Venus & Chiron in Pisces Square Saturn In Sagittarius

Venus is retrograde in Pisces at this time. The planet conjuncts Chiron and squares Saturn in Sagittarius which is also retrograde.

This situation will persist all through April. It doesn’t feel very good. You may feel broken. You may see people breaking around you. Most likely, it’s both.

People don’t feel good enough or that they can give enough.  The wounds seem unhealable.  People want to quit. They want to defend themselves. One way to do that is to quit!

Personally, I find this highly challenging but I do know the best way to work with this energy.  That doesn’t mean I will succeed. I also know the best food to eat. It doesn’t mean I won’t have some ice cream!

If you do want to try to get up and stay up off the floor; stay out of a lonely prison and such, you’ve got to work (Saturn) to transcend (Pisces) your wounding (Chiron).  Charisma is key (see Chiron rules Charisma).  You’ll fare best if you use your charisma to support something greater than yourself. You’ve got to serve and you’ve got to sacrifice. Otherwise, suffering is pretty guaranteed over the next few weeks.

On top of that, you’ve got to do this in spite of your fear of rejection. Tall order, huh? But I’m telling you, this is the winning recipe at this time.

It also goes back the fact you can’t get everything you want (win every hand).  The universe is showing everyone this at this time. Just because you want it and can imagine it (Venus in Pisces) does not mean you can wish it into being!   There is a block there, called reality (Saturn).

This can be as simple as this fact – I want to plant tomatoes but it’s pouring rain and the temperature will drop below freezing on the weekend.  It doesn’t matter how much pining I do, the reality is obvious.

Everyone is coming up short at this time.  Serve or suffer, baby. That’s the rule for the rest of the month.

Can you see this energy at play in your life?

18 thoughts on “Venus & Chiron in Pisces Square Saturn In Sagittarius”

  1. I have two friends who are in a bad situation right now. I can’t ignore that, will see how I can help.
    Alas, they are both in problmes where I can’t actually do much, so that’s hard.
    Difficult also because I’m not in top shape either.
    All this happens at the same time, of course…
    “People don’t feel good enough or that they can give enough”, literally!

  2. I can feel this exactly! I’m in my second Saturn return and I thought I had myself together. Saturn and Chiron said Wrong ! I’m soul searching and see my faults so clearly now. Trying to teach myself to treat my mate better. I thought my journey was over, but now I see it has just begun. ..a bit scared !

    1. Hunh, another Melinda. That’s it. I’m changing my name on this blog. BUT, I LOVE your name!!! I’m coming up to my Saturn rx too. My life has been 57 yrs of “life sucks” with a few really great days sprinkled in to make me keep going. I feel like Elsa’s speaking directly to me with this post. I can’t plant anything either, and I stand at the door and pine too, envisioning my edible landscape this year…for the very first time in my own “tiny” home. I’ll do everything I can to serve others this month, more than usual (Venus 6H). My Sun is in Cancer 5H, so feeding people, especially something with chocolate, always feels like a good thing to do. GREAT ONE Elsa! Spot on! I’ll read it again later and forward it to a friend! <3

  3. BTW, GO FOR IT ELSA! Write what you feel, say what you want, and don’t bother sugar coating anything! I need Truth, with a “T”, and am so discouraged by astrologers who are afraid to tell it like it is, because they don’t want to lose “fans”, or whatever. Man, if there was ever a time that we need TRUTH it is now ~ with Saturn conjunct Galactic Center! Let ‘er rip Elsa! We’re all listening, and grateful! PS, gonna try to change my blog name as soon as I can think of something that feels right…

  4. My ex (I still hate this word) approached me about wanting his girlfriend to meet our daughter. I’m finally ready and I support it – it took me a full year to be ready. I have no desire to be with him anymore and the feeling is so expansive. I’m super grateful that he respected my desire to wait until I was ready. I’m not sure where all of this will lead. I won’t lie though, fear lies in my belly ready to strike but I learned something so deeply these past couple of months. I don’t find any value in playing into fear anymore. I’m so aware of fear and it’s ability to wreck havoc, thank God, I just can’t go that route anymore – for more than a couple of minutes anyways. The love and focus I have for my own life has undeniable power… love and serve, baby! <3

    1. A quick vote of support for you, Shan. Your comment, “…I don’t find any value in playing into fear anymore. …” illustrates you are emerging into your new single life – and there’s no going back! I was in your situation exactly four years ago. My ex brought his fiancee (also the woman instrumental in breaking up our marriage) to a family event. To say I was dreading, fearing this meeting was the understatement of the century. What I encountered was astounding: I saw a shadow of the man I had married and a woman who felt terribly out of place. I kept my head up high, acknowledged them, then thoroughly enjoyed the family event and reveled in my psychological victory. More importantly, I’ve never looked back. That chapter of my life is over and a new, beautiful book is currently being written!

    2. Shan, many of us share your dislike for the term “ex”. So, we use, e.g. “my daughter’s father,” or “my former partner”. 🙂

  5. I read your past post Chiron rules Charisma. Natally Mercury is in exact conjunction to Chiron at degrees Cap/4th House, squaring Libra Mars and Aries Jupiter. I have charisma but not bold enough to play an instrument barefoot. I’m seen as dependable (though I often want to throw in the towel), when people get to know me they’re are surprised to find my thinking is nebulous, romantic, and creative. I write, I dance. I have friends who need help and I want to help – I’m also someone who needs help myself right now. It isn’t planting tomatoes but is is seeding my own life and the time is not right.

  6. I imagine this could be good for artistic work because of venus and chiron, especially if it has a healing quality. I think the key is sensitivity to others but not to the point of abandoning your own concerns. Just shifting awareness to include others. I definitely feel drawn to that now. I’m in a position where I’m discovering more about how I can stay open to people even though through I don’t appreciate their views or they’ve blocked my interests and at the same time I can further my own concerns – diplomacy might be a good word for it but I’m also gaining more patience and understanding so it’s not phony.

  7. My wife and I are currently separated (my fault). It breaks my heart every day and I am so scared of what will happen next. We’ve been apart now for a month and I am now moving from the hotel into a house with a room mate. This started on March 7th seeming to coincide with Venus going retrograde. My Dad killed himself on March 15th. We both had secrets from our wives. I decided to come 100% clean, get help and finally grown up from being an immature boy in a 32 year old Capricorn man’s body. My dad decided to stay hidden and take the ultimate way out.
    This post is so useful to me because I often fantasize about my wife and me rejoining in a glorious reunion of love and our lives getting better than they ever were before. I find myself needing to stay in the painful reality more and more. She doesn’t know if we are going to be together again, she doesn’t know if she can ever trust me again. My wife’s heart is crushed. And I did it.
    I can’t change reality. I need to love and serve. It’s amazing how valuable I realize my wife is now and how much of a freaking bastard I was before.

  8. That does explain quite a bit. I saw some of my inadequacies resurface this week, and I need to develop self-confidence in order to reach the next rung on the career ladder. The biggest source of relief for me personally has been to not feel helpless, to believe I have control over my life. I have to keep moving, keep taking care of myself, keep working hard physically, intellectually, socially…and address wherever I feel “insufficient” to ace the next interview, and hope that I passed at least one interview this week. Venus and Chiron squaring Saturn definitely played a role, as well as Chiron hitting my natal Saturn and Uranus, which I will have to deal with even after my Saturn Return.

  9. This has been a heavy transit for me… I feel it. It’s triggering my natal Venus in Virgo square Chiron in Gemini both at 28 degrees… now in a mutable cross with the transitting planets, and Venus is my chart ruler. During this transit, pain and sadness are just washing over me seemingly out of nowhere, I cannot tell exactly where it is coming from, what the root of it is (Pisces?) I dont know if it’s in the collective, or burried in my psyche, or just the planetary energy. Out of nowhere I can start to feel depressed, lonely, or hopeless, old memories start to haunt me, and I worry about the future of my loved ones and myself, the world even. I am allowing myself to feel the feelings and then transcend it, not try to fix it, not try to explain it, not try to ignore it. It is heavy though.. I am really looking forward to this aspect seperating and easing up.

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