Pluto In Scorpio: “Generation Sex”?

gen-sex.jpgThe Pluto in Scorpio generation is being tagged, “Generation Sex”

How the faceless and amoral world of cyberspace has created a deeply disturbing… generation SEX

From the article, Olivia Lichtenstein writes:

“Call me old-fashioned, but when I was a gal, sluttishness was not a condition one aspired to.

That year, they were all dressing in Hooters T-shirts (the uniform of the well-endowed waitresses of a U.S. restaurant chain whose slogan ‘delightfully tacky yet unrefined’ sums up its approach) and buttock-skimming shorts.

They looked, as girls so often do, far older than their 13 years and not unlike the Playboy Bunnies who incensed a generation of feminists. (Interestingly, clothing depicting the distinctive Playboy bunny is highly popular now among teenage girls.)

When one considers our society, it’s no surprise that our children have lost all sense of modesty…”

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What is your opinion of this?

36 thoughts on “Pluto In Scorpio: “Generation Sex”?”

  1. I feel bad for this generation. Not for being “sluttish,” which I find an offensive sexist statement. I feel bad because many of our daughters are completely straitjacketed by our cultural expectations of them sexually as my mother’s generation. My mother’s generation was raised to believe that “good” girls did not have sex. They had to play the role of the pure virgin to be attractive. The current generation are lead to believe that they must be overtly sexy to be attractive. They have to act sexually accessible. In both cases, they are acting our the role they think society finds desirable in women.

    From my perspective, I was a rebel in my early twenties. I wore transparent tops with lacy camisoles or no bra. I wore short, short shorts. However, no one else dressed like me. I was being me. I was testing boundaries for myself. Plus I was showing off my extremely good figure. There is a huge difference between dressing to please yourself and acting a role for society.

  2. I guess my problem with this is that it just downplays the true intimacy of sex. I had a lot of faceless sex in my 20’s and though I may have less of it with my husband, it is more gratifying because the emotional connection is far deeper and it means something. Cliche perhaps..but that’s how I feel.

  3. the weird thing about all this is that the media that this generation is influenced by is created by Pluto in Virgo and Libra, ie, “Sex and the City,” which pretty much has fucked up a lot of people’s views on sex, and people start watching that show while they’re around 18, which is when I did, and boy did it warp my definition of “liberated.”

    I was born during the 29th degree of Pluto in Lib, but ppl my age and a little bit older are similar. Everyone wants to deny the emotion that comes with sex, especially women, who want to be “modern” and ala Carrie or Samantha, especially. And I don’t mean to blame a show or media for everything, but it’s interesting that stuff that influenced us was not Pluto in Scorpio. And a bit scary to think what my kids will be watching!

  4. And to add to that, I wonder if Pluto in Libra tries too hard to ignore problems or gloss over them with “friendship,” which can also create problems with sex? I don’t know, that’s been a personal observations of the Libra-influenced people in my life. Like sex is a “friend” thing and it should be okay to do what you want and then become “friends” later, and if someone’s pissed, they’re just too emotional.

  5. What are folks being taught? I was taught that sex was nothing to be ashamed of – it’s completely natural and there’s no shame in sharing pleasure in someone you respect. However, it’s a POWERFUL thing and every time you become intimate with someone, they are treated to a piece of you; for this reason, it’s best done with someone you love.

    I was thought that NOTHING regarding sex is “wrong” or shameful, so long as the parties involved are of age to consent and are, indeed, willing.

    I could talk about this one for AGES, there’s so much involved. Sufficed to say I think that it’s neither good to let it “all hang out” with disregard for yourself or your partner, and it’s also not good to be TOO sheltered, either.

  6. I have two daughters, 17 and 21, both Pluto in Scorpio, and while 2 doesn’t an expert make…

    My 21 yr. old just finished her third film production which was about a gay guy (played by her boyfriend) moaning over the loss of his lover (with some rather shocking ro my old lady’s eye) sex scene flashbacks (played with another friend of theirs) and an imaginary muse/onlooker young woman, dressed as a hooker and watching the desperate male try different modes of suicide.

    My daughter is a strong young woman who dresses more like a gang member (jeans, hoodies, always has a hat on – not very sexy even though her beauty shines through. Clearly this generation is not afraid to look at the dark side and see the underbelly of our social angst. I think that collectively we are lucky to have a generation that is willing to process some of this stuff for us. She is also very interested in women’s rights and gender studies. When I asked her what she thought a hallmark of this Pluto generation was, she said the willingness to risk deep and committed relationships without fear. She has been living with her boyfriend (a great guy) for 2 years now. She also thinks that Sex in the City is largely very stupid. She represents a subgroup I’m sure, but her sensibilities are shared by all of her friends…

  7. uhm.
    bounceback from centuries of repression, perhaps? as long as they’re safe and educated in how to take care of themselves, well… teenagers used to get married all the time. it’s a different world, but physiologically, it’s where their bodies are pushing them to go anyway.

    i still wonder why we’re programmed to breed first and develop abstract thought and empathy later (those don’t tend to develop fully, neurologically, until well into the twenties on average.)

    besides. the kids are going to do what they’re going to do. listening to these pluto in sag kids i’m dealing with, it’s obvious. i just hope they learn to respect themselves and make their own decisions.

    by the way, swing dancing is gaining pretty massive popularity in younger groups 🙂 though i’ve always been partial to more martial expressions (industrial music lends itself to that, and, oh, venus in aries, rightie…)

  8. but… i would be happier if they realized how powerful it was before they got themselves too tangled up…. i guess that’s part of what i mean by safe… taking care of their spirit, too…
    a hard thing to do effectively, at that age… it’s just a hard age.

  9. I think Pluto in Scorpio is invaluable. I feel privileged to be able to be alive while it happens. When a planet is in the sign it rules, the lessons available are profound. Pluto rules Scorpio, so fucking-A.

    I’m Pluto in Libra. I’m going to a fine arts college with a bunch of gals with Pluto in Scorpio and they are amazing. They blow me away. I paint with one gal…she’s 19. I’m 31. I wish could show you her paintings of sex/bodies/love/people. The move me to tears.
    They are. a. lifeline. for people like me.
    I have a lot to learn about the Scorpio flavoured approach to sex.
    Going inwards, being unafraid to have sex, being unashamed for being a sexual being.
    I am a sexual being. I have a body. I use it efficiently. I need to eat, shit, and fuck to be alive. Scorpio would pat me on the back for it, and cheer me along too, so Pluto in Scorpio is good good good from this corner of the universe.

  10. Avatar
    Little Miss Hermit

    I know dozens of the Pluto in Scorpio – Uranus in Sag generation, and I think many of them come across as very wise. I’m outright naive in comparison, in many respects;) (Uranus in Scorpio – Neptune in Sag).

  11. What was the last generation of Pluto in Scorpio kids like? I’m curious about what happened historically during that time and within the culture of that time. Were they also considered sex-obsessed and/or amoral?

  12. I don’t think this generation is sex obsessed. Certainly not more than my parents’ generation in the 50s and 60s. This generation is using sex for power, control and exploitation. The young women seemed very willing to exploit their own sexuality for their 15 minutes of fame. It is not about sexual gratification? This is what concerns me. I think the theory that this generation is just trying to shock their elders is just asinine. (I am referring to the article.)Most parents are oblivious.

    Go to myspace and facebooks. All the girls in this generation are claiming to bisexual. Are they really bisexual? No. They are just trying to be titilating. (This is one of my pet peeves.)

  13. flip – I’m wondering why you’ve reached the conclusion that they are just trying to be titilating. Everyone young woman I know who claims to be bisexual actually is. I am also bisexual so I have noticed that more people list this, but attribute it more to people being more in touch with their sexual impulses…so you may be getting bent out of shape for nothing…

  14. Melody: I realize that there are women who are bisexuals. I am only speaking of my experiences with my daughters’ teenage friends. None of them are bisexuals. They were obviously just trying to be titillating. They are only going to kiss another female if there is an audience. These are not young women who have relationships with other women. I have no issues with someone being honest and open about their sexuality, regardless what it is.

  15. I’m coming into this late, Flip, but I agree with you. My husband and I have been taking some classes at the nearby university and have noticed a lot of the youngest girl students trying to attract men by pretending to be bi. Yes, it was pretty clear in the cases we’ve witnessed that it was fake. I think people should be themselves and have no porblem with bisexuals in general, but pretending to be bi just for attention seems sad to me.

  16. OMG, I have to get the following off my chest as it is a huge pet peeve, this whole blaming our current sexual morality on a show about women and that was enjoyed primarily by women. I know I am responding late but this bugs me so much!

    What show were people watching? Cause Sex in the City was all about how Sex and Love go hand in hand and then comes baby in the baby carriage.

    This whole “having sex like a man” was a one episode thing that was ultimately shown to be an illusion by the time the credits rolled. I find the show to be laughingly conservative, once you look past the graphic descriptions of rather vanilla sexual acts if you really think about it. I mean, threesomes, men who only date models? Oooh, I’m sure the Marquis de Sade is clutching his pearls somewhere.

    Carrie and her sexual addiction to Big destroys any chance at intimacy until after they spend time apart, talking but not having sex. Pleasantville morality right there.

    Charlotte, the most conservative, gets pretty much everything she wanted. IS it supposed to be subsversive that she converted for her man so that she could have a hetero marriage with kids?

    Samantha, the ultimate sex is great, love is for suckers, end up falling for her sensitive guy that she initially started a relationship with solely for the role play and ends up spending years with him.

    Miranda marries the father of her child forming another vanilla hetero marriage.

    *deep breaths* God, I so needed to finally rant about this. If you ask me, a show that really fucks up women’s ideas about sex? Entourage. I love that show, but goddam. Women are either shrews(wives) or whores(girlfriends) or shrewish whores. Not an independent, nice, non-goldigging sexual woman among the cast. And no one says boo. There is no indication that there could be anything amiss.

    But oh, wait! That show is for boys. Well that’s ok, then. No need to tut tut that. Only shows that celebrate “trivial” things like women’s friendships . /sarcasm.

    –Pluto in Libra

  17. I don’t care who knows I’ve watched and loved that show. In fact I’m watching the 2nd season today, lol.

    ‘He’s a dog, not an oracle!’

    Damn some of that writing is brilliantly funny.

    Kashmiri who didn’t watch the show until long after it ended and hit DVD

  18. I don’t watch TV, never seen an episode in my life, never seen Sopranos, never seen Idol…

    One time someone asked me about writing pop culture and astrology and I just had to laugh.

  19. It is the only TV show I’ve watched since I watched young and the restless when I was about 12 years old.
    Actually that is a lie. I’ve watched Oprah at my parents. I don’t have a TV so I respond to the medium differently on the whole, maybe.

  20. As part of the Pluto in Scorpio, I believe most astrologers are putting too much emphasis on the sex part. I would say people my age have a straightforward, no-nonsense view of sex. Although we are certainly not sexually repressed or prudish, we are not all about sex either.

    I believe the true significance of the Pluto in Scorpio generation will be the change in attitude that we are already seeing. The world view of our parents and elders is turning out to be a sham. Pluto in Scorpio will correct this, perhaps unpleasantly. As we come fully into adulthood, it could mean a generational reckoning.

    To me, previous generations have seemed overly concerned with transient and ultimately unimportant things. This has left huge issues that affect everyone uncovered and therefore vulnerable. While everyone was distracted with feminism, civil rights, and gay rights, common liberties have been eroded and perverted by the powerful elite.

    Taking into account world events and most particularly the state of the US, I believe it is of especial importance that the last Pluto in Scorpio generation included many of the American revolutionaries like Thomas Jefferson.

  21. older generations misunderstand us. The only reason it seems as though our generation is slutty is because we are the first generation where things that were once taboo are no longer, and we actively participate in them. We aren’t afraid to be seen in public doing things that even the once-hippy Boomers blush at.

    Plus, mass media hasn’t been available to the extent to which it is today. Yes, i know TV existed before the 80’s, but it was much MUCH more wholesome in comparison to today. And for some reason today they want to concentrate on all the shallow twits that talk about who is screwing who this week than focus on those who have actual talent. I can’t answer for the dull, interchangeable blondes that aspire to be nothing important. I don’t believe Pluto in Scorpio has anything to do with that at all.

    Everyone considers the Boomers to be the ” free love” generation, and to some extent that may be true. The difference with us is that we do NOT give away free love. Free sex maybe, but not free love. We are a much more intense, heavy-hearted group.

    We aren’t intimidated by our elders (especailly you Pluto in Leos….sorry, we just aren’t), so aren’t afraid to challenge their old fashioned, often obsolete points of view.

    We will definitely correct many of these views in a much more intense and probably (as Anna said before me) much less pleasant way than the hippies. Sorry, we simply don’t have time (or patience) for games or relating.

  22. Avatar
    Are you sure your not completely retarded?

    I am so glad that scorpio pluto generation is here to battle the digusting mess the previous generations left behind.Like the most superficial generation came before them(libra pluto).Fake tits,no spitituality,all lies,no real anything.These children are amazing and are here to uncover all the bullshit lies.That have been shoved down our throats for way to long.Whenever I here anyone insulting teenagers.(mostly baby boomers,Trashiest of the trash)I just laugh in there faces and say.”you wanna know why they dont like you? and have no respect,no connection and only care about hoarding your stupid useless toys”.Cause they are ignorant sheep that live only through there fear and ego.Those children were abandoned for ego.As soon as they hit there coming of age they were treated like outcasts.Where are they allowed to go?No where.Born in the peak of the bullshit and repression of anything real has forced to raise themselves and come to there own conclusions.Whenever a baby boomer or anyone insults them i say very loiudly “I cant wait for those fucking demon baby boomers to die.Those kids arent gonna look after you.They HATE YOU.Your on your own,You gave them nothing and that what YOU WILL GET.Left with all your THINGS OBJECTS LIES>Those things dont pass to the other worlds.EVERYTHING IS BORROWED.HA HA HA morons.
    You demon egomaniacs.You dont take nothing with you when you die.I am so glad the wonderful scorpios are here to killl and destroy all the superficiality out of our society.Bring all the lies to light.This is real TRUE power.
    Superficialty is the hardest thing to get out of a society.Every other tragedy brings people together.War,famine,disease.Not being a shallow,evil,egomaniac freak.It takes a warrior generation to fix that poison.
    You real are stupid and prolly jealous of anyone that doesnt repress ther sexuality.Well have fun with that.Id rather be a slut with them then be a judgemental whore.

  23. Are – it is too bad you had to leave a dozen comments, personal to me in regards to what a bitch I am because I actually think you’re right.

    My generation has (and continues) to put your generation into debt and your children and their children, etc into debt. We have spent everything, saved nothing for you and now we want you to pay for us.

    We have sold and continue to sell you into slavery so of course you are going to grow up and kill us – you’re stating the obvious.

    I hope my generation gets it’s head out of it’s ass and quits fucking up yours but like you, I’m not holding my breath.

  24. Sex is procreation. The child will need two parent to nurture and provide a home. The rest is selfish desire and vanity.

  25. Sex is for procreation. The resulting child will need two parents to nurture and provide for his future. The rest is selfish desire and vanity.

  26. lol@ # 27 , you act like im gonna save the world XD lol jk … but idk… i am apart of the pluto in scorpio generation but idk how ..I…could help nor do i know what to do o.0 , im sorry if im not much help

  27. The Pluto generation is the opposite of the one described in this article… the sex-revolution-sick-of-a-thing is due to Pluto in Leo generation… Pluto in Scorpio will change the meaning of sexuality adding more depth,maybe even repressing sex(who knows?).

  28. I am a female born within the Pluto in Scorpio generation and I really don’t like how many of the older generations look down on us with pitiful looks as if we were born dirty…Honestly, I think the older generations should look beneath the surface of Generation Sex and the impact it has on our awareness.

    Many of us were taught that having pre-marital sex is wrong and should be reserve for the one you love, but our love is beyond that superficiality because when we love and have sex it is where our defenses break down and we unite at a higher level.

    In my experience many of my peers have graduated from medical sciences and pursued careers in the health services. This generation you look down on are taking their own initiative to aware themselves and teach the younger generation how to separate making love and having sex. Also another trait to us is we fight our battles on our own and when we’re repressed enough to the corner we finally break and throw back the ball just the way the other sent to us in the first place.

    We may wear black but our hearts are pure white.

    I’ve also experience first hand the darkness of pluto in my life along with my older brother who is also a scorp in pluto as well as my parents who are pluto in virgo. We were tested beyond our limits but we survive it through and we’ll survive it all over again.

  29. My friend calls this Pluto in Scorpio the scarification generation, because it’s the generation that made tattoos mainstream

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