude depends on my mood and also the script I have in my head.

    I try to set my intentions straight before an interview or interacting with people, so that my actions and words match with my intentions, rather than being betrayed by a momentary thought or mood.

    For example, I really do intend X, but then when asked about it, I’m feeling selfish, pissy, and I’m worried about whatever, so I contradict what I really did intend or show lack of interest.

  18. Emotional sensitivity, picking up the vibe is certainly very real. Some are a great deal more sensitive than others. Some are very sensitive about their own feelings, and quite ignorant about others. Some focus on everyone else and aren’t in touch with themselves alot. Sometimes were all just projecting, and think that’s what were picking up from another, yet it’s ourselves. And some times, weve got it perfectly correct. Mixed bag of nuts.

    In person is the best and clearest. On line, over the phone, in a letter, things can get misread and the comprehension is coloured by our own rules/judgements/emotions etc.

    It’s all a mish mash.

    I’ve often said something in a manner portraying it’s factual not personal. Yet people have taken it very personally and incorrectly judged i’m emotional about it, when i frankly may care deeply about the subject but i’m completely removed of personal emotion about that particular situation.

    In person often i’ve had people say ‘wow what are you so pissed off about’ or ‘that look could freeze hell, what did i do?’.. and honestly i’m not even thinking about that person. They make that comment when i’m busy concentrating on something in my head. I’m not pissed or angry and i’m not having any thought about the person, one way or the other.

    When i’m focused on them, there is no misunderstanding. They clearly pick up i’m a loving caring person, and i genuinely care for them.

    So..yes to sensitivity, but no to getting it right all the time. I like the other type of sensitivity. eg. Someone can be talking about something, and i’ll see a 5-15minute video of it in my head. example..someone says’you’ll never guess who i saw today’..and i see this person in the situation as it happened. Or..’we had a great day, i met up with a friend and we had lunch and caught up and then we went to..umm..ahh i can’t think of the place’..and i’ll see the video footage of them at that park and what they were doing and i know. It works generally with only picture, but sometimes i can pick up on the audio. I do it all the time, and after it being dead on correct for over 30years, i just except it as part of my day to day stuff. Like making a coffee. It’s a sensitivity i’ve always had. It’s very handy to have. It’s nowhere near as wishy washy as the emotional vibe and i know i can trust it. So.. different forms of sensitivity. What about the one’s that can pick up on other people’s or animals physical pain and illness? What about when you sense danger? Lots of ‘sensitivity’ out there, in many forms. Some more useful than others, some easier to read than others. Interesting subject Elsa. Good pick.

  19. I can tell what people think of me. I don’t think I give people the feeling I don’t like them, but they will not like me if I see something in them they don’t want to see, Things get uncomfortable fast… I usually always like other 8th house or Scorpio influenced people because they are honest with themselves usually and look deeper into others. Surface people usually don’t like me and I can feel it huge.

  20. I decided I’m not sure about like or dislike. What I mostly read is mutual respect. If that’s there, it’s a go. I think that is boundary awareness.

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    We are all in Platos cave, believing that the shadows on the back wall are reality as we have not been able to turn around to see what is really going on.

    These shadows are our thought processes.

    The social sciences have made some progress in interpreting or accurately gauging what is really happening in human interactions.

    Much of what we believe is happening are either self-fulfilling-prophesies or entirely made up. Sometimes we are accurate but not as often as we claim. We fudge the details to achieve more accuracy as some kind of boost to our ego.

    Our appearance and actions do influence others though. But as far as interpreting why another likes us or not well thats another matter. Often what our thoughts lead us to believe is wrong.

    But we are all in the dark making it up and believing what we have imagined and then behaving like it will/has happened.

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    I’m pretty straight forward, I would like to think, and so if I don’t like someone I make that obvious and if I do I make that obvious too. Pluto can’t hide behind that Libra veneer for too long. I have Libra rising and Pluto in the 1st, equal house system. And on some level I think I exude the Libra charm but also the passive-aggressiveness. And having Pluto in the 1st also means that when I do that Pluto thing of going ‘under’ so to speak it becomes offensive. It’s like the expectation for me to always be ‘nice’ or ‘attentive’ is too much for me to do at times. That’s no one’s problem but my own.

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