Predicting Violence In Relationship: Mars in Synastry

Dharmaruci of ASTROTABLETALK, writes on the “violence erupting in nature” blog:

“We’ve all got violence in us given certain conditions. We also have a civilized veneer that disguises it from ourselves. So we need football, we need violent computer games and films, it gives some sort of expression to it. None of us are beings of light. We probably need the occasional war as well.”

I agree. Astrology can tell you who is most volatile and when they’re most likely to go off. Take model, Naomi Campbell. She has Mars square Pluto. Sometimes she’s just going to blow. And if you tracked her you could tell via her transits when she was especially short-tempered but I still don’t think you could predict her behavior and I’ll explain.

It’s as if she’s a live wire. And if you come along and happen to have planets in your chart that aspect hers… well she could go off on you, like you’re a match to her bomb. And I can attest to this…

My ex, the AMF was a painter and he routinely brought attractive naked women into his place so he could paint them. I never blinked an eye. It just didn’t bother me.

On the other hand, some gal so much as talked to the soldier and I was willing to fight not her, but him… if not to the death, then at least until someone was bloody! How can that be?

Well the AMF had Mars in Libra, conjunct my own. So we were both interested in the pursuit (Mars) of art (Venus), and it was also very easy to align our energy. We both looked out for the other (Libra) and had very little conflict.

On the other hand, the soldier has his Mars square mine which is an abrasive aspect and consequently I was willing and highly motivated (Mars) to beat him to death with a helmet and smash his motorcycle for dancing with another girl for one minute. And further, I have similar feelings today. I can’t help it. I literally can’t help my response to his stimulation.

So this is how profound and powerful synastry is in astrology. And if you are wondering about the potential for violence in relationship, just look at the natal chart for the potential and the aspects to Mars between charts because they will tell the story.

Have you ever noticed this kind of disparity in the way you relate to different individuals?


3 thoughts on “Predicting Violence In Relationship: Mars in Synastry”

  1. I natally have mars square pluto and i understand the rage it can generate though i try to put it into constructive uses these days (i’m a pacifist at heart).

    But theres one guy i know who can really press my buttons; he has mars square saturn which activates my moon and in our composite chart mars is square pluto which also activates my moon and his i guess i’m pressing his buttons too. We also have our mercury’s opp each others uranus and when we blow it very nearly comes to blows, often over nothing too. But i get so crazed with anger, i’m shaking and really feel i could do some damage if i wasn’t so anti-violence. Strangely we’ve become quite close over the years and forgive each other quite readily but the fire is always there, smouldering in the background and we both know it could flare anytime so maybe we just tread abit more carefully so’s not to get our feet burnt. I suggested we should take up a combat sport of some sorts just so i can beat shit out of him, he laughed (thankfully..gulp).

  2. it’s interesting how some people can trigger those responses. Some are really unhealthy that causes severe violence, (tina turner and ike turner). I like this story, it reminds me of an aunt and uncle in their 80s, she is a homebody likes to cook and care for her disabled adult children still strong, and he is an ex-military man who still pines to be active and youthful. she refuses to go to the seniors hall for the dance events but he wants to go to keep young and fit hates to stay home. so when he dances with other senior women, whether they are married or single, the aunt berates him and says that he is cheating on her. lol she’s not physically strong but she has a whiplash tongue and he feels sad and guilty because he wants so bad to go out dancing and tells us that if he doesn’t stay active life isn’t worth it anymore.

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