I Just Republished My Book – Update

Heaven I mean circle k

Update – my book is available now.  Thanks!

I wrote, “Heaven, I Mean Circle K”, a number of years ago. I published it in Amazon for some years; and then unpublished it, because I had a lot of stress in my life.

The book exposes me to some liability.  I was trying to reduce my exposure to bad happenings. I made VERY little money on the book so the risk was just not worth the reward.

I just republished it on impulse, after about a five year hiatus. It might take a day or so to be available. I just don’t have the same concerns now but there there was something else about it that bothered me so this time I want to state why the book was structured the way it is.  Be aware, this was not my idea but I did think it was inspired. I actually still do, though I don’t think many “got it”.

The book is divided into three acts, like a play.  Again, not my idea, but I liked it because I have Venus in Leo and it’s certainly dramatic.

Act I – The book begins in chronological order.  The first stories are from when I was age 10-17.  I don’t care how this sounds. They’re astonishing.

Act II – The stories continue in chronological order… you’re basically watching my character grow up. My mother taught me it was a sin to bore people, so I don’t. But you sort of see me get on my feet, in life.

Act III is pretty shocking. Well, it’s all shocking, but in Act III, the stories revert back to when I’m 6-15 years old.  This was deliberate.

My editor felt I was an extraordinary girl.  He just couldn’t fathom how I didn’t see myself as a victim. The stories are all funny and fun to read, but he thought that the Act III stories, explained everything.

Specifically, they explained how I got the way I am, and the way I remain to this day.

If you do get this book or if you already have it, he considered having Act III consist of just the first story, “For The Love Of Ketchup”.  He felt the last line of that story was devastating and we could end the book, right there.  He mulled doing this for weeks.

I mention this because I know there are literary people, editors and librarians who read here. There is nothing, anywhere in the world, like my bool. I think you might be interested in his process.  He had fifty or sixty of my stories to choose from. He was a Virgo, discerning what to include and what to leave out. Eventually, he got back to me with his plan.

He chose the Act III stories, very carefully, explaining that so much had happened to me, he felt the reader might be overwhelmed?   I think this happened anyway, in some cases, but what he intended was to only include stories that explained HOW I am like the way I am.  For example, I have a story in there called, “Beating, W”.  W was my father.

People abused in the ways I was don’t generally fare so well; but I did and I have and I do.  The stories, overall, illustrate how I got out of my situation, on all levels. Physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.  By default, it shows you it’s possible!

If you understand this, you can see how important it was to include these stories, in spite of some people being broken by them in some way.

In other words, we didn’t dumb this down. We gave you the meat.  But then people hopped around, reading the stories, which is clearly their prerogative, but when they did this, they missed the plot which was quite important.

It was important to me because I never set out to write a book. I was just telling stories for pure fun and entertainment for the reader.  The book was conceived by my editor. I went along with it for a single reason.

I do come from severe abuse. All my life, I’ve seen people write off people like me. As a clear example of this; every couple years there is some story about a child whose parent beat them to death. I see these stories and think what I think, but invariably, someone will say the child is probably better off, dead, considering what was going on in their life.

While I can understand how a person might think that, this sentiment could not possibly be more misguided.  I don’t think you can read my stories and not have this truth driven deep in your heart.

The book will be on Amazon shortly. When I see it’s live, I’ll come back and link it.  Available now!

36 thoughts on “I Just Republished My Book – Update”

  1. Many famous people have suffered severe hardship early in life, especially losing one or both parents and being thrown on the street..You’re in the same category of “takes a licking but keeps on ticking” people, Elsa..

  2. I have your book, will read it again and write a stellar review on Amazon.
    Your stories are a spellbinding tribute to your spirit, authenticity, creativity, and power. Well done!

  3. Something in me feels your soul was chosen. I am sure it didn’t feel that way to you in the beginning. I feel you are an incredible survivor and a brave one at that. You are a gifted writer. Thank you for republishing your book. I didn’t know of it before. I can review it. Something says I’ll be pausing between stories. I will not skip, but I will have to breathe. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Kathleen! The stories are all funny, regardless of the level of tragedy. It may be that *real life* is actually this way? And brave or stupid, who knows. I have some incredible luck though.

      On the order, it ‘s just the story of the book of stories is also a story. As I recall, he walked around NYC, all day, for more than a week, trying to figure out what would be best. It turned out, “man plans and God laughs”.

      He was actually an excellent editor. The stories standalone but he say a larger story and frankly, he didn’t miss much.



      1. Credit to HQ too and thank goodness for ♍️’s. They are precisely needed whether to check off the boxes or drive us mad in the process.

  4. I like a good true story. I read a sample off Amazon, or wherever I found it with the intention of buying the whole thing… But couldn’t find it after for some reason. So I would be interested in buying it.

    It would be nice to read. Not only because I’m interested in your stories, but because maybe there is some wisdom I can take out of it to apply to my life (and problems -or situations) right now.

  5. It says this, but it’s not there.

    “Your recent changes are currently under review. Titles are typically reviewed and published within 72 hours. Review times vary and may take longer if publishing rights need to be verified. Meanwhile, the previous version of your title is live in the Kindle Store and is available for purchase.”

  6. Thank you Elsa –
    I missed it last time, I had in my cart and never had the extra $, time etc…
    I’m so happy I can finally read it !
    The excerpts you’ve posted made me kick myself for not making it a priority last time.
    Off to Amazon … blessings to you

  7. Can’t wait to read and will absolutely review. Thank you for putting yourself and your life’s story out there! Would you ever consider adding to the book any new stories//events//experiences that have happened since you first wrote it?

  8. How cool 😎. I love your stories. I just read on the ‘new stories’ blog how you got started writing and that’s amazing as well 🩷.

  9. I need a good read I’ll be looking next week, been so tapped for time. I feel ya
    Girl, I have notebooks full of my life trying to figure me out, I too survived a boatload of
    Bullshit . I am still standing strong, I have come to believe there’s so little I could’ve done even now there is just quite a bit out of your control you just stay strong believe in yourself =magic.❤️

  10. I wanted to write a review for your book on Amazon and can’t because I haven’t bought anything at amazon.com for 12 months! That’s bullshit, I bought Kindle alright, I got my own book up there. I’m angry about it, this is moloch of rules and regulations stuff!
    I’ve posted your book on my FB instead, this is what I wrote:
    This book is real, it’s true, written from the heart, it’s hilarious and devastating, it’s unbelievable and inspiring.

    if you know what trauma is, if you have the slightest idea of resilience and post traumatic growth, if you want to stay up all night to finish reading, get this book. You’ll never forget the people and the stories and you will thank me for recommending it.

    Leave a review for Elsa, if you like her book.
    @Elsaelsa – The Astrology Blog
    (Amazon Link)

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