The Toothbrush Story (What To Expect Over The Next Few Days)

toothbrushI had a boyfriend once:  He had a closeness issue, a space issue. Consequently, he would kick me out of his apartment every four or five months.  We’d been together close to three years.

He would specifically give me my toothbrush. A few days later he’d be at my house begging me to come back.

Eventually I told him if he gave me my toothbrush again, it would be the last time he ever saw me. He didn’t believe me of course. So a month later, he gave me my toothbrush. I took the toothbrush, and I never saw or spoke to him again.

We have a variety of harsh aspects that will affect relationships, now through the weekend. I bet you find this story relevant, because it has all the elements.

First, Venus will square Uranus. Some will want to liberate themselves from their partner.  It’s freedom-loving, space-loving, commitment-phobic energy that will gladly shock the partner.

Next, Mars will square Jupiter.  Jupiter is freedom-loving.  Mars in harsh aspect will give many the drive to LEAVE.  This energy is restless. It’s very hard to stay put.

These two aspects combined make me think of a person who pulls the plug on their wedding, three days in advance.

Last, we have Pluto opposing Venus which often manifests in a drastic way.

Now think of the story.

The man wanted space. He got his space… forever.

Don’t be surprised if you see something like this play out over this next week. People are not always as bound as they appear. They also may not like being bound as much as you think they do.

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24 thoughts on “The Toothbrush Story (What To Expect Over The Next Few Days)”

  1. Lmao “The man wanted space. He got his space… forever.” I’ve been there. I said, “you’re right, I should’ve shut up a long time ago.” and stopped talking to him completely. I think Uranus was square my mercury, and venus with pluto opposing. It wasn’t fun or entirely easy but it was my ticket out and I haven’t looked back.I distinctly remember thinking “I’ve been looking for a way out and now I’ve got one.”

    The good thing is these transits changed my idea of what “love” is and how I should be in a relationship. They showed me a clearer vision of myself. It was a wake up call.

    I have a job situation I want to leave, not out of hate but love. I think in order to maintain peace and relationships I need to not be there. Jupiter is on my mars, mars is squaring my mars, the sun is squaring my pluto, uranus is squaring my sun. I feel it when someone breathes a little too closely right now. I hate conflict and rarely tell people wnen THEY need to back off. I’m trying to watch myself and keep my distance because I know words have serious power especially with saturn in my communication zone. I only want to say what I mean.

    A friend of mine is trying to end a relationship now. It caught me by surprise since they seemed so stable but this is definitely the right week for liberation.

  2. I used to do that to two of my ex boyfriends. Just left or kicked them out! 🙂

    Obviously not very healthy for the relationship.

  3. Things have been pretty wound up this week and I think they will only get more dramatic. Ugh. I really hate drama. I live with an Aries mother at this time and I’ll have to look at her chart but she is truly getting on my last nerve. It’s true…Libra’s want peace and refinement and this one is staying to herself to get it. I’m trying hard to detach from family members who are putting their foot in their mouth. It’s hard for me to think some people couldn’t be a little tactful. The only way I know to get it is remove myself from the equation.

  4. Elsa I completely empathize… Ive been on the receiving end of this behavior before and I don’t take issue just walking away and I have (mars/pluto conjunction). Im nice, not a pushover. Unfortunately many people are not astute enough to differentiate the two.

    1. Yes, I think Mars square Jupiter energy has been kicking me in the butt so I’ll be glad when it’s over. Saturn in my 12th is making me take a long hard look at my offender(s) so I can make some permanent changes. It’s painful, but all relationship changes are for me (Libra). And the people who wronged me are totally oblivious. I could confront them, but maybe I’m better to suffer in silence b/c they probably will do the same thing if given the chance. I think it’s called “stretching.” Ouch to that. I’m trying not to be bitter, just better.

  5. I’m exactly like that. There comes a point where I say to people: “The next time you do that, will be the LAST time you do that”, and I cut people off and they are never allowed in my life again. Just ask my mother. Wherever she is. I haven’t seen or heard from her since I cut her off 18 years ago.

    1. I always take my mother back…eventually. She has a natal Mars square Jupiter, so I guess she’s lucky that way. In my research, I found that this aspect prevents people from seeing the details of a situation, so they can and will run right over you and think everything is okay. They don’t learn from their mistakes either because they are not the sort for self-reflection. And, to top it off, they are never satisfied. So here is some solace I found, a piece of music that I feel lends itself to the raw energy of the last few days, “Die Planeten – The Planets” –Philadelphia Orchestra- Eugene Ormandy 1977: Enjoy! P.S. – I copied this background piece from another YouTube site: “The English-born trombonist and composer Gustav Holst spent most of his career teaching music in a girl’s school in London. Of his 200+ compositions, The Planets is his greatest legacy. Inspired by his love of Astrology, The planets is an orchestral suite depicting the characters of the 7 planets in the Astrological calendar; Holst referred to the work as “…a series of mood pictures”. He also saw the piece as a depiction of the stages of life, with Mars representing a rocky and tormented beginning. Although Holst completed the movement before August of 1914, the British public heard echoes of the Great War battles of the Somme and Marne in the fury of his depiction of Mars. Holst’s use of 5/4 meter in this movement contributes to the sense of a pulsing, unsettling and relentless pace. In contrast, Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity, represents the prime of life, evoking a sense of celebration and fun. A central section introduces a ceremonial melody that Holst later used for the hymn I Vow to thee My Country. The ancient pentatonic scale, from the era of General Tzu, is referenced throughout the piece.”

      1. It’s a Plutonian thing. I have Moon/Pluto conj in the 4th in Virgo, so suffice to say I am capable of GREAT self-reflection and can see an overabundance of details. My other 4 personal planets are in the 8th, in serious Capricorn, and they trine Pluto. One way of making someone “die” is to remove them from your life. Plutonians do not have a problem with that. I won’t tolerate a toxic person just because I am related to them.

        1. A couple of mine seem to be toxic right now. I also have Saturn making a transit in the 12th house, so I think he is showing me the cracks in my foundation. It’s a sort of mixed up time for me anyway…a time of trying to let go of my ideals, b/c these people keep hurting me…but in the end, yes, I have to let go b/c these folks never measure up to my ideal and as a Libra, relationships mean a lot to me but they have to be fair or I think you are despairing.

          1. The 12th House transit of Saturn is clearly about endings, about being serious about everywhere you allow others to breach your boundaries. Time to get rid of what doesn’t work and finish what has been left undone so that when it enters your 1st House you can work on your self, who you are, and what you want.

  6. wow, thought it was just me..I have natal merc in the 6th (ruler ofMC) getting picked on by opposition saturn transit and semisextile uranus transit, but then again a sextile from transit venus…I am planning on leaving my present job for a much better position but not sure when to let the boss know…It might pop out of me out of frustration with the job when I want it to be a good time to bring it up…maybe there is no good time?!

    1. Yes, I really think that Mars aspects makes a difference as to a woman’s sexuality. I have Venus trine Mars, so I’m not the bold in-your-face type with it, but I know you have to take other things into consideration, too.

  7. Ohh Mam or Mr, please dont get all politically correct on me, it was a joke, but if I offended anyone including Elsa, I am truly sorry. There was no meanness intended. We do come to this site to learn lessons, a lot of times based on Elsa’s life experiences and this is a good thing, thank God she has lived her life.I know if someone hands me a tooth brush I am going to get the fuck out of there.

  8. Ha Ha, actually it was Merlot. I really meant it to be funny. It is something that sounds better when you say it than when you type it.

  9. Gemini moon 5th? Charles,me too and I read that statement….question n thought God, sounds like something I might say.

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    I would like to learn to be more direct with people who pull things I don’t like, but I have a hard time confronting others (Mars in Pisces). If I’ve had enough, I just pull the plug with no warning.

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    The way I see it, it’s not my job to teach an adult how to behave. And if you could do what you did, nothing’s going to change if I speak up so why bother. If you repeatedly mistreat someone, you need to be prepared to lose them.

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