Uranus Transits And Anxiety, Difficult Transits – A Fix

alarm clockUranus electrifies. But what if you’re already electrically live and a Uranus transit sends you over the edge with sparking animation?

Uranus and Pluto hit both my Moon and my Venus over the last few years. I’d thought myself a sensitive individual before, but I wouldn’t have said I was overly anxious. This transit threw my nervous system into overdrive, sometimes unbearably so.

I was wrong about not being anxious before. I was anxious in a way I could handle. Had I not had this transit, I’d have lived that way forever, and it kept me from taking steps I needed to take.

You don’t grow until you have a reason to grow. We want to grow, don’t we? If we want improved lives, we do. The challenge of a rough transit hones our skills in a way that primes us to improve exponentially once handled.

I’m finished with my transit. I still wake with physical anxiety off the charts. That may change as I get more distance, but it doesn’t matter. I buzz so hard it feels like my body is trembling. But emotionally I’m solid. Because I’ve learned something.

It’s akin to being in prison, like the bird man of Alcatraz. There is no physical condition you can’t free yourself from when you employ your mind and heart. Mind, body, and heart: Any of these can have transits that trouble. We can find a work-around with the others.

It’s only a problem if I am unaware that my mind and heart are free. I wake and feel the trembling and think: This will normalize when I get my body moving to match my electricity level. Then my heart soars because even through depression I have a reason to get up. The depression lifts when every morning I feel that joy that comes from having agency over my situation.

So here’s another method I developed to combat anxiety about having enough. It can be about not having enough money, or love, or energy, or time…

It’s like a car. I always feel anxious when I get below a quarter tank of gas. I feel generally anxious that something mechanical will fail. I feel anxious that the car won’t last as long as I need it to. But I’ve learned that I can only fill one tank of gas at a time. I can only deal with a problem once it happens. If my car doesn’t last, I can’t help that now. It’s working now. It has gas now. I’ll fill it when the tank gets down to a quarter.

That anxiety handled, I apply that thinking to any anxiety that rears its head. I don’t have enough money in the bank for next month’s bills! ANXIOUS FEELING… It’s like a gas tank that’s a quarter full. I have time to fill that tank with bills money by the time it comes due. The feeling is there to remind me to take care of it before it hits empty! Thank you feeling! The feeling has a purpose, to alert me to an upcoming condition. When you realize your anxiety has a purpose to help you, it feels altogether different.

It’s alerting you to a future condition. It’s not NOW. That’s what anxiety is: future oriented fear. If it were now, we’d experience it as an urge rather than that buzzing irritation. It’s an ALARM. You can separate the alarm from your response by not giving it more attention than it warrants. You hear the alarm. You turn it off. You consider yourself informed. You separate your emotional self from that process. You can be grateful for the warning. That is the appropriate emotional response. Your inner self is reminding you of things getting down to a quarter tank.

And with a heightened level of anxiety? Sometimes our gauge for the tank level is faulty. You can learn to adjust for that as well. Use your mind; remind yourself. But usually it’s not faulty, It’s more sensitive than the gauge of others. That means you’re more attuned. There no need to suffer for that. Consider yourself exceptional, not faulty.

We can do this!

Like a car trip, we can only go so far in a day. You can’t drive from Washington to Washington in one day, or two, or three. I don’t remember how many days it takes, but even at top speed, the point is not to get there FAST. What did you see? Who did you meet? How many milkshakes did you get to have?

Uranus encourages us to get going and get up to speed. It also encourages us to cure our boredom. It can prompt us to feel like we ought to go faster than we really need to. But that’s really all in our individual interpretation. Get going and get engaged. But pace yourself for the pleasure of your own purposes.

Where does natal Uranus hit everything in your own chart? This is a great way to gauge how your natural response to Uranus will show up. If you have Uranus in aspect to Moon or Mars (or angles), any Uranus transit can heighten your tendency to feel anxious.

To find out what rough transits you have going on, now and in the near future, click here: Deluxe Personalized Transit Report.

13 thoughts on “Uranus Transits And Anxiety, Difficult Transits – A Fix”

  1. Uranus is conjunct my stellium of Mercury, Moon, Venus, and Saturn at 0-8 degrees Taurus, then later, Mars at 22 degrees Taurus.

    The forests in BC on the west coast of Canada are burning and covering the province’s skies with smoke for the past few weeks. Californians are familiar with this.

    Thank you Satori for addressing the issue of anxiety and Uranus’ impact on you. I will continue to channel my anxiety by riding my bike, listening to music, and dancing. No car driving for me.

    I have to give up hope that humans will change their environmentally destructive ways. It’s just not happening fast enough to curb more climate change.

    I hope Pluto and Saturn, now in my 12th house, combined with Uranus’ transits, help me to escape the madness I am witnessing and powerless to change.

  2. I have Uranus opposite my Moon natally and had transiting Uranus square my Moon for a while.

    What I found that helps with anxiety is licorice root tea.

  3. It’s on my rising and aspects everything. One good thing about Uranus is you can detach and be light on your feet.

    When Uranus aspects my Mercury, I have so many good thoughts and ideas, my body can’t keep up.

    When Uranus aspects my Moon, I can’t sleep because my mind is just so active that I don’t feel sleepy or don’t want to sleep despite being tired. What has helped are supplements that help promote sleep, just for those days it’s hard to sleep because I want to stay up all night. Neptunian activities and things dial the knob down.

    I’m very sensitive to coffee, and it (a stimulant) definitely increases anxiety. A quarter or half a cup can keep me electrified long enough. A whole cup will keep me up all night.

  4. I had anxiety and had acupuncture for a few weeks then once a month. Totally sorted me out. Everyone’s diagnosis in acupuncture is different – with me it was my spleen and lungs (deficiency in both organs) and a wood imbalance. If you have acupuncture it’s best to do s lot of research on the acupuncturist first and check they are TCM trained. Acupuncture isn’t regulated like doctors so be careful (I tend to fine them through word of mouth and of course I research them).

  5. Oh what a great post! I live with anxiety that sends me into fits. Strong Mercury and ruled by Uranus and my censors are way too charged. I keep telling myself that I can only do what I can do, but before I know it, the feelings start kicking the sh*t out of me! Panic attacks SUCK!! Back in 2016, I was at the ER due to chest pains and when they hooked me to the EKG they flipped out! They asked me if I was having a panic attack and I told them YES! I am having chest pains at the ER of course I was panicking. It turned out to be my GERD, but the EKG was all over that paper. I can’t get control of my panic because each time that I try, it just comes back harder. I hate it.

  6. I just heard Matt Kahn’s program today on Hay House Radio “Cracking the 3D Code – Fear”. His words are transformative, healing, loving, guiding you through….fear, anxiety and the living Hell of it. I feel like he reaches through the speaker with his voice and says “hold my hand…we will do this together. You are not alone.” He is awesome. Hope this helps anyone who takes the time to listen.
    It will be aired again at 7-8pm PST Today or you can listen to it as an archived program at your own schedule.

  7. Thanks for this. Would never have thought about anxiety accompanying a Uranus transit. I’ve been waking early many mornings, maybe 4:00 a.m., since fall 2015. Have thought it was just an adult passage, but things have continued to intensify and I sometimes think about walking away from work, relationships, etc. No clear answers at this point.

    Merc 29 Aries, Jupiter 3, Ceres 5, & Venus 12 Taurus. And yes, most oppose Scorp Mars & square Cap Moon.

  8. With Uranus conjunct Venus and Mars in the 6th you better know I stress myself out! Looking after my body (Venus) and using frustration constructively (Mars) is the way to go. Uranus even lets me know when something major at work is coming up and gives me time to strategize. I get much done each day and feel crappy if I don’t. Mini vacations help too.

  9. Also uranian ascendant .. when hit with transits, it’s like the ‘Tower’ card in the tarot deck.. anxirty over sudden and unexpected events, body vibrates so hard my Cap sun feels like death! (And Lord help me when it’s part of a yod!!!). I won’t sleep for days! Thank you for the explanation. It’s nice to see I’m not ‘alone’

  10. huh, that explains a lot…
    i’ve long characterized myself as being “high strung” or “full of nervous energy” but this clarifies some of that dynamic…

  11. Uranus has been stuck conjunct my natal mercury in 10H for some time now. Opposite my moon also. It liberated me from a job i hated thanks to transiting pluto in my 6H only to stress me to high heavens as I don’t have an income anymore. Universe is so full of wisdom.Not.

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