Finding Talent In A Natal Chart

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“In one of your posts regarding your friend Ben you say he has utilized all of his talents. Where would you look for your talents in a natal chart?”

What a great question!  Everything in a natal chart is a “talent”, potentially.  Everything in a chart may also be a detriment. This is because energy is neutral until directed.

It’s easy to understand. You have a knife. There are endless ways to use it. You have electricity. Should you like up a Christmas tree or electrocute a man? You choose what you do with what you have available.

Understanding there is nothing in a natal chart that can’t find a positive expression, we see that everyone is nothing but talent.  It’s a small minority who choose to develop themselves, fully.

I remember making this comment about, Ben.  He has a 10th house sun in Scorpio and he is a powerful authority figure.  Not now and then, but day in and day out. His entire life has been spent setting an example.  It’s quite rare.

He also has an Aries moon. He’s a fearless leader. He just won’t stop when it comes to “doing the right thing” which refers to his 10th house sun.  He will push and fight and he will not stop until he prevails.

He’s Saturn in Sagittarius and he is an educator. Mars in Pisces, he acts with compassion.

I could go on but you get the idea.  Everything in his chart is engaged and it’s not particularly set up to make this easy to do. He has chosen to do it.

I compare him to people with 10th house suns who are living under another person’s thumb… um… what?

Most pick and choose to live the easy things in their chart, pushing the shadow onto others. It’s like owning a Lamborghini and never putting your foot on the gas. You have the right!

If you want to utilize all of your talents, you can!  But to have to be yourself. Forget copying your idols. Figure out who you are and live it.

To get this rolling, maybe we can make a short statement about some part of us that simply must be owned. I’ll go first.

I expect to never quit blurting nor finding myself on the other side of a line I shouldn’t cross. I am not designed to conform. I think my stories illustrate this, both in my actions throughout my life and the fact I dare to publish them to be judged.

As difficult as it is and as exasperated as I may get, if I quit doing this I will be failing to utilize my talents. I don’t see how that could be a wise choice.

Who are you supposed to be?

24 thoughts on “Finding Talent In A Natal Chart”

  1. Great topic.. I have been trying to figure out what direction my chart wants me to take. I too have sun in 10th along with mars mercury and chiron all in conjunction.. I am no authority figure.. the irony, I am Leo ASC but it’s Saturn that blocks everything.. it squares my ASC and it’s opposite my sun.. add to that the natal conjunction with Pluto in 4th house and all the nasty transits eg. Pluto through my 6th Uranus through my 10th and you can see that no matter how hard I try to be noticed for my hard work or wanting to make meaningful changes in my life it just never happens. Sometimes having many planets in one house as I have in my 10th makes it more difficult to get what you want. It definitely is better to have an empty house with its ruler in a good position

    1. That 10H must make you highly visible, too, which sounds good, but also you cannot escape. My 10H is empty. I have a ton in my 1H, though.

      1. My sun is in the 10th but I am far from being visible due to the Saturn that sabotages everything. Its opposition to the sun and square to ASC.
        Having also mercury in conjunction with chiron in 10th has sabotaged my development

        1. I hear you on Saturn, though I think sometimes Saturn is asking for lean-ness or efficiency. I’m a visual artist with A Taurus Saturn conjunct my Taurus Sun in the fifth. I’ve made art my whole life and worked like a dog (artist). The difficult part is the marketing and selling of my work and ultimately myself since in the U.S. everything is about brand and I hate being the center of attention. Saturn does not make for a charismatic marketer, haha. It does however allow for discipline as I’m sure you are aware. It squares my Pisces moon which is also good though difficult sometimes emotionally. I have Uranus conjunct the MC in Libra so I’ve done well when delving into “newer” art forms and abstraction but it also is quirky and not dependable. I have the chart of an artist for sure, tons of Neptune etc… but it’s the being a public figure I struggle a great deal with. You are right about Saturn though with it’s periodic road blocks. Patience seems to be the key I guess. I also feel astrocartography can help in instances where career is involved. I am currenlty living fairly close to my Saturn/Mercury line and self promotion has been hell. I’ve had a fair amount of success but I also have real trouble with communication here and the Saturn vibe is a serious downer for my Uranus/MC conjunction. When I’m struggling with this I try to switch gears between the different planetary energies to find out which one will open up for me to move forward. I realize sometimes Saturn just won’t abide but he does appreciate effort. Chiron on that mars in the 10th is what pops out at me for your situation. A lot of healing needing to happen around the will but such potential as a healer with discipline and authority (saturn)!

          1. Also the mars/ mercury/chiron. Wounding around speaking or being a public figure? I actually think Saturn can give support here as Saturn allows for us to see things as they are… highly pragmatic but this can be good, especially in instances where wounds are involved. Once you move past his self critical nature and somberness, Saturn just wants you to get to it. Chiron is conjunct my IC and has made all things 4th house incredibly precarious and profoundly healing to say the least. Oppositions require a lot of flexibility and that 4th house Sun opposite the MC must be tough. Is this all in fixed signs? That could add to the rigidity of the tension.

            1. Saturn can be cruel if in hard aspects and I have him conjunct Pluto near my IC
              It’s also part of my yod which mercury and chiron are the apex. It is true it has to do with emotional issues. The difficulty is with Saturn, what would make him ease the tension on my chart. I am disciplined and Saturn is my 6th house ruler. Having Pluto transiting there has made me obsess over a career which never happens and the 10th house stellium is spending so much energy on that field. Uranus transiting wreaks havoc at the moment. It’s not ideal having many planets in one house. But knowing what your talents are can give you a more meaningful life. I do have a lot of fixed energy in my chart and many quincunxes so I always need to re-adjust to find balance.

  2. @ ElsaElsa, when describing yourself in this post, are you referring to your Mars Mercury conjunction specifically or other things in the chart too being in the mix of making you You?

    I love reading everything you write, Thank you for keeping this blog going for years and wish you many more fruitful years! but my favourite has to be your posts about projection. Because you explain everything so well and also because that kind of information is not easy to find on the internet. We need more astro-psychologists like you, and now more than ever.

    1. Yes, storytelling is a 9th house thing. So is publishing. Mercury is writing and Mars is daring, plus there is lots of swearing and sex and candor in most every story I write. I’ve been heavily criticized for this but it is “outsider” (out of bounds) stories.

      It’s just one element of me. I was meaning to illustrate that regardless of downward pressure, repulsing people, or whatever, I’m going to do it anyway, as compared to stopping from outside pressure or censorship. Courage.

      1. I have a sun in the 9th Gemini opposed to a Uranus/Saturn in Sagittarius. I’m quirky preschool teaching assistant. Never associated Saturn in Sagittarius as a teacher but that really makes sense.

        I have never wanted to be an educator especially since with how terrible the education system is here. However with so many other jobs soon to be replaced by AI, probably organic teaching as well, not sure where else to look for work.

        Not sure if I would or should be to fully use my talents. Been searching for a long time about that.

  3. I have 12th house sun in Sagittarius which I don’t consciously use. I am pretty good at telling stories. I tend to rely more on Capricorn Rising and being responsible. I need to utilize more of my Venus which rules 5th & 10th houses. Feel free to offer suggestions 😊

    1. These are pretty artistic placements. Sun in 12th can be a lot of things, there’s freedom in a pisces house, dealing with imagination, intuition, can range from dance, music, photography, video- cinema, glamour, even fashion. Sag is sage and maybe you have your own vision about the world, knowing things before reading about them. Philosophy, beliefs related to our collective. Maybe you have talents that you’re not consciously aware of yet. 😊

      1. Thank you for those wonderful insights. Yes my intuition is pretty strong and I do rely on it. I enjoy taking art classes and also doing crafts. Arts are therapeutic for me!
        It always helps to have someone else look at your astrological placements.

        1. That sounds great! It seems like you’re using your artistic inclinations well And nourishing your sun.✌️

  4. This is a great topic!

    Also, damned if I know what I’m supposed to be 😅 But this is probably a reflection on not studying it too hard. On the one hand, I tend to just float along and take opportunities when they float by me. On the other, once I do get something, I can go all in. I see where I give up, though (change my course) but also where I fight through. Sometimes it really is better to let things go or stay low.

    I have lots of mutable in my chart. But my sun is fixed, Aquarius, and I always have to be the one to decide for myself, ultimately.

    I feel that my chart is very easy: trines, a couple oppositions, high concentration in two houses: first and fifth, the fifth being where my sun lies. And while 9H Jupiter doesn’t hit my sun, it hits many of my other planets. Sometimes I feel well-traveled without even having left my home.

  5. My mother has a 10H sun and Mercury in 10H, both in Aries. She’s a talker…oh boy is she a talker 😅
    But she’s also a storyteller. She has a 12H Cancer moon and Cancer rising. The stories are family stories, from both her side and my father’s, with many details, little tiffs, personalities, arguments, events, loves, loss…she even told the story about how my aunt, her sister-in-law, was in love with our pediatrician, who was married, but she carried a torch for him forever. LOL She’s also the type who knows the neighborhood business. 😅😂🤣

  6. Hehe, I have natal Uranus very close to my MC… And it sextiles my Aquarius ascendant.
    Quirky doesn’t begin to describe my character. I am not afraid of going against all the others in my viewpoint and the way I am. In fact, this is what drives me in my outer life.

    But the talent becomes a deteiment if I do not listen to tothers and include their POV in how I move along in my visions. Because if you aren’t having people on your side, it will become lonely pretty fast. Aquarius needs people to expand its visions, and you can’t do that without listening to others’ POV and learn from them
    (enhanced 9th house with Jupiter in it, goes both ways you can say…)

    So, when I try to listen and set out to find the best way that benefits ALL (or most) of my people, I usually get a very satisfied self. With Mars in Capricorn, I also try to do it with integrity, and I usually succeed. Not always, but often if the area or topic affected is also aligned with what Aquarius stands for. It usually end up benefitting a lot of people, and not just me.

    If the quest also involves some sort of teaching/conveying knowledge online or in regards to topics from the digital area, I am really flowing on high energy. It’s like having a high voltage cable plug directly up my arse *LOL*

    Not surprisingly, setting up a blog and teaching people stuff has for me been one of the ways to live that energy 😉

    (Sun/Venus/Jupiter in the 9th house)

  7. Im still a newbie learning about my Natal chart, I dont know who Im supposed to be! I walk hand in hand with Saturn (Cap Sun/Asc and Aqua Moon) – responsible and reserved!

    1. Ironically, everyone I know with Capricorn ASC are funny as hell, even the one’s who also have Capricorn heavily tenanted elsewhere – sun, moon, etc…) They are also responsible and very into planning. What I find interesting all of them had a burden they had to get out from under early on maybe that’s how they learned the planning, haha.

      1. I couldn’t agree more, Kate!
        My BF is cappy ASC, and he fits your description perfectly. He has an ADD diagnosis but doesn’t seem to be too heavy bothered by it, probably due to his Cap ascendant LOL. He is kinda forgetful though….

        Also my boss is a cap, and she is precisely the same type as you describe.

  8. Hi Elsa. Have to comment again. Finding talent in a natal chart. I always receive the knowing and the unknowing with you. I’m not sure why so I’ll just leave that in the unknowing. I appreciate yih so much!


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