What Did You Learn With Saturn In Scorpio?

saturn manConversation has started among the people in the Saturn in Sagittarius workshop. Someone asked something around the how people felt Saturn in Scorpio went for them. I thought it was a great question and also call to action. I mean, we still have a few weeks to get something down.

I think this house and this property is the tangible result (Saturn) of my husband and I sharing resources. We own it jointly. Our other house was in my name, from twenty years ago.

You can see the progression. We committed (married) right as Saturn went Libra. We commenced to sharing our money with Saturn in Scorpio. We have this house to show for it and now we look ahead to plan for our future (Saturn in Sagittarius).

Can you spot similar arc in your life?

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  1. I divorced my second husband when Saturn was in Scorpio. I died a thousand or more deaths related to failing as a mother to my son, failing as a wife, failing as a daughter, my addiction to social media and my addiction to falling in love with unavailable men. I don’t know how many times I moved when Saturn was in Scorpio but life was a shitty hurricane. I finally got my own place last summer for the first time since 2004 when I left my first husband. Never thought I’d return to college but I’m due to graduate, finally, in May. My IC is at 29 degrees Scorpio, squaring my sun. When Saturn moves into Sagittarius it will be in my fourth house, along with my Neptune. It will square my moon but I was born with a grand mutable cross so I’m not scared. I anticipate.

  2. I learned that I had far more buried, unhealed trauma than I had been aware of. The subject matter wasn’t new, but the power of the emotions coming up certainly was. Poor 11th and 12th houses….And Saturn will be in my 12th for at least another year….

    [Mind you, at the same time Pluto was conjunct my Sun/SN and I was having my Chiron return as well.]

  3. Saturn travelled through my first house while in Scorpio. I was constantly reminded in many unpleasant ways that I am old, that old women simply become invisible in our society, and that I am devalued. At the end of its message Saturn scratched it way back and forth by retrograde across a square to my Leo Mars in the tenth, just to make sure my ego was getting the message. It is not quite done with me yet, but I do look forward to crawling out of this dark angry place and find some self worth again as Saturn moves into Sag and then into my second house.

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    Saturn in Libra, I learned how to connect with coworkers and how to flow better with small talk, smiles, within a workplace. I learned how to shift my skills with tutoring different students. Saturn in Scorpio. I learned how to commit to the right things. I learned to control my “strangenesses” or at least how to keep strong when superiors picked on me. I learned to keep my stiff upper lip when things are going wrong. I learned my limitations in environment and health. And I learned to give up ego, status and reputation for true deep transformation, service, and improvement. I learned and accepted that human value is intrinsic, not because of purely workaholic input and output. We are not our jobs, and we are not our paychecks. It is the heart that produces everything of value and the heart that is worth everything. Saturn in Sagittarius. We shall see 🙂

  5. Saturn in Scorpio has been quite a ride. I can’t even express how much personal growth I’ve had during this transit. My life went through a lot of changes both externally and internally. I’ve learned about boundaries, transformation, taking responsibility. Energy exchange, learning how I need to give, and learning how to receive with grace and dignity. Death (literal and metaphorical), recovery. Consolidation on all levels.

    It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been rewarding and so I think it’s been an overall success. Things aren’t perfect right now. But it’s getting better. There’s a lot coming together. Sagittarius will have to carry it forward.

  6. Saturn in Scorpio taught me how to manage my pathology/compulsions. I used to have no self-restraint and didn’t realize how draining I was to other people. I now take responsibility for my pathology and I think I even managed to turn it into some kind of stregth or power. It was in my 4th house; I’m now ready to start a real career since I now know where I want to settle. Perfect timing to figure this out, since t. Jupiter is moving into my 2nd to trine my MC.

  7. I can definitely see a similar arc in one sense. My husband (a Scorpio) and I made a lot of improvements to our home in preparation to sell it. We now have a solid financial foundation and plan for finishing the big projects, buying property, selling the current house and building our new home.

    Another HUGE lesson for me (and for my husband in a lot of ways) was learning about energy exchange. I have whittled my circle of friends down from 30-40 to maybe 15 close friends. First cut was all the crazy people I had collected. People with drama in their lives, people who are energy vampires, and people who create their own problems time and time again and rely on others to bail them out. I am a compassionate person who is always willing to help and that feature of my personality had gathered a rather large group of vampires. No more! These people have been amputated. Period.

    I learned a great deal about true, trusted friendship. About having people in your life who value you for YOU (warts and all) and not for what you can do for them. I have also stopped people from making me their dumping ground of problems.

  8. My first reaction was “Oh sh*t! My life has been in a downward spiral for the last 3 years, I can’t possibly survive anything else and my kids and I really are going to be living in a van down by the river.” Then I took a breath and went, “Well yes, my husband cheated on me, left me to handle the kids, the divorce and all of the grown up stuff, and while I may not do it all with grace it is getting done and I am more relaxed. I finished my masters, I’m back in theatre, my kids are growing up and getting more independent and at least we have a van and it isn’t too cold by our river.” Maybe my gut reaction is still stuck in black and white thinking, usually only seeing the negative, but I am learning that it is hardly ever all or nothing. Signing up for Saturn in Sagittarius workshop, pretty sure I still have lessons headed my way;)

  9. Scorpio Saturn was brutal as it hit my natal Moon/Saturn in the 2nd house of values. My Saturn Return was hell on earth. I learned about values. I learned about the values that I was living with that did not align with my soul. I learned about my self-worth. I valued a 6-year marriage that did not provide me any healthy reciprocation of affection, finances, security, fulfillment of needs and attention. I valued a 10-year old job that did not provide me with proper raises and/or promotions. I deserve to have raises/promotions based on my talents, skills, experience, hard work and loyalty. However, the place I worked at rewarded people who kissed ass the most which was quite insulting. I learned how much I was being robbed at every angle. I got fed up and threw in the towel. I am valuable. I am worthy. I deserve good things and good people in my life. The universe has been very supportive *tears* in helping me fill up the heavy burdens and voids in my life.

  10. Saturn in Libra – was committed to divorce him (boundaries!). Bought him out to keep the house. Built my new foundation (4H scorpio). Now I look forward to plan my new future (saturn in sag).

  11. It’s been battle freaking royale man.??

    Saturn in Scorpio took me on a whirlwind journey into the dirty underworld of reliving deeply buried early-life traumas all while dealing with job loss, financial crises, house problems, severing of ties with frie…er, emotional vampires, marital issues, and coping with the shocking and unexpected death of many friends (all vehicle related) and family members.

    Oh and my longstanding career of choice? Dead. I am reinventing it. I can’t ever do corporations again, even if I can play the game well.

    4th house with natal Uranus in Scorpio squaring AC/DC
    T.Saturn opposed natal Chiron, Juno, and is currently opposing Mars in 10th
    Natal Pluto in 3rd.
    7th ruled by Uranus. ?
    4th house ruler in 11th (Scorpio is intercepted) ?

    I will say one good thing it brought me: it stripped away the b.s. veneer I’ve been glossing life and people over with. That gives me a newfound personal power!! But even with that, I am counting down the days till it leaves. I’m going to rent a horse, pretend I’m a centaur and throw confetti down the main street of our little town. Yeeeeee-haaaaaw! ???

  12. anonymoushermit

    Scorpio, being the intensity bomb that it is, brang people a good amount of stings in their lives. Some of the stings were for their own good, some were harsh karmic lessons. Scorpio and Saturn mixed together is a double dose of ‘life isn’t a joke’ type of theme I had to learn the hard way. Being the mutable wanderer through life, I was forced to make a choice and amputate things. I dislike amputating, I’ve been amputated and it’s not a fun thing. But I’ve also learned that I had bigger balls than I thought, even if someone amputated me. Hey, if I can deal with it, then the person being amputated by me can deal with it. Scorpio is harsh but honest, it’s the kind of truth you tell only yourself, and only yourself.

  13. my experience is similar to yours in a way. My man and l bought and built a house, we were working like a little army and finished in the record time of 5 months. We signed the papers 10 October, and moved in the 3rd of May 🙂
    He also had his 1st Saturn return :)l am proud of him! We also signed a life contract together. So yes this really fits the profile. l am really ready for some disciplined adventure and broadening of the horizons now :)!!

  14. Sat transiting Scorp certainly showed up the b******t! And how I had been supporting soul vampires riding on my ticket and now when I show them NO-No they hiss and spit like snakes and yes….. cast me out! No sweat, there’s nothing fresh and revitalising like the truth. If it’s not through this door, then it’s through another, I’ll wait it out, realign and wait for signs of the right direction. The embarrassing thing is that the signs were there all along and I kept missing them, doubt fear, insecurity, along with the dogged will not to walk away, kept me pinned in a no-hoper! I’m not proud of that, blinded by own blindness – but saturn’s return with the sharpened stun gun on my natal neptune as well as uranus blasting my natal moon has left me no room for doubt. What’s next isn’t certain but where I have been I now know is wrong, it has been detrimental since I allowed myself to be painted in a false light. Collateral damage – yes, resources to rebuild – yes, lots worth salvaging – yes. So it hasn’t been all bad!

  15. I’ve transformed. I wouldn’t recognize myself from two years back. I have left people, permanently and it has been a painful and ugly separation. That’s something I don’t do a lot…you know? I’m a very virgo-libra kinda person…who’s always calm, fair and kind. So yeah…there’s been some real growing up for me!

  16. cleaned up our finances. started sharing some accounts. had two kids…
    started a serious attempt to clear the cr*p out of our life.

  17. Saturn in Scorpio for me was…learning about sex and love addiction; exploring dark places in the mind which were hiding in sexual fantasy but which turned out to be beautiful heartfelt parts of myself I’m thrilled to have reclaimed amidst the dross; dealing with insurance companies; dealing with predators coming after me; and really making keen and constant assessments of my energy and resources–how to maximize them when I have precious little to work with. Minute to minute decisions about energy use and ways I lose it.
    There was this grim seediness in the air the whole while. I’m glad it’s coming to a close finally. Very grateful for the lessons, (and since it corresponded with 5 years of direct Pluto transits there were a lot!) but yeah…it’s dark and creepy energy I’ll be glad to see gone!

  18. Saturn in Scorpio went through my life with a chainsaw. The transit was in my 2nd house. First I lost my job of 20 years when it conjuncted my Moon/Saturn in the 2nd house. I had my 2nd Saturn return at that time and there I was, unemployed at 59 years old and unable to find work.

    Financially, it was very hard, but at least my husband was working and we survived on his salary and some savings. I started an ecommerce site hoping to build my own business, but that hasn’t work out either, at least not so far. I feel as if I’ve been thrown on the scrap heap.

    When Saturn conjuncted my natal Mercury/Venus conjunction square Pluto, it was very unkind. Two of my good friends passed away and I was devastated by the loss. I had no emotional support from my family for my unfortunate job situation either. Instead I got criticism and condescension. Our relationships are now very distant.

    What did I learn from my Saturn in Scorpio transit? Who my real friends are. My marriage is stronger than ever. My family isn’t worth a damn and out of all of my friends, I have just a couple that cared about me through it all. All the other “friends” are gone. I got rid of them. I learned that most of the people I worked with were not my friends and betrayed me in the end. I’m still learning how to accept myself as an older person and accept the fact that the door to my past life has closed and I can’t go back. I have a hard time accepting what I’ve gone through during the Saturn transit, but it is what it is. I’m hoping for better tomorrows.

  19. I learned how to set psychological boundaries, I had to, in order to take care of myself. I’m a Libra Sun, I’m “the nice” person, but people took advantage of that, especially at work. With Saturn in Scorpio, I went back to core values.

    When Saturn transited my 2nd house, I went back to core values. I was pregnant and a new mother during this transit. The transition to life in which I was home bound for months due to complications more natural it would have, otherwise.

    When Saturn transited my 3rd house, I learned to communicate my needs more efficiently. I’d never imagined I would do some things I’ve done in order to resolve communication issues at work in the past year, and where they’ve lead. I know this energy isn’t over, but I can already see where it’s leading, with Saturn in Sadge instead of Scorpio. The energy will be more outwardy, and yes, if everything goes as planned, directed to learning and education.

  20. Saturn in Scorpio has been hell for me. My world went from normal, boring, and pretty predictable, to a place that I never envisioned for myself. A foreign landscape full of everything I knew and loved being systematically destroyed. The husband I loved and fully supported cheated on me, knocked up his side piece, and essentially abandoned me with a house, kid, and pets to take care of. We spent months locked in ugly fights, tried to work thing out, tried to be friends, and now Tuesday I’m filing for divorce – which even after everything is not an easy cut and dry decision. I have had to shed family and friends, some were no surprise and others . . . I never saw it coming. My best friend moved across country in the middle of everything. I’ve been alone, and that in itself has been its own type of hell. I was always comfortable with time to myself but now its just too much time to look back and think about everything that went wrong. Then in between all the shit, I met a great guy and we had a whirlwind romance, and then it abruptly ended . . . leaving me looking in the mirror and just hating myself. Why does no one love me anymore? Where did I go wrong?

    What has it taught me? I’m not really sure? I know I can take care of myself financially. I know I need to be a better parent, which has been diminished in some areas due to my personal baggage dragging me down. I know I was never very physically active, and now I run like a deer . . . shedding the weight that had been holding my self-esteem back the years prior. Despite all the trauma, I look fucking good. I know I am one tough bitch. I had had to stand up to nearly everyone and hold my ground and at times, come out swinging, but I am no longer scared of what anyone thinks. Perhaps I don’t always handle things well, but I still wake up everyday and try to do my best despite all the drama. I have managed to keep my business running, I paid off my house, and I didn’t kill myself. So there must be some silver lining to this shitshow.

    In case you wondered I have a six planet stellium in Scorpio, and Saturn went mainly through my 5th house, and is now ending in my 6th house. It rubbed up against my natal sun, moon, Uranus, Venus, Mercury, and now its just taunting me hitting my natal Mars at 29 degrees. I have had a very bad month, but I keep telling myself its almost over . . .

  21. also that life is precious, and fragile, and you can lose people in horrible ways completely without warning.
    which helps me appreciate what i have as i watch a whole new round of physical limitations roll in…

  22. I learned that I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t.

    Saturn transit of the 6th house. When on a diet, bought food scale, counted calories = gained several pounds.
    Joined the gym = arthritis in the knees so bad that I can barely walk.

  23. Saturn in the 6th, transited fixed planets in T-Square.

    Saturn in Scorpio burst the bubble. I always knew I was working for a group of liars, shysters and addicts (psychologists no less). Saturn’s transit revealed the depth of the problem (the real dirt). I hid within myself, and killed off a few shady characters posing as friends. With Scorpio at 29 degrees, the shit is hitting the fan for a few of these people now.

  24. It was just really tough in so many ways. I’ve already explained it before through this forum/blog so no need for me to rehash it. I look back on things and I remember my big mistakes I’ve made; and moving forward I’m trying to remember not to make the same mistakes I made before. A lot of things were out of my control though too. Some things were just ‘dying’ off- the things that were not stable in the first place. But other things became stronger. I’m definitely not the same person I was before.

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