Detaching – Uranus trine Mars Conjunct Venus in Leo

leosteiffVenus and Mars are conjunct in Leo. That’s a heavy dose of drama right there. Uranus in Aries trines the pair. This energy is impulsive.

I stated in my newsletter, one would likely see sudden shifts in relationships of all kinds.  I mentioned the stock market and also that some of these changes may be violent. I was thinking about the sheriff’s deputy, Darren Goforth, shot at the fuel island at the time.

I wonder if others have witnessed anything like this over the last couple days. A person, detaching and turning on a dime?

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  1. no, only the crazy weather. electrial storms and lots of lightning and thunder and rain. we never got storms like this before and it has been dramatic!

  2. There’s a sniper in MI and Phoenix shooting at cars. 🙁

    I’m wearing range ear protection between 3 and 7pm because of my neighbor. I don’t like being that detached.

    1. Tangential: I dislike having ear protection – hearing is an early warning device, too, and I value that.
      On topic… Joining my prayers to yours (plural, yours) around the people who might fire on others. ((People praying))

  3. This energy is insane, it’s so electric. I’m detaching from a very long standing karmic attachment and it feels good, actually, better than I thought it would. It’s freeing up energy which I can use to start rebuilding my life.

  4. Several schools are on lockdown near me. An officer was fatally shot this morning. Massive manhunt underway…looking for 3 armed men.

  5. Terribly detached, angry and subsequently weepy yesterday, figured it was emotional fall out from my upcoming birthday. Tell me the detachment aspect is fleeting…

  6. Yes! Close people in my environment have been unusually snappish with me over the last couple of days. My response? Detach! (And I am not typically a detacher.) But oh my, it does feel liberating.

  7. Does that explain it???
    Rx Venus and Mars are, to the degree, on my ascendant right now and Uranus is in my 9th house. Sound sexy? Nope. It’s not. Even though I (try to) put my best face forward, I’ve never felt more repulsive in my whole life and it’s literally caused me to detach from loads of people. But in fairness this has been going on since June… Ever since Jupiter and Venus conjunct my ascendant in trine to Uranus on my birthday –I cried the entire day. Freaking Saturn in Scorpio. Freaking birthdays.


  8. Yes, me! I finally walked out of a work relationship that has completely worn me out – I can see that the male has power but won’t budge to share that with the females (also power) who want to do good for the social outcasts but wants to ‘use’ everyone’s energy for own (behind the scene) deals. All very saturn in scorpio and pluto in Capricorn. I’m a necessasry person in this setup but I’ve waved my goodbye flag – I have to try a different way with different people and I feel empowered about that – all very retrograde venus (PS Uranus is sextile my 10th house venus, this is helping to run for the ‘Freedom’ gate and Jupiter is trining my 8th house sun, so support there too.

    1. Very similar situation, Jimmer, except the boss guy made the decision to “set me free” but I have already been making plans in that direction anyway. I’m sorry I wasn’t the one to make the decision to go, but, I’m still being kept around as a per-job consultant, I just won’t be in the office day in and day out. This is for the best as things have not been going well for me with him …seemingly the entire four years, even though I do a great job, with little supervision, am well liked by co-workers, clients, etc. The Mars-Venus is in my empty 9th house, so not exactly sure what that means but I’m tying to have faith that this is for the best and will be propelling me into greater things in my career as Jupiter will be moving into Virgo in my 10th house of career. Best of luck to you in your new endeavors!!

  9. I’m sitting in the living room so my husband in another room doesn’t distract me. Right now, unless there’s a pressing reason for interaction with someone, I want to be left alone. I want FREEDOM. People are getting really annoying. (At least here, the Internet gives me a bit of detachment–that kind of interaction is fine.)

  10. At least there are no shooters here, only the photographic kind, me included, who almost got struck by lightning in an electrical storm!
    These energies were with me at birth, so it’s business as usual. I find them conducive to creativity. Bring it on. Yeah, I can detach. And how.
    But it’s nice to have the heads up.

  11. This evening, my sister tore my husband a new one via text, accusing him of cheating on me online! I cleared the misunderstandings with her–we think someone stole his picture and made up a new account. Wow! Talk about “detaching and turning on a dime”! That was pretty unexpected–all three of us normally get along great.

  12. This weekend because of a funeral of a family elder I was with two of my sibling cousins who have not communicated for 9 months in a standoff over how to deal with their mother’s estate. The topic was not brought up by either over the two days we all spent in their mother’s house. Both had had side conversations with me all weekend. Then, this morning when one was departing the male cousin who I least expected to bring up the topic did, and his sister, who had held firm for months on a sticking point, adjusted her position. I was standing their with my jaw on the ground listening to them quickly and calmly come to a verbal agreement. Sure hope this works out as they only have each other left in their family.

  13. I haven’t seen a lot of detachment but I have been so sick I guess I have missed it …. go to work, come home, take care of the pups, look at FB, head to bed. This is how my days have been. I had to take a few days off because that poison ivy looked like it was multiplying….good grief…its almost gone but now, so am I. I did run up Monday to check on S/moon…she was fine so I went home and went back to bed 🙁

    The people I have had to deal with at work have been very nice. One was crying today. Poor thing, her dad passed. I just haven’t been out other than to run into work so I must be missing hateful detached folks but honestly its all good….I have been way to sick to have to go toe to toe with anyone. I just cant wait to see the doc on the 16th to get to the bottom of whatever is dragging me down. I seriously feel like walking death.

    I need to find some wood to ‘knock on’ because I don’t want to jinx it but no one has snapped at me so far… of course I would probably have to see people for that to happen.

    This surge of police killings fills my heart with grief. It really bothers me….I woke up this morning a little before 5 (am) and got my coffee and got on line to see the news. Within a couple of minutes I was sickened….random police shootings. People killing children left and right. My poor soul cant take in anymore of it 🙁

  14. I am the one that usually detaches from everyone else and I have stayed mostly to myself these past few days. But it seems that the collective anger is growing stronger daily and it is best to just crawl back into a hole and wait it out.

  15. Sudden shift in relationship – yes. Except, it’s the obverse side: deepening, rather than detaching. Which is, still, a way of establishing where the lines (boundaries) are. All due to creativity in saying.. including talking about how, exactly, each of us is nonconventional. Specifically, touching on what brings joy, to each.
    That’s vague/abstact, I know. Sorry. 🙂

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