dyslexia45name  Elizabeth Turneletti
name  Thomas Founder
birth date  September 23, 1974
birth date  November 17, 1970
birth time 11:34 am
birth time  9:40 am
birth city  Appaloosa, AL
birth city  Chicago IL

Those are fake people. I made them up so I could ask if you could read that. I can’t.

Uranus and Pluto are transiting my natal Mercury.   I found out I had some form of dyslexia when I tried to untangle the paragraphs that eventually became my book. I had no idea that virtually every sentence I wrote was tangled. It about killed me to put it all mostly right. It split my head in two.

Ten years have passed and I’ve learned to compensate to a large extent.  I still make a lot of errors, but nothing near the way I used. I thought this was behind me until I got this new site.

Someone ordered a relationship report and the information arrived in my email in the format above.  I don’t know what that looks like to you, but it’s all swirling around when I look at it.  Worse, the information is threaded. Elizabeth, in September, at 11:34 in AL.

My job is to read that data and enter it correctly on another screen. That meant I had to flip back and forth and read the line between the line and I just couldn’t do it.  Well, I could do it, but I couldn’t do it right. I’m pretty sure that every single person who ordered a relationship report those first few days, got a report with errors. This meant I had to try again and in some cases, I had to try a third time, to transcribe the information correctly.

Eventually I burst into tears, and realized I was going to have to bother CArRiE about this. I had wanted to just adjust but the fact is, whatever problem I have is just too profound.

CArRIE made changes.  I now get the info in the format below and I no longer make errors.

name  Elizabeth Turneletti
birth date  September 23, 1974
birth time 11:34 am
birth city  Appaloosa, AL

name  Thomas Founder
birth date  November 17, 1970
birth time  9:40 am
birth city  Chicago IL

Can you read the block of text on top? Is it challenging at all? Where’s your Mercury?



16 thoughts on “Dyslexia”

  1. Hi Elsa, No problem reading the above. I have dyslexia, but I see as a strength to be able to see things in many different ways. When folks send me those “Can you read this messages” with numbers replacing letters such as using “3” for “E”, I never have any problem. My first career was as a computer programmer, and I though dyslexia was a benefit because I could see the code in many different ways and select the most efficient. I admit I do appreciate spell check. My Mercury is in Scorpio conjunct Neptune and Venus in the fifth house.

  2. The new way is better =)
    The older way does take more effort, my Mercury is Scorpio
    I used to have a data base like that and had to printout the info and use highlighters and rulers to guide my way through, and there were more fields as well, I think is is great CArRiE was able to make the improvement =)

  3. I have a weird thing going on, got Neptune in Scorpio angular and closely aspecting most of my planets. Neptune is parallel my Gemini Mercury. As a kid I’d notice how I’d transpose the letters, numbers, all that stuff. I was horrible in math and I also would mess up all the numbers.

    I still do the same thing and I am good at unscrambling words, though. However it is a problem when I constantly bring home the wrong size clothing from stores after I SWORE I had the right size. I baffle myself at the things I come home with from the store. Not just the store, anywhere and anything. I see things and then it turns out what I saw was wrong. My husband doesn’t trust me to be accurate, he doesn’t let me go NEAR checkbooks, and I constantly double check myself now. It is quite annoying.

  4. No trouble reading it, but my eye sees the pattern immediately. Mercury conj. Sun in Taurus, square Leo/8th, opp Uranus/MC. Mercury is semi-sextile Jupiter in Gemini/6th. I have quick visual recognition of pattern; I’m not sure why this is. Ceres in Virgo on my angles?

    When I mix things up, I see words that don’t exist at all. Or a word is missing, giving a sentence an entirely different meaning. I attribute this to Neptune in Pisces, sextile natal Mercury.

    I have information ‘swimming’ at work all the time. I attribute this to the fact I am working with scientists and all the information I see now is new/unrecognizable, so it’s not as easy to recognize the patterns. Once I familiarize myself with the nature of the data I’m given, it’s easier.

  5. I can read it, but would not have submitted in the original form. I may have assumed each person’s respective info is on every other line. But carrie’s reorg makes that clearer.

  6. I don’t have trouble with the first, I have merc in cancer in my 1st, so there’s always some un-clarity that I have to work thru. I also have a placements that like puzzles & decoding,

  7. Ya. The first one was way confusing. I had to really focus to grasp it. Then my mind gave up about half way through. I’ve thought that I might have some kind of learning disability. Recipes and instruction manuals are reaaaaly hard for me to follow. I have to completely focus. Verbal instructions are hard for me too.

    I have mercury in Scorpio conj moon, sextile venus.

  8. I would not prefer the first format because it would be easy to make errors, but I can read it.

    It goes 1, 2; 1, 2; 1,2; etc.
    Imagine if it were a slew of people, rather than 2! That would get very messy.

    The second is easier to follow.

    Mercury in Leo

  9. Mercury in Sag, sq Asc and Saturn. The first format is clear to me, I see the pattern immediately. I have good pattern recognition too and put this down to my Pallas placement. Writing and reading are ok, thank goodness, so long as I don’t overthink it. Speaking is much harder. I find it virtually impossible to say what I mean or feel, my thoughts go through some sort of mangle on the way out of my mouth. And I don’t seem to be able to get the tone to match the situation; I’m too cool or emotional or intense, so I put people off. So I try to moderate everything I say, which feels really artificial but seems to help me to communicate.

      1. 🙂 You say quite a few things I can relate to Chrispito.

        I was thinking maybe the pattern thing is due to a pluto/merc relationship. But then there’s a few Merc in Scorp peeps here who the format didn’t work for. So idk.

  10. Chiron/Gemini/3rd house. Talking is a mess for me–but I cannot imagine trying to decode things that are easy for others. Its a nice thought to think its a gift.

  11. Yes. I can read it. I also read a lot of e.e. cummings, back in the day.

    It’s numbers that mess with me. What you describe with the dyslexia is what happens in my head with numbers.
    Then, I found myself working with numbers for a living.
    I have always had to use work-arounds, and the format makes such a difference. YES.
    It’s like a corral that keeps the creatures from stampeding.

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