Lovers Dying and Venus Opposite Pluto

pluto persephone sculptureAll this talk about calling a spade a spade when it comes to reading charts. Yesterday I spoke with a new client for the first time.

This gal has been talking to astrologers for a long time. She has spoken with lots of astrologers and formed relationships with them. She has had three lovers die, but not one of these astrologers has mentioned the Venus Pluto opposition in her chart that is exact not to the degree but to the minute.

“How come no one ever told me about this?” she asked.

I would say it’s unfathomable except it’s not. Nobody wants to talk to this woman about all these dead men. They’d rather talk about the blue sky, I guess. As if distraction is going to help something like this. Or they talk to her in abstract terms. “Your chart is very challenging” which to me is code for, “I have no idea how to help you.” I do know how to help her.

Awhile back I referred someone to Albert Stephens. I have referred a few people to him because I’ve felt he could better address their specific questions. I just want to say if you are an astrologer with no idea what to say to someone who lovers drop like flies… well my name is Elsa and I can handle this stuff with aplomb.

10 thoughts on “Lovers Dying and Venus Opposite Pluto”

  1. Stephen Arroyo mentioned this about Venus-Pluto in one of his books. People with the conjunction (which I have) or the opposition had lovers die, sometimes multiple times, on them.

    He said there’s no logical reason for it happening. It’s Pluto, and it’s unfathomable.

    I’ve never had this happen to me, but I’m not the type that remains “friends” with ex-lovers, either. They simply disappeared without a trace, and I never saw them again or found out what became of them. They were GONE, like they never even existed or came into my life.

    I used to ask “why” until I accepted that it was simply the way things were. I’d question it, but I figured I was better off without these men in my life, anyway.

  2. Lis, I have that conjunction too and that happened to me – the disappearing part. Sometimes I wonder about them, but I’m really not that curious about what they’re up to.

  3. L – It would depend on the precise situation. Otherwise I would be a chop shop which I am not! This gal is very interesting and perhaps she will allow me to chronicle as I work with her. I wouldn’t mind it.

  4. I have Venus square Pluto and I have never had a lover die but I HAVE experienced sexual violence. I think it’s dangerous to say to someone who has this kind of aspect that they will have lovers die because that’s not always true, and you can’t predict that they will experience sexual abuse. If it’s already happened then it can be useful to point to a causal relationship with the chart. Clearly there is rejection one way or another, and a tendency for drama and life or death situations.

  5. HOw interesting. My great grandmother must have had that in her chart. She married 7 times and 5 of them died on her. The other one she married twice and he outlived her.

  6. OK I have pluto opposite venus. I seem to have men cheat on me or leave me for other women. No deaths yet. (crosses fingers)

    I hope you choose to tell more about this aspect. I think I’m getting tired of all of the difficult/overcome type of aspects being in my chart…

  7. I’ve also got Venus conjunct Pluto, though I’ve never really thought about what it would mean. I’m just a baby-duck when it comes to astrology.
    I agree with Lis and Joana, though, once I’m done with someone, I’m done. It’s like the relationship never really existed except for any baggage.
    And on the sexual violence side, aigh. . . Well, with Mars bound up in that mix, it’s no real surprise that I’m a dominatrix. Almost a sadist, really. Although, again, I never thought about it that way before.

    (For some reason, posting this makes me nervous. But I’m doing it anyway, so be nice. ‘K? :))

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