Save Me From Influencers!

Mercury is conjunct Saturn in Aquarius today. It’s about integrity of your mind and your ideas – your life!

Video is 1:36 long.  Another manifestation of Mercury Saturn.  Enjoy.

Have you noticed yourself being led by the brain?

14 thoughts on “Save Me From Influencers!”

  1. touché! more conscious consumption is needed for sure, I just said last night while watching a documentary about this sort of notion—”gah, people are so freakin’ impressionable.”

  2. Yup! I had a dear friend who was being so influenced by influencers, that she started to try influencing ME! She was much younger than me so I get it, but geez! Everywhere I turned she’s seen me a video of how an influencer had her closet set up (with things to buy) or a vanity set up with things you could buy from her or somewhere, which supported their business of course. But it’s as if these people think we have no minds, imaginations, ideas of our own! . The sweet part though is my friend was dying from Cancer and these people knew so they all sent her free make up, pretty do dads etc to cheer her up and having a Libra Moon, it did! But the fact they had gotten a hold of her so strongly really made me sad. Influencing is advertising on steroids not with just an agenda to sell you things , it can take your soul.

      1. You’re welcome Elsa! : ) I just thought it was such a good example. I sat for an hour with my friend on FT while she showed me all the stuff she got. I loved her and knew she was dying so I sat and oooh’d an ahhh’d over all the pretty make up pallets, rhinestone covered boxes etc. but I just felt so sad that this is what she thought was quality time at the end of her life. They got her!

        1. Avatar

          ” but I just felt so sad that this is what she thought was quality time at the end of her life. They got her!”
          Wouldn’t that be an interesting topic for a debate? There’s those on one said saying it doesn’t matter what a person does, as long as they’re enjoying themselves. Toxic substances and all.
          Lovers of truth on the other side, an explosion of sadgey truth bombs

          1. hmm i dont know.. its better to die happy than worry and fret and stressed and wanting to leave the world unhappy. maybe thats my neptune talking. but i get why neptune gets a bad rap for lying; they like to make things easier for people and not to stress and worry and cry too much. but it all depends on the content. in the case of someone dying of terminal illness, its nice to see them happy and loved before they go. life is already hard and lots of bad things out there already. i think personally its the intention that counts too. but yeah no one likes to be controlled.

  3. Mining the mind for either other human believers or their resources. Could it be escalated with the transiting Mars-Neptune square to the U.S. Mars-Neptune square, all mutable? A re-focus may come with the nodes moving from Gemini-Saggittarius to Taurus-Scorpio this month. Better BS meter.

  4. I sniff out this crap from a mile away, similar to you Elsa. Manipulation and when someone is selling is so obvious to me it almost reeks. Scorpio rising with a Jupiter Uranus conjunction in my first house. That conjunction is quintile my mercury in aquarius(which is about to get a Saturn transit). My words are carrying so much weight lately. I’m becoming an authority in my area and the sheep are listening. I’m known to speak my mind. Feeling like Peter Parker, “With great power comes great responsibility.” My husband has always been warning me about my manifesting ability I have with my words. Pluto is transiting sextile my ascendant with Venus and mars joining pluto at my solar return this year. I walk in a room and feel the sway I have over people, kinda creeps me out.

  5. To me this is ironic, because there’s no denying that you have affected the way I behave… Always for the better, of course. But how are you not an influencer??? You share stories that people can learn from, and universally helpful advice that any person can apply to their own lives. This has undoubtedly changed the way I act.

    Yes, I want to be influenced – preferably by good people, places, things, and ideas. Isn’t being influenced a fact of life? We’re influenced by the sun, and the moon, and all creatures great and small. What’s the alternative, existing in a vacuum? Those influences can be positive or negative, and luckily we have choices.

    I intentionally surround myself with positive influences – including people like you, who encourage me to be kind, to think for myself, to live purposefully. Your influence has been immensely beneficial for me, and that’s the truth.

    Love the new videos, Elsa! Thank you for sharing your catalog of content, new and old.

  6. Totally. Interestingly, people being influenced always try and seduce more people into it, especially when you say no to them, sometimes that even makes it sort of their personal goal to change your mind (happens to me more often than not).
    I wonder if thats because of my fixed sun/pluto opposition.
    Every now and then i bump into people from my past and see they have been completely consumed by this. Trends. Influencers. They firmly believe they are onto something and that doing this, buying that, makes them a hot thing, so its I who must definitely be missing out on something according to their logic. And thats fine by me. Whenever I find myself surrounded by this energy, I know it’s not my place and exit should follow.

    1. Yes, and they use the same words or phrases and junk just tumbles out.

      Mercury Saturn is also mind control. Control yours or someone else will take over!

      I used to say the “food” around here would not be pre-chewed. 🙂 You must do your own chewing!

      I think I will go back to saying that. It’s so insulting to treat people as if they’re toothless.

  7. Right,they are out there selling it with gramma’s voice ,just like she has a dish of mashed potatoes and pork chops on the bone,yum ,but stop short of any
    Additions to their script! Oh yeah hearing the influence shy of fact checking i’ve been discontent with the constant reference to science well yes scientist work with numbers and projections but I’m finding them very biased because they’re excluding spirituality there is a will to live there is a reason to continue and it defies what’s been documented it might not be able to be measured on account of the enormity of the human soul

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