Do Dead People Visit You? How About Henry?

I was talking to satori...

“Well no one dead ever visits me,” I said. “I don’t know why. You’d think they would.”


“Well they don’t. Take Henry. Everyone thinks he should visit me. He visits them. This is what I hear! People tell me Henry visits all the time, so what am I supposed to make of that?”

“I don’t know.”

“I don’t either. From what I hear, he’s a visiting fool. So why is my grandfather visiting them but not me? They sure like it, I’ll tell you that. People like Henry. They love him. But he’s never visited me, even once. The person who visits is *Scott’s sister and she has for fifteen years. I know some things about her I didn’t know before she died I’ll say that. She’s very close. She stays very near, so near there is hardly a line between her and I. This is how it seems sometimes because she’s right there. But that’s it. The rest of the dead people I know want nothing to do with me, I guess. I just don’t know….”

I thought about Scott’s sister and her Good Earth tea. Whenever I smell that tea, she’s around. She took me to the Good Earth restaurant when I was 16. This was before there was such a thing as Good Earth tea. Well, the tea existed but you have to go to the restaurant to get it.

Anyway, she bought me some Good Earth tea and then she died and these things are associated to me. Every time I smell the tea… well it’s as if it’s her perfume.

This conversation took place last night. And the Saturn Neptune opposition is pretty much exact right now, where Saturn is the grandfather, Neptune the ethereal. And today I stepped out of the shower at the gym and er… what’s that smell.

It was overwhelming. The smell was just intense and I could not place it. What the hell?

I thought to ignore it because what else is there to do? It’s none of my business what products people use in the shower and in fact I have seen some exotic things in there. But then my eye was drawn to someone’s cosmetic bag hanging outside one of the shower stalls and guess what was sticking out?

A big ol’ bottle of Dr. Bronner’s soap! Can you believe this? That’s the soap Henry (a health nut) used for everything. I smelled that soap my whole life, but not since he died more than 20 years ago. So I guess he’s around, eh? I hope he forgives my grammar.

Do dead people visit you?

14 thoughts on “Do Dead People Visit You? How About Henry?”

  1. I have been visited once. It was amazing and I hope in this lifetime it happens again.

    I love Dr. Bronners, Elsa!!! I just got out of the tub after scrubbing myself with the lavender variety. Deeelish!

  2. Sometimes. Usually my mother (died 25 years ago this month). Oh, and my daughter visited me several years before she was born. She gets a huge kick out of hearing *that* tale. 😀 But sadly, I can’t say I’ve met Henry. At least, not that I know of.

    So, since I never left a post on that previous blog (about relationships through lifetimes), I guess I should mention that incidents like these visits cause me to believe that yeah, what we perceive as our “life” is just another cog in a greater scheme, and there is a continuance before & beyond what (and who) we think we know in the here & now…

  3. On a semi-regular basis, which is why, I guess, that TV show Ghost Whisperer makes me laugh (yet somehow Medium doesn’t?) 😀

    Funny, Elsa, I’ve always wondered what you thought about this subject…;-)

  4. My grandfather visits me. He visits me at my hippie synagogue. He really gets a kick out of the people praying and singing and dancing. Meanwhile, I alternate between being moved to tears bc I know that he’s near me and laughing with him at everyone’s antics. I mean, he’s not MOCKING them or he wouldn’t visit me there so often, but he does get a kick out of that place. Plus, he knows that I love to pray there so that’s where we commune. Sometimes I live a seat next to me empty so that he can sit down and put his arm around me.

    Here’s just one story to show that he really does visit me there. Last Friday I was extremely upset by a family confrontation. It really riled me up but I went to synagogue anyway. I was crying a little as I imagined him hugging and reassuring me. Then I thought of this friend of mine with whom I had a falling out (and who lives in a different state). I thought to myself: Oh, she’s going to be here tonight. Then I forgot about it and thirty minutes later, I turned my head and there she was. It was good to see her when I was feeling low. I think that was my grandfather, believe it or not.

  5. (I mean, not that “she” was my grandfather but that my grandfather sent her there when he knew I’d be upset. He works hard for me, he does.)

  6. Very interesting…

    I’m still a little on the fence about this, but I do feel like it happens. I think it happens in subtle ways to people all the time (but a lot of things are like that). I have visits from various things in my dreams, and I’ve had a umm medium/massage therapist say my grandpa was there with me. Actually it made me very nervous–but probably because I fear people’s judgment, but really there wasn’t judgement accompanying it…it was just a visit–no strings attached I guess.

    Love to y’all

  7. My grandmother showed up at her memorial service, but that’s really been about it for anyone I’d recognize. My mom is still really upset that my dad has never visited. I don’t know what to tell her, but I kinda figured he wouldn’t- he had no truck with that sort of thing at all.

  8. silly as it seems, sometimes i feel my kitty that passed away last year. i see him out of the corner of my eye, or feel him walk next to me on the bed.

  9. This makes me think of my aunt, who visited my cousin, only to say :”tell your father to smarten up and stop crying.”

    Like, fucking hell, it fit her to a tee!

  10. How did I miss this one the first time?!?

    I grew up in a haunted house where dead people I had no connection to visited. Frequently. Unfortunately.
    But I’ve also had visitations from my grandmother and some pets and for the most part those are comforting.

    What would this be, astrologically speaking?

  11. My brother died a year ago and it always feels like he’s around, but one time a few weeks ago, when I was on the phone to my mom and said that it felt like he wasn’t around much. In less than a minute I walked into my office where the light had been off and the switch and light turned on by themsleves when I walked in. I know it was my brother. He communicates through a lot of things.

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