Why Do We Attract The Same Thing Over & Over?

Dear Elsa,

I think we tend to attract similar types of people or situations into our lives. Do you notice common themes in the people around you? Does it show in their charts? Why do you think this is?


I definitely think we attract the same thing over and over sometimes because we like it, other times because we don’t. I think we attract some situations because it is our job on this plane to deal with them and yes this shows in chart, and in a way that is in your face rather than vague.

Anyone else?

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3 thoughts on “Why Do We Attract The Same Thing Over & Over?”

  1. hmmm….I don’t know why, but I always seem to have a friend in my life who is rather attached to me emotionally. They are usually really possessive and get really jealous when I spend time with my other friends. Ever since I was an adolescent I have ALWAYS had at least one of these friends. Once I start letting go of one, another moves right in. These platonic relationships have always reminded me of having something like a possessive boyfriend. It always pained me to slowly let them go, but the possessiveness is not my cup of tea and it is always just too much for me. I don’t know what it is about me (or in my chart) that attracts this circumstance to me. What should I be looking for?

  2. I attract difficult work environments and crazy bosses. Saturn in the 6th in Virgo opp asc, square sun/merc/mars/neptune/mc.

  3. I always attract bossy women at work.
    They friend me, make me their confident.
    Then the competition kicks in and they become opponents. It’s upsetting but I’m used to it.
    Stellium in the 6th house opp. MC
    Mars in the 7th house opp ASC.

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