Do You Ever Have A Sense Of Foreboding?

About 10 months ago the soldier told me he could see and sense a storm on the horizon. He’s got a Scorpio Moon conjunct Neptune in the 8th and I asked him to describe it.

“Black clouds. Wind. Billowing black clouds that shadow everything and go as far out as you can see…”

2 days later he was unexpectedly disconnected from his job and 2 days after he landed in a job that would take him to me. Deeply religious he considers this God’s doing. He feels this was not his decision, that he has no control (either do I) and that we are being purposefully thrown together for reasons we don’t really understand.

Ten months after that fact we have grown used to being tossed together then thrown apart, then tossed together, apart, together, etc. It is a way of life now.

The soldier today:

“It’s the whirlwind again, P. It’s the whirl. Wind. It’s coming again.”


“Can you feel it? Can you feel it too?”

“Not like you. I know some stuff but I don’t know what you know the way you know it. Er… so what do you know? What do you feel?”

“Feel like the ambush is coming tonight. It’s coming, there’s no mistake.”

“I believe you?”

“Yeah, something is going to happen. We got another swirl coming… a big one, P. Big.”

Do you sense important events like this? What’s your Scorpio / 8th house like?

12 thoughts on “Do You Ever Have A Sense Of Foreboding?”

  1. Is he referring to a personal whirlwind or something collective? Just asking because I think many are feeling the stirrings of significant change, and I personally think that we’re right around the corner from attacking Iran – not to get political…

    I always “see” the upcoming important events in my life and have attributed to my “Hades Moon” which is fairly psychic and clairvoyant…So, Moon conjunct Pluto.

  2. Moon conjunct Pluto in the 8th (technically, Pluto is at the tail-end of the 7th), both of which sextile Neptune…Sense of foreboding? Definitely…everything from visions to prophetic dreams to “gut instinct”…

  3. yes.
    they ebb and flow. like something’s close but nt here and sometimes the tides bring it in near shore and sometimes currents pull it farther out to sea but it’s moving this way.

    …and i can sense the… flavor of my own little thread if i feel out ahead for it. but it’s so shifty that that sense is rarely reliable past a few hours or extremely generally.

    i have uranus in scorpio, like quite a few people, but it’s in a t square with mercury and saturn. sometimes i’ll blurt out really startling things that happen to be true without realizing what i’m saying. or turn out later to be true.
    and of course there’s sun in the 8th sextile moon in the 6th, and venus in the 8th in her merry little dance with pluto, saturn, and neptune. but i think that comes more in with relating to other people. being able to see the dynamics in a room. having a sense of who would be healthy for me (whether or not i follow that instinct is a different story…)
    (and we could talk about chiron and that south node i’m perpetually working to balance out… but this comment is too long already.)

    i dunno. there’s lots of stuff i keep to myself because i don’t want to creep people out. and i don’t tend to take it seriously. ’cause it’s disturbing.
    probably part of why i can be so quiet. otherwise i blurt out all kinds of tactless stuff 😛

  4. Yes, I have that quite alot. I dont really express it to much as it can scare people.

    I have a have 5 planet stellium in the 8th house, including pluto and a scorpio sun.

  5. Yes, and the really big ones are always preceeded by my ears ringing. Never fun, always bad, wish they came with subtitles. 🙂

  6. I’m pisces rising trine neptune in sco in 8th, opp moon conj pluto in 7th..not sure i ‘forbode’ ever but i do pick up on others feelings quite strongly. Like ‘hearing the world scream’ as Howard Sasportas said about neptune in 8th. The butterfly effect..a global telepathy perhaps that has been hugely damaged by the last few years dramatic events. Maybe we’re all just feeling pluto’s move to direct in early in sept..maybe the soldier is more in tune with pluto..:)

  7. Yeah. Usually when I feel personal change coming on it is more gentle like something that will be a challenge but will be refreshing at the same time? But in the collective right now I have a dark sense of foreboding. On the one hand I’d like to be more psychicly detailed so that I could really prepare myself, but at the same time not knowing the specifics I can sit the feeling on the back burner and try to concentrate on things that are more pleasant.

  8. I often dream things but they are symbolic. I know what it means though. I wake in the night and say to myself ‘ok this means tomorrow or tomorrow night will be like x’ or ‘that person is not to be trusted’. Something like that.

    Scorpio rising, sun conjunct pluto, moon square pluto.

  9. I always have a sense of foreboding-just when I sit in reality. It’s bizarre- nothing predictive, just a feeling.

  10. I have had a sense of foreboding about an ex-girlfriend/almost wife for a long time. BTW: I have known her off and on since childhood. I have tried to dismiss it as left over feelings about her, but I cannot seem to shake this notion that something involving her or around her will happen and that it will be very bad. Somehow it involves her husband and family. I keep feeling that I need to be somwhere in the near background as it will be soul destroying and she will need all the help she can get. Yes, I do have feelings for her. I have thought things about her before and have been wrong (I think), so I don’t know if this is more of the same. But this feeling is so strong!

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