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hologramI have that Uranus station aspecting my Moon. There’s so much going on, it’s a challenge to make heads or tails of it. Stuff comes at you so fast you just have to hit the balls back the best you can… on instinct, I suppose.

There are lulls in the action. I try to create them by going on a long walk each day but still there is a lot of information to process so today I called my sister for perspective.

She had a lot to say but I was struck by the end of the conversation, perhaps because it was the end of the conversation? She told me to watch my heart.

She explained that it took a long time for people to see me – “the real, Elsa”.

“It takes a few years, I’d say before someone can actually see you if they are going to see you. A lot people will never see you. It takes a certain kind of person who can do it and it takes them time. You’re just not there to be seen so make these people earn your friendship. Fuck it, they can earn it. Put a fake Elsa out there and let them deal with that until they can see the real person if they can see the real person…”

It’s good strong advice and I hope I can remember to follow it because I’ll tell you what I am sick of. I am sick of people making friends with my hologram and then acting as if I have murdered them the first time I defend a boundary.

Here’s the newsflash: I AM REAL.

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  1. Boundaries are a person thing. They apply to the person putting them down. People in general have a tendency to be selfish. So when you -defend- YOUR boundaries, they get all upset like you’ve no right to be touchy about it.

    What they don’t realize is that YOU set the standard for how people are allowed to treat you and what goes on. They don’t HAVE to like it, it’s not their standard for interaction.

    So says I, the woman that needs to learn to stand up for hers.

  2. Avatar

    Walls/boundaries are generally there for good reason. I say protect yours till you are ready to take them down. Anybody tries to breech the wall univited? Fair game to take them out!

    As a Scorpio I’ve got plenty of my own over here! 😀

  3. if you don’t respect someone’s boundaries then you’re not respecting their right to protect their own personal integrity- their integral self…

  4. Interesting observation. Not sure how it translates from the written word, but I read your stuff for several years before I consistently felt like I understood the majority of what you wrote, and I am not exactly “dim.”

  5. I can certainly relate Elsa – I seem to have a pretty stout hologram out there myself, and it takes someone a while to get to know me.

    Elsewhere, you posted that once every 10 years or so, someone ‘gets’ you, and I know the delight of that experience as well. All too rare, but so full of delight when someone just sees you, huh?

    I also recall you telling your Soldier in another post that you should have a party, but you don’t know anyone and he doesn’t like anyone. That made me chuckle, but I have to say it also reminded me of me, I don’t seem to know anyone anymore either. It’s as if I’ve had my Leo Sun life, and now I’m deep into a Scorp Moon life, and the two are so very different.

    A lot of my friends are not around anymore because I had to set boundaries and they could not deal. It’s okay, tough at first, but in losing these so-called friends I found and have finally been loyal to myself.

    Thanks for this great post, Elsa, very thought-provoking and insightful. And I want you to know that I know you’re real, and I respect you AND your hologram. Thanks for all you do.

  6. Thanks Peppermint. It’s really true, I don’t know anyone. My life has been that devastated.

    Matter of fact I can prove it. Go on my facebook, I live in a metro area of millions and not ONE person I know lives in my city!

    It has never been this way in my (adult) life but such is the magnitude of the wipe out I suffered.

    My life is like New Orleans post Katrina. I am just not sure when people are going to show up again or what to do with them if / when they do. I am betting this is a natural process and I don’t think it’s one I should rush.

  7. “I am sick of people making friends with my hologram and then acting as if I have murdered them the first time I defend a boundary.” this one really hit home for me 🙁 luckily countless times of hurt and confusion forced me into a familial hermit crab mode for a few years, helping me deal with my retrograde Jupiter in Cancer head on! My Neptune conjunct mc is followed in strength by saturn conjunct mc, both in Capricorn…but ahh…the gift and the curse of neptune once again 😉

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