Identifying Challenges In Relationships Via Your Natal Chart

zodiac signs dressMy next client’s topic is “relationship struggles”. It’s a pretty common topic. It’s also one of my favorite things to look at.

I’m thinking about teaching a video class on this topic but I’m sure how to go about it. My idea is throw charts up and shred them.

I can run down a situation in natal chart in five minutes, easily. Two minutes more and I can provide the solutions.

If you’re trying to learn to do this yourself, it would be great. But if you want to have YOUR problem discussed, then it might be better to have small group. Rather than looking at a bunch of charts from a large group, we’d get deeply into fewer charts. This model would accommodate questions which would be good. The idea would be to come away, really understanding how all this works.

What do you think?

I’m also not up to speed around what can be done with zoom as far as recordings and also conversation or text chat? Would youtube be better?

If you help me with ideas on this, that would be great. Thank you!

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  1. I have venus conjunct saturn minutes apart in a Cancer second house. I spent years looking for The One with no success until one person met stuck and kept connected. She is my The One. we’ve been happily married for 37 years, married 4 times with no divorce, married by her birth father, married on a cruise in the middle of the Atlantic, married by a minister friend, and we consider the day we met as one marriage. We’re both Leo’s, gemini my rising, sagittarius her rising. The One is out there. Don’t give up. Keep searching. You’ll be glad you did. You’ll know him/her when you meet.

    1. You gave me hopes after I read your comment. My venus conjunct Saturn too but in the 9th House, Scorpio.
      I am 39 years old, not married and still looking for the right one.

      I have a question for you. Is there an age gap between you and your spouse? Most of the guys who are attracted to me, older than my age.

  2. Zoom works really well for presenting content (charts etc) and recording it, and if you enable it the participants can participate via in-chat while you’re presenting.
    Let me know if you need tech support, I’ll be happy to help!

  3. But do I try to do an open class or a small group? Take questions?

    If you’re trying to learn to do this yourself, a lot of examples is great. If you want insight into you particular situation; a small class where all charts are gone into thoroughly would probably be better but you can also just get a personal consult.

    I might also just have a live demo on zoom… fun. I could record and then upload to youtube?

    I have a problem on youtube. I used to have tons of watch hours but they wiped them all out when they instituted limits for monetization. This is one of the reasons I quit making videos.

    So now, I make these very short videos, which will never get me to the threshold where I might make even a dime. This might be a way to fix this??

    1. Hey Elsa, I’m not familiar with YT from the channel creator side so I don’t know if this is helpful or not but from a watcher perspective, I personally prefer videos that are at least in the 10-12 minute range or longer, depending on what it is I will watch from 20 minutes to an hour. Short attention span is a thing with tech reprogramming people nowadays, but I think really short videos work more on tik tok (which I don’t use). I wonder if more people would engage with your YT channel if you created longer videos, focused on your titles a bit, and go live if you want to (which I would love). Especially if you give people on the blog a heads up if you know when, we can show up and give your channel some traffic. I’d like to hear more from you in a different format personally. I think you are interesting. 🙂

      I’m not going to comment on the class because I can’t take it right now but sounds fun!

    2. Put up a vote to see where the most interest lies, in people learning or figuring out their ‘stuff’? Or why not do both? Then you’d be helping both sets of people. If you do the open class first, it might help many people figure out what’s going on, then you’d get more details (or into the weeds) in the small group. Just a thought, why limit yourself, you’ve got a lot of knowledge to help others with(sell).

  4. Avatar
    Synastry trainee - or trying to be.

    This would be amazing, Elsa.
    ”I can run down a situation in natal chart in five minutes, easily. Two minutes more and I can provide the solutions.

    If you’re trying to learn to do this yourself, it would be great.”

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    one in the peanut gallery

    I have gaps in my knowledge, which would get finally filled with this type of offering, Elsa. It seems it will start off pretty much as a not so much kindergarten, but more like Junior High. Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly groups. I also like the idea of an online group therapy – astro-psychological -based – just sharing charts, lives and insights. Once I found – I’ve pulled hundred’s of charts – and I get a real good intuitive feeling of that person. It helps me understand people – I have a degree in transpersonal psychology and know Astrology should definitely brought into the picture, when it comes to spiritual healing. I am assuming many people have become gun-shy of actually inter-reacting with people on one hand, and on the other It feels like everyone’s out to find their ‘group’. My take on it is as you walk it , it will become what it is supposed to be. And I think it is an excellent idea, and also a grand way of beginning to reshape our new Earth.

  6. This is the astrology I love, and I love learning. I sure hope this happens. I would sign on immediately. This is psychology astrology and how to handle the energy of the people we love. This kind of thing is helpful to so many who want success instead of overreaction and can be used in all situations. The whole darn world could use a crash course in this these days. This is deep and meaty and right up my alley. This is the good stuff. I’m in. If I know what I am doing wrong, I can correct it and will.

  7. So help Libra decide!

    Let’s say it’s a 90 min thing. Am I teaching astrology / to read charts? Or am I talking about functioning in relationships?

    I understand there is crossover but I would want to tell people what it is they would be signing on for.

    Really, I would want to do whatever people are interested in so which is it?


    1. My take is that you will infuse astrology into any of your teachings, but how to function in relationships will draw in so many in need – even those of us who are less versed in astrology.

  8. Hi Elsa, just commented on Herd of Turtles.
    We’ve consulted in the past. You might remember, or not, I’m a retired psychotherapist and novice astrologer.
    I’m also somewhat savvy with Zoom. Would love to help.

  9. Why not do both? Spend 60 minutes showing how you dissect lots of charts.

    Then after a break or intermission, pick 2 charts out of a hat to delve deeply into the particular personal situation.

    Then you could have a follow-up course dealing just with the individual charts for the people who have pressing needs.

  10. Zoom is good. Easy to record. Chat is there for the participants during the call but it disappears after the call is over. I believe you’d have to copy and paste it somewhere else to save it. The chat works well for live questions or you can ask people to click the raise hand icon to be called on for questions.
    I love the idea of addressing relationship questions through astrology, using examples with the person right there. That makes it fun and interesting.

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