Double Sagittarius Man Taken With Aquarius Woman: Uranus Transit

Uranus symbol modDear Elsa,

I have met someone online who appears to be an absolutely perfect match. She is an Aquarius. I feel so taken away by these overwhelming emotions she is bringing to my heart. Can I be sure about her or should I be reserved?


Dear Sagittarian,

I don’t think you have a choice but to feel both overwhelmed and reserved. Because with your Sun conjunct Neptune (permeable) and Venus opposite Saturn (austere), this is your nature! But I still think I can help by offering an outside perspective, which is always valuable to Sagittarius. So here goes:

You can be sure of nothing! Especially now when there is great drama in the sky affecting all of us – and anyone who purports to be able to tell you how it’s all going to come out can be considered to be confused.

Particularly in your case – a double Sagittarian with a Gemini rising – you are in the middle of a massive Uranus transit – which translates as, you are in a period where things can and will happen very quickly and when you least expect them. Like this gal you met!

Being as she is an Aquarian, she is acting as an agent of the universe and your best tack would be to learn all you can. She is here to liberate you, I can tell you that. So should you be scared?

Well you know what? Doesn’t matter what I say! You will be scared, it’s your nature. But the fact is, over the next couple years your life is going to change in ways you never imagined possible. And after it’s changed it will change and change again and there is nothing you can do to stop so best adapt your attitude, because this you can do!

You can take this as an adventure… a trip to places you have never been before. Sadge loves travel and can “go native” fast – so this is something else you can fall back on. And the native this time is an Aquarian! And people fare very well during Uranus transits if they do like the Aquarians do… so by all means attend this gal’s party! And your fear?

Sorry, man. It’s part and parcel of who you are, so as they say… “Feel your fear and do it anyway.” And your emotion? Just consider yourself “vitally alive”. And considering the alternative, you see that you’re looking pretty good, yes? You are.

Good luck.

4 thoughts on “Double Sagittarius Man Taken With Aquarius Woman: Uranus Transit”

  1. I´m a double Saggitarius woman taken with an Aquarius man, just the circumstances aren´t that easy (we´re both taken by someone else)…and I wonder what this crazy Uranus is gonna do to my life (plus Pluto too!).

  2. My moon is 4ºaquarius.Almost everybody I know born within the 1st decanate of aquarius has become a significant relationship in my life: four “best friends” in my teens and youth, two current “best friends” now, a wannabe boyfriend who ended up as a dear friend, and my dad, both fron the 31st…and now this crush…it´s just so-much-fun with them!

  3. Just checked transiting uranus, in 17 pisces, and yes, it´s doing an awful lot of things to me:squaring my sun,ascendant and mercury but also conjuncting saturn and chiron, opposing pluto and natal uranus, sextile venus,semisquare moon and last, but not least,trine neptune…wow!

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