Does Your Natal Moon Show What Your Children Will Be Like?

moon girlstrawb. wrote in the forum:

“I wonder if the Moon in a woman’s chart can describe what kind of children she will have and her life after children… for example. this Cancer woman I know with Moon and Mars conjunct in Aries, had three rowdy boys back to back. She also ended up being a single mother after her husband died when they were quite young… leaving her with no choice but to be very independent and resilient and take on the leadership role of the house (Aries qualities).”

This is such an interesting question. I think strawb. in on to something.

My mother had an Aquarius moon. I am an outsider...even in the astrology community!

What you seen to support or refute her theory?

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  1. My grandmother, my mother and I all have (Had as Grandma and Mom have passed) Virgo Moons. This has significance! I resonate with the Demeter story – which was told partly to describe the seasons and earth’s harvest. The part I link to my line is that of being removed from the main culture or community and returning at times. The image of the captor rings throughout our life tales. Though with the empowerment I have experienced in my lighftime, I am bringing light to the shadow and seeing how I am my own puppet mistress in the play.

  2. My mother has Capricorn Moon, she neglected us and we were taken from her so at least there’s the lack associated with Saturn.

    1. My mother has Capricorn moon, but she is also Libra sun, taurus rising, she taught us to always take care of our men with sacrifice and love (libra – partnership) and to learn how to survive (scorpio dominant); she had saturn but her venusian was strong, she loved beautiful,material things and she acquired them easily even if she did it herself and not by her husband (through work, and gifts, promotions ect); to her she felt accomplished and happy. She was most happiest with children and animals to love.

  3. I too wonder how much of our parents show in a chart. My moms moon is Virgo her 2 daughters are Virgo rising and I’m virgo. She was always on us for chores and housework and cleanliness. The other two boys were wild cards. I think she really wanted all of us to turn out Virgo qualities.

  4. My mother had an Aquarius Moon and her mother has that moon as well. I am a Virgo and have Aquarius on the cusp of house 6. Moon in Cancer in house 11.
    The most important lesson I learnd is that I BELONG TO MYSELF.(I am 63 years old). But that has cost a lot of lonelyness and I felt myself an outcast for years and years. I know this Moon was not easy for my mother as well. And my grandmother was an orphan. Her mother died in childbed. In those years was a Aquarius Moon more difficult that it is now a days.

  5. I think that “outsider” is a better word than “outcast” In The Netherlands we call this “Buitenbeen”. Is a kind word.

      1. Dear Mokihana, I searched for a possibility to explain how you can say it in Dutch.
        Dit not found it. But: ui sounds is a kind of OU from the word out. ee is like Bee.
        Than it sounds like bou-ten-been. (boutenbeentje). If you say it like this people here wil understand what you mean.

        This issue keeps me busy today, it is very interesting, thank you Elsa. It is family corporate. Years ago I made a astrological familytree, for the side of my father and the side of my mother. That was so clarifying. Saying this I know that there are still a lot of “secrets” as well. I love this subject. Thank you again Elsa, for keeping me busy! πŸ™‚

  6. My mother has a Gemini Moon. I’ve definitely got a Gemini “flavour” to me. ? I have a Libra Moon. I’m not so sure how that may play out with my kids. My daughter is more interested in partnering & all that. My son does get upset when things aren’t “fair” (in his eyes). But, these things seem kinda normal to me. It’s an interesting idea, for sure!

  7. Mother had an Aquarius Moon likely conjunct Jupiter. An older orphan, I am independant and think for myself, always have. The essence of a woman’s Moon is definitely felt by her children, whether they like/d or not probably depends on their Moon and this goes on and on down through the generations.

  8. Mom had a Libra moon, opposite her Mars (I also have moon/mars opposition). She was definitely more social than maternal! Very cerebral and witty. She had a very distinctive way of speaking which we all thought was rather hoity toity. Yes, she went to an Ivy League college- definitely a character. I ended up going there for graduate school and she liked that. I’m a Pisces moon so I’m a little helicopter-ish, which I’m sure is also a reaction to the “benign neglect” I grew up with.

  9. All the threads here are interesting but this is reeeaaally provocative πŸ™‚ I hadn’t thought about this much until now. Thanks, Elsa!

    My deceased mother’s Moon was in Gemini. Her three daughters (I’m the oldest) all have Mercury in tight aspect with the high-focus planet in their chart. One sister has Gemini rising, the other has Mercury conjunct Neptune (our mother had Pisces intercepted in the 1st house), and I have Gemini on the 4th, with Mercury combust Scorpio Sun square Moon/Pluto. That’s the astrology. The reality is that we moved a lot, her various outside interests created latch-key kids, and words replaced the emotional nurturing (we all needed physical expressions of love – what kid doesn’t?).

    So, my daughter has a Capricorn Moon (4th) that opposes her Sun, Merc, and Saturn (10th). I was a single parent, a professional who worked hard to give her the security I knew she needed and the love I wanted her to feel. Unfortunately, she too was a latchkey kid. Now in her 40s, she still seeks my approval, in oh-so-very subtle ways. My Leo Moon is conjunct Pluto; she has Pluto conjunct her Ascendant (in Libra). That said, at her best she has a very lovely, sunny flair about her, but definitely craves recognition for her talents and needs to be the center of her family’s life. (Oh, and she’s pretty intense too.)

  10. My son’s mom has a Cancer stellium with a Pisces moon trining. He has Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces with a 4 planet conjunct stellium in early Aries, born late Feb 2015.
    He and I share Uranus opposing NN, and Sun square Saturn.

  11. My Mom has an Aries Moon. all of her children are extremely independent. We all moved to different parts of the country or further. We call home maybe once a month. My Cancer brother had such a horrific temper as a child that he went regularly to a psychiatrist to deal with it. Now he has no fire. Probably because he works out like 10hrs a day. So I guess he has physical fire, but personality wise he’s quite tepid. My other brother and I are still very fiery people. None of us have a lick of Aries though. All empty Aries and empty 1st houses.

    What about grandmothers? I think my Grandma’s astrology skipped a generation. My Scorpio brother and I have more of her than my Mom does. Maybe I shouldn’t say skipped a generation, maybe just my Mom. She’s one of 8. Some of them are like my grandmother.

  12. No. Nor at all. I have a pisces moon and none of my childen are piesces like at all.they are all so different from each other even. I have a Gemini, cancer,leo and a capricorn. .nO piesces gentleNess at all. I love them deeply, but it breaks my heart they don’t “feel” what a pisces feels.

  13. My mom has a Cancer Moon and I am moody and sensitive myself and my younger brother is very sensitive. My husband and sister in law’s mother had a Scorpio Moon and they both are intense and have other Scorpio tendencies. I would say yes to the question. I have been studying the fact that my mother has Scorpio on her 5th house cusp and I am definitely a lot like a Scorpio.

  14. My mom is a Cancer sun, Libra moon, with Aries rising and all her angles in cardinal signs. She sometimes places more importance on her social life than the wellbeing of her family. She can be cold and has only shown her Cancer self with her children. She’s been very nurturing but lacking on the emotional side.

    My Grandmother has a 7th house Aries moon. She was rushed into marriage, had 6 children, then got divorced and raised them all up with very strict discipline.

  15. Let’s see, I have a cappy moon conjunct Jupiter(opposing my sun). I also have one child that is a taurus with cappy rising, and one that is a triple sagde.

  16. I love these topics, interesting also is where the moons of our children are placed. Both my sons have their moons in their second houses (one in Aries, like myself and the other in Taurus) this is interesting as a large part of life in our family revolves around cooking and eating food and home improvement to enhance its investment value. Just a thought.
    My mum had a Leo moon and I love her to bits she was so generous and loving, just couldn’t get enough of her. She was so in demand, away from home because of work and artistic interests, so that could explain my moon in 12th house conjunct saturn – she was absent too much for my my needy Aries moon. And now she’s passed away. . . still loving her and missing her even more. S*I*G*H

  17. I don’t know my Ma’s exact birth time, but using a noon birth time she would have BOTH a Pisces Sun and Moon. Very sensitive about boundaries as Elsa wrote about here: In her life she was that, kind and sensitive to boundaries and secrets. I have spent a lifetime understanding and appreciating the way my culture deals with boundaries/secrets. I retain that legacy of boundaries today; I can keep your secrets. What has been important at this stage of life is to share some of my secrets long enough for others (who really do care) to help. It’s a watery balance, and I was never good at water skiing:) But great at backstroking.

    Interesting POV and question.

    1. In a chart the mother is represented by the Moon and the father is represented by Saturn and co-ruled by the Sun. The Moon also represents the needs and feeling nature of each person on a personal level which would include the feelings toward/about the father and any members of a family for that matter. Everyone’s feelings, or lack thereof, always impacts family members and how one personally feels about it is represented by their Moon.

      1. I know the basics, I was just wondering if the same thing about the Moon and fifth house works the same way with a man and his children. The males around me that I have been trying to study I don’t have an exact time for them and can’t pinpoint their Rising Signs.

        1. The father’s feelings impact a family too, use the Moon running all day, not accurate but the other planets, aspects and anything else you can wring out of them will give info. In charts Saturn, and sometimes the Sun, represent the father and the conditions of these planets in the child/ren’s charts can tell a lot, as does the Moon about the mother in children’s charts. Also synastry aspects between each child and each parent gives info too. Not to forget, the parents have/had parents who impacted them and their Moon and Saturn represents their parents and on it goes down the generations, if you can go back that far.
          Thing is what we feel about things is personal and its our reality, others have their own reality,our feelings about things are not necessarily based on a whole knowledge which can’t truly be known unless each speaks for themselves and even at that it’s not all. That’s why different siblings have a different experience of the same parents and the kids’ different Moons have their own feelings about it which is all real and true to them.

          1. In this case, the dad, and both kids have the same Leo Moon. Both kids have Saturn in Virgo and yeah, I can see the fact that the dad has been a harda$$ on them. Thanks for the information.

  18. Really interesting! My son and I have Capricorn moons. Even more, my Scorpio sun is in the 1st (Aries) house and his Aries sun is in the eighth (Scorpio) house. I hadn’t realized that before.

  19. What if her children are very different? We’re talking about the mom’s natal chart and not the progressed at time of childbirth, right?

  20. My mother’s 7H Aries stellium included her Moon, Mars, Uranus, and asteroid Eris. She was well equipped to raise us after my father suddenly died. Her 7H Aries Moon formed a Cardinal T-square with her 10H Cancer Pluto and 4H Capricorn Saturn. Out of necessity, my siblings and I were taught self sufficiency at a very young age.

  21. I’m not sure how this applies to my mother. She has her moon in Taurus, and sure my sisters all have a Venusian vibe to us I suppose. Venus is a major player in my natal and progressed chart, and two of my sisters are artists, though more the Pisces and Libra kind of artist than the earthy Taurus kind. We don’t even have that much fixed energy, except for me with my Leo stellium but I inherited that from my father.

    Really I see more of my mothers children by looking at the state of her fourth house – Retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius, dead on the IC ? That rings much more true to my adult sisters and my childhood than a sweet, home making Taurus moon let me tell you..

  22. My mom has 12th house moon in Aries. In a T-square with Mars and Neptune (plus her sun, Uranus, and Saturn)

    My brother has Aries rising, Mars conjunct Neptune, and Pisces moon. I have prominent Aries placements and a heavily aspected Mars in my 12th.

    I think this supports the theory! My dad also has Mars conjunct Neptune… Honestly, I did not realize this was such a strong family signature until now.

  23. My Mother’s Moon was in Sag probably conjunct Jupiter, maybe trine Neptune. I am empathetic. I don’t consider myself lucky especially but definitely independent.

  24. My mother’s Moon was in Scorpio in the Fifth House. She was very creative and so am I. She re apolstered furniture, tiled floors, painted rooms and three the best parties! Off course there always ended up being a bit of a dramatic debate at the dinner party table. But she pasted along a love for art, music and a love for life on to me.

  25. There are some typos above my phone chose to fix that I did not type. “Threw the best parties”, and “passed” not “pasted”.

  26. This is fascinating. My Mom had the moon in Capricorn and was emotionally withholding, manipulative and depressive. My eldest sister and I both have the moon in Capricorn, my brother has the moon conjunct Saturn, as the next sister does too with Cap rising! My youngest sister has Saturn in the first house – her moon is conjunct Neptune…my Mom had her sun conjunct Neptune. My Mom’s emotional temperament set the negative critical and depressing tone in the house…and her inability to be outwardly affectionate or emotionally available/supportive to her kids (as well as my Dad) has affected all of our emotional health. Only by becoming conscious of it and choosing differently have I come to understand and deal with this legacy. It is so ingrained that it takes much awareness to transform it. With my Mars/Uranus conjunction in Cancer on my IC, I had to break away from the family script…which kinda put me as an outlier. It’s too hard a truth for them to admit and then have to change.

  27. My Cappie Mom had a Virgo moon. It conjuncted my Leo sister’s Virgo ASC. Needless to say they were like twins in behaviour and very close, always consulting each other about everything when sis had her kids. I had some issues about motherly control since my ASC is Pisces with my own moon in Sag square Pluto on the DESC. We learned manners, practical routines and how to look after our lives VERY well.

  28. I asked my mom if she thinks this is true (she is the only other person in my world who knows astrology. She said yes, which is weird because my mom has a Taurus moon in the 7th house square her Sun. I have no Taurus. I have Venus in Scorpio conjunct Pluto and Saturn. She said my sister and I were both conventional and reliable even as teens and despite her encouragement to fly our freak flags if we had them (she’s an Aquarius Sun). We we even sang in different choirs in high school like a Taurus.

    Maybe we encourage our children to be like our moon?

    I have an Aquarius moon, and I’m really curious how this shakes out with my kids.

    1. “Maybe we encourage our children to be like our moon?”

      That is a really good theory! I can see it in myself and my parents for sure.

      Really interesting. I think you’re on to something!

  29. my mom is a virgo moon. so is my brother. i have virgo mars in the 2nd. she’s aries rising though so it’s so easy to get a stir out of her and that taurus sun does not let go of things ever. her 5th house is in leo though and my 2 siblings are leo suns and im leo rising

  30. Mom has a capricorn moon. I have a capricorn moon, our moons are conjunct by 1 degree more or less. She has positive aspects to outer planets, I have the conjunction and a sextile, we share the square aspect to mars. Her moon falls in my 1st house. It’s nice to have someone figuring out your mood (because others get it wrong). She’d be coming from the other room ‘Why are you sad’ when I didn’t utter a single word before. Or ‘You’re extremely giddy and happy today, did something good happen’ when my face would look like this the entire time :|. πŸ™‚

  31. This could be true. I have a Capricorn moon with a 6th house stellium. I have three children with two having Capricorn risings and the other a Virgo rising.

      1. (sorry) but I must ask> does everybody new in here gets a welcome or it’s something automatic? I’ve seen often this comment to people. I never got anyone welcoming me and this has happened to me in real life (someone new coming and saying hello to everyone except me and it’s hurtful even if it’s a small thing. Had to ask.

        1. It is not automatic. I do this myself. I welcome everyone who comments for the first time. If I missed you somehow, I’m sorry.
          I have no idea how it happened. I have been in a lot of pain over the last several years. Overwhelming at times. So maybe there was a flood of email when you showed up on the site and I simply missed it.
          Again, I’m sorry. Definitely not personal to you.

          1. Oh No, no, Thank you for replying and I believe it’s not intentional but I wanted to make sure nonetheless. Also I am not deserving of your apology because you didn’t do anything wrong to me in the first place. I’ve been in real life ‘singled out’ by people and even my mars in libra mom and friend who always try to understand the other person as they call it seeing the other person’s pov, they’ve seen at first hand how I was excluded even before opening my mouth and it was like, ok now we get it, since it sucks. So I didn’t want to create precedents for others. The only good thing from this was that socially I can see when someone is left out and bring them to the conversation myself or talk to them instead. I know that deflated look all too well. It’s a small thing, I am so sorry if my comment was upsetting to read or if I upset you. I know you’ve been in a lot of pain for a long time and wished you nothing but a speedy recovery. We’re both a part of capBonesRising team.? Thank you, Elsa!

  32. My moon is in my 1st houseVirgo and my wife died as i was 32 of age,keaving behind 3 girls.I have been taking care if them to date.Does that mean my kids will be just like that?

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