Saturn In Sagittarius Square Natal Chiron In Pisces

centaur paintingIf you were born between 1960 and 1969, you most likely have natal Chiron in Pisces*.  Saturn will transit your natal Chiron over the next two years. I have Chiron in Pisces. I can tell you all about this is plain language…

Chiron represents an unhealable wound. Pisces is leaking, constantly. Put together, the two energies describe something draining or undermining that is often hidden.

This can manifest in many forms. Addiction, gaslighting, disabling illness, whatever.

You can’t necessarily identify the source. If you do identify the source, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to do anything about it. Unhealable, right? Believe it or not, Saturn is likely to help this situation.

I have Chiron at an early degree of Pisces.  Neptune is transiting Pisces which has exacerbated the situation.  In my case, this has manifested as Lupus, which drains the a person to no end. All kinds of systems have failed over the last few years. No one know why. Consequently, I’ve just had to suffer, in confusion.

But now Saturn enters the picture..and defines it. I have a solid diagnosis. I have a PLAN (Saturn).  Lupus is incurable (unhealable), however I can slow it, stop it, retard it…Saturn stuff, see?  The “form” around this, is helping tremendously. But here is the trick…

You’re not going to get a good result from this transit unless you WORK it.  Saturn does not just run around handing out favors.

If you’re having a problem, you have to face it, and persevere towards your goal, even when the waves threaten, which they will.

Do you have Chiron in Pisces?  How does it manifest in your life?

*Chiron was in Pisces between 1960 and 1969 (March-August 1960; January 1961-April 1968; October 1968-January 1969

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  1. Awesome information, Thank you Elsa! I have Chiron in Pisces, conjunct Saturn, Merc & Mars. It’s good to get a heads up =)

    Glad you’re faucet has stopped leaking, to some extent 😉

  2. My friend has Chiron in early degrees of Pisces, but it’s in a grand trine with his Moon and Neptune. Can’t be bad, right? Then again, Chiron also opposes his Pluto. Hmmmm.

  3. I have several loved ones with this aspect and I think recognizing it will at least make me sensitive to them, if not more helpful. One is a parapalegic, just diagnosed with Lyme Disease. She is such a fighter.

    I have NN at 4 degrees Pisces and am a Sagittarius Sun. With this and having Pluto opposing my natal Uranus while transiting Uranus squares transiting Pluto I worry I won’t see how the direction I am advancing in will somehow blow up in my face. And if it should, will it actually be just what is called for.

  4. I have lupus and I was born in the 60’s — I’ve been drinking Yakult probiotic shots for a few months and have noticed a big but gradual improvement – not healed yet but making steps in the right direction after 4 years of painful suffering.


  5. Wow. I always marvel how these posts are spot-on and timely. I have two “wounds” which never seem to heal. One is my SO’s childhood trauma that she’s unable to get past. It drains me emotionally and financially. I’m not built to run, so I stick it out. The other is the nagging self-doubt I still have. I’ve let it drain my happiness. I thought I had it whipped until Saturn in Scorp came along. I had to revisit the entire lesson and am now left pretty much standing on my own two feet. I feel more solid but can see that I’m not all together alright yet. Something’s still missing and I can’t quite make the connection.

  6. Gaslighted for sure! Surrounded by a sociopath as a coworker, bipolar ex and a narcissistic step-father that try to make everything my fault and lie about the stupidest stuff in order to create chaos. At least now I see the pathology so I have learned to document, document, document. It isn’t going to get better, but I am protecting my own sanity and employment in the process.

  7. Dorthea – I also have Chiron at 29, but it is in m 10th house. I also have MS. I eel like I’ve recently made progress and have recently started making a conscious decision to wok harder for it!

  8. Not sure how it is manifesting in my life.

    Mine is at 13.35 Pisces & is in the late 7th / early 8th house depending which house system one uses. It’s also opposite my Pluto (13.16 Virgo)& Uranus (8.21 Virgo); and trines my Neptune (17.50 Scorpio) & North Node (9.54 Cancer); semi-sextile my Mercury (13.30 Aquarius) & Venus (10.45 Aries); and quincux my Asc (14.56 Leo).

    I have been going through some family and child(ren) stuff, but have been attributing them to Saturn & Pluto in those houses. Emotionally my marriage is over – I just need to somehow get myself financially independent and then it will be official (money is another major problem). I’ve also been dealing with a suicidal (early Scorpio) teen.

    1. Hi I also have exactly the same aspects as you..except I have Mercury Virgo & Venus Aquarius & I have been having family/children family court probs since 2004…they have been quite serious probs & my Jupiter in Aries opposing Venus also adds to this!

  9. Omg, gaslight? Well I was born on Sept 1968, I had a surgery recently, plus I have a thyroid problem, which Im controling right now, but my worst problem… husband, violent, egocentric, addicted to drugs, I went to the lawyer I will divorce him…..and is going to be harsh I know, he is crazy when he gets mad. But I’m determine to stand and do what I have to…..

  10. Very interesting. Thanks for the info and insight. I’m 15° Chiron in Pisces in my 7H. It opposes my Uranus/Pluto/moon. Relationship stuff, I guess….

  11. First, chiron is about career and marriage. Second saturn is ‘not right’. But then they still have to be in aspect for anything to happen. need I say more.

  12. I’ve been gas lighted for several months now. My ”girlfriend” is unconscious or conscious trying to drain me.

    Its a narcissistic thing. At first I didn’t notice it and thought it was just an ego against ego war. It still is but I noticed that I was loosing the fight. With the help with a lot of information about narcissism, passive aggressive behavior, gaslighting and believe it or not, a psychoanalytic book by Slavoy Zizek, called ‘Cogito and the unconsciousnes.’ It digs in the story about Odysseus and the Sirens. Mind-boggling stuff.

    Saturn helps me to keep my core, but the other stuff drains me. Every day it is a struggle with a very sensual, but at the same time, hideous woman, I deeply love. But she wants to drown me in her Neptune mist of Love and deception.

  13. My natal Chiron is in my 6th house/Cancer. While Chiron has been passing through Pisces (my 1st house) with T Neptune, I’ve been dealing with a mysterious chronic illness. I have a working diagnosis that allows me to receive treatment, but nothing concrete. When Saturn in Sagittarius squares off with Chiron, it will also square my natal Sun in Virgo. I have 2-3 doctors appointments between now and February. I hope I’ll have some answers by then!

  14. I have a Chiron Jupiter conjunction in the eighth house at 9 and 5 degrees of Pisces and I know that this point has taken some intense hits in the last six months/year what with the Jupiter Neptune opposition and now the Saturn Neptune square….there has been a HUGE amount happening, including ACTUAL leaks, leaking money, and leaking energy….have had a thyroid problem and chronic fatigue for years and it seems worse right now….taken very “deep” homeopathic remedy which has totally altered my system, but not immediately healed or helped me, have had allergic reactions to hair dye and solvents(I am an artist), and sauna-ing and swimming has also brought up strange reactions…. Especially as this point is trine my Moon Neptune conjunction in the fourth….am hoping for some answers soon….luckily Jupiter conjunct the North node in my second has been very protective….there are new advances on the auto-immune front via stimulation of the immune system with homeopathic doses of the agent that caused the problem…eg. with a microscopic dosage of bee sting and gradually increasing it, that sort of thing..but not the total picture..but not common practise yet…. Thanks for the heads up, it gives me hope that something can be done…

  15. Thank you so much, Elsa. I wish you all the best on your life journey.
    My Chiron is in my first house Pisces, conjuncting the moon (which conjuncts my Saturn in Pisces too)For over two years I have been constantly ill with nasal polyps, which prevented me from sleeping many days at a time every month.I also have had digestive problems which no exam managed to diagnose. Having to make a living to support my son and I in a foreign country, feeling extremely lonely and depressed, I found myself not interested in living anymore. At least to continue living as I have. At the same time, I haven’t had the energy to start, finish or change anything for many months.

  16. Chiron is at 0*22″ Aquarius in the 12th house and I’m an Aquarius rising at 20*04″. The signs and the houses don’t exactly line up so each of my houses share a sign. Depending on the house system you use my Sun can be in either the 8th or 9th house but still squarely in Scorpio. Because my natal Pluto Jupiter conjunction opposes my natal Chiron I have in my humble opinion issues with Chiron and it seem to effect me more than some of the more serious planets do.

  17. I have 2nd house chiron in my & recently have a stellium in Pisces, two yods & (a partridge in a pear tree!8 NOT!!)MULTIPLE Planet square. I also have Lupus since age of 17. Am a Leo sun, Aqua rising, Sadge moon. Still here! Donis

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