Who Is Making Who Sick, How & When?

lupusI want to clarify my position a bit. I’m not in denial about being poisoned but I am looking at a bigger picture. This is because back when I first started blogging, I was a total gym rat. I loved the cross-trainer and would work out for 45-60 minutes on it at LEVEL 20, five days a week.

So that was that. I had been inordinately healthy, all my life. So then one day, I started feeling really bad. Weak.

After a few days, I told myself I was lazy and stepped outside to go for a walk. This is something I did routinely with my children. I also liked to walk to the grocery store about two miles away and hand carry my groceries, home. Further, I would use hand baskets while in the grocery store. Good for the arms, right? Multi-tasking. I was in shape!

So on this day, when I decided to quit being “lazy”, I left on a walk. I intended to go the park which was normal for me. I cannot describe the shock I felt when I got to the end of my block (two houses down) and could go no further.

Now, I’m not kidding. I wanted to lie down, right there on the sidewalk. A week prior I was on the cross-trainer. Can you imagine the crossed wires in my head at that moment?

I turned back, with difficulty and surveyed the slope of the street.  Yes! I actually noted I was going to have to walk slightly uphill past two houses. It seemed overwhelming. I was disoriented. How can this possibly be hard? What is happening?

Long story short, I was eventually was diagnosed with Lupus… only to watch legions of people be diagnosed with autoimmune, everything since.

Well, let’s back up a minute. This was about a dozen years ago. Do you remember all the Fibromyalgia people? I do! What was that? What is this?

So people have continued to be diagnosed with autoimmune stuff, in droves. I have so many sick clients, it’s ridiculous. Why is everyone sick?  And how about the dementia that has exploded, not just in the elderly population, mind you. Parkinson’s People are suffering cognitive problems all all kinds – why? But speaking just of my firsthand situation… how did I go from being utterly healthy to being utterly not?

The things I have been posting lately are derived from my personal experience, things I hear from people around the world and just general knowledge I have which centers around astrology and psychology. There is some history informing me as well. This knowledge comes from my husband, for the most part. So I do not deny we’ve got a problem. I know we have a problem. I am doing the same thing I always do. I am trying to help.

I don’t see much use in repeating what many others can tell you. I am trying to share things that are perhaps lessor known or even not known at all.  You can decide if  I am succeeding but this is my motive.

I am not talking in code. I have been very clear. This is a “cellar box”!

Life In A Cellar Box

I also think we’re managed by psychopaths and sooner you can truly understand this, the better off you’ll be.

Why Is Everyone So Messed Up?

This was intended to tip you, if possible or at least to plant a seed.

Psychopath Mind Trick

If this is in fact, genocide, it is not the first time a population has gone such a thing. We can learn to better cope by noting how people that came before us made it through things like this.

Last, a huge percentage of my clients are suffering from anxiety for real reasons. I don’t want to add to this because it’s terribly disabling so I’m trying to be careful. Very careful, because Saturn is about to hit, Pisces and I know all about it, in spades, up, down and sideways!

So perhaps I seem “mad”, which is another part of this whole thing. Psychology is at the center of all this, in many ways on many levels. So my idea right now, is that we work together to stay sane and navigate this crap that’s laid before (and behind) us.

I do have tremendous real life experience with psychopaths.  I know how they roll! I know about the mocking and the situations they work you into. I may get into some of this, if there is interest. Again, understanding psychopathy is key and the first thing you want to learn is to know one when you see one.

Your turn.

48 thoughts on “Who Is Making Who Sick, How & When?”

  1. Well, pharmaceutical industry is the biggest winner in all of this. I agree , epidemic of autoimmune issues is evident. My allergies are getting worse every year. Our immune systems are weaker then ever. Pollution in my city is ridiculously high and respiratory issues are on the rise. That’s one way of poisoning. And there are so many others.

  2. “The first thing you want to learn is to know one when you see one”…problem is I am the type to give everyone the benefit of the doubt -it’s not really them, they are unhappy.” etc.I do sense seriously negative vibes but don’t come across it much.
    I do see more Psychopathy in the people just breaking into stores and homes and taking dogs, money, clothing. I know some is due to hardship but there are people leading these young people into harm. In our State they go unpunished. So it’s a bit scary and sad because they are learning to just live off crime.

    1. When you are governed by psychopaths, you will pick up traits from them, this is fact.

      I’m hoping some of the people here can track what I’m saying – you will be sent in stupid directions because it’s fun for the psycho. Is it right to steal? No. But a psychopath is not going to teach you that. It a lot more fun to teach to steal, and then put you in prison. See? Funny, ha ha.

      This is the kind of think you have to catch on to, if you want to dodge all kinds of negative consequences.

      1. I get it.

        People are really mean anymore. Online trolls in real life. Trained to be that way, encouraged by bots doing the dirty work. Etc. Etc.

        I’m not sure I can spot a psychopath in the wild, however. I’m not sure how. I’ll add it to my list of things to read up about.

  3. Yes m’am, I agree with you. Me and my sister talk about autoimmune disease a lot. A lot. She’s an RN and she looks at patterns and correspondences like me. I personally believe that autoimmune disorders are related to early emotional trauma and is somehow “activated” by an outside source in adulthood (maybe an EMF configuration or something or maybe even a code word or image implanted at a young age as in hypnosis). Or maybe it’s something reminiscent of the original trauma (mother line, father line, sexual etc.). Or maybe it’s a microbiological thing? I don’t know, but I do think there’s something specific that’s triggered.

    The fact that it’s predominantly women who get autoimmune diseases is something to look at too. Also, I’ve noticed Vata type people (in Ayurvedic tradition) tend to get more disease like Hashimoto’s and Kapha type people tend to get depression and fibromyalgia.

    I tend to look at things metaphysically and energetically so I apologize if that isn’t the point. I just can’t help but consider the mind/energy field of a person when there’s an imbalance in the physical. I’m not under the delusion that this is the only lens to look at something through but it seems to be the most complete to me. It’s like there’s these knitted threads that hold it all together and if you pull one, the entire thing unravels. I try to look at the way things are woven together rather than trying to just analyze one thread.

    1. Autoimmune diseases are extremely high in women of middle age (80-85%) due to a hormonal disruptions – the perimenopausal and menopausal ages.

      We get an almost instant drop of progesterone (protective anti-inflammatory hormone) and a heightened increase of estrogen (highly inflammatory hormone when not opposed/balanced by progesterone), and all the fluctuations in between. So floodgates open and things happen.

      1. That may be true but according to my rheumatologist, back in the day, and also a hand ultrasound doc (rare test to have done, but I had it), there was an explosion of this stuff. One of them did say, they did not know if there was a true uptick (huge) or if they might be getting better at identifying it.

        I think it’s a true explosion and abnormal. The only thing that gives me pause is I have little knowledge of the “mother’s little helper” era. What was that?

        1. My understanding is “Mother’s little helper” was Valium and was used to treat “Housewife Syndrome” in the late 1940s to mid-1960s…

          IMO A sad statement of how most women were treated and it seems the social media “perfection” is a repeat performance for prescribing the “new” SSRI anti-depressants


        2. There are also clusters and burst of medical issues of all kinds that show up later in life too.

          Generational clusters like those that grew up with lead paint and bathed in tubs of lead paint, ones that ate out of PFAO pots and pans etc…I was swimming in my mother’s womb along with her pack a day+ of cigarette crap.

          Location clusters like 9 mile island, Parkersburg West Virginia and now Ohio East Palestine…etc

          Vocational clusters like the military, now there’s a laundry list :-0 agent orange etc…

          Epigentics plays a huge part of what turns on or off the cancers, the diseases and reactivation of latent viruses. Epigenitcs also includes our own stress chemicals that we produce.

          I know a woman who is vegan and thinks she is such a clean eater- emphases that her way of eating is the healthiest.. avoids all toxic fabrics and products and literally devotes her life to being ‘clean’…but she stresses about it non stop and ends up producing her own ‘demise factory within’ full of stress chemicals circulating and it is very visible, you can see it, she is not aging in a healthy way at all on many levels.

        3. My Mom enjoyed the “Mothers Little Helper” era. (1960’s and into 70’s) She was on diet pills and then Valium. All the women were.All her friends took dexedrine (legal) to keep their weight down and their energy UP.. then, at mid life,Valium was prescribed by all the family docs, for depression,malaise, etc. I recall hearing them chat over coffee about which doctors were easiest to get the pills from,although it certainly was not difficult.I recall going to the doc with my Mom once and I saw the nurse take a measuring cup and scoop out a cup of dexedrine from what looked like a large oak barrel in the med room. She put it into a little drug envelope and off we went.

      2. One other note – smoking alleviated stress for many. Its been replaced by reading news on the internet, lol. Not sure its the greatest trade off!

  4. I’ll say one more thing- I took an antidepressant when I was 18 for a week and it made me suicidal. There was zero literature about that “side effect” at the time. I took a low dose hormonal birth control for a week when I was 30 and it made me suicidal. Just to be clear, I’ve never had thoughts of suicide before that. Maybe they aren’t trying to kill us though.

    1. I can’t begin to calculate the total medical bills since I got sick; this on top of the pain and suffering.

      The only thing I took at that time was a flu shot. I was living very, very, very clean.

      1. I think it’s a long game, even working across generations. It’s easier to obscure that way. I think about the fact that I was actually in my maternal grandmother as an egg in my mother when she was gestating. I was present there in some form physically, so whatever she was exposed to, even ideas or themes, I was too. You’ve spoken about the myopia as well. I know it’s a tool that’s used. We aren’t supposed to see the connections with the past or the future, or the connections in general.

          1. Hi, I’m new to the site, interesting conversation.
            In the 1930’s a guy -dentist- called Weston A. Price booted around the globe with his wife to see why non-industrialised country’s inhabitants still had good teeth. The untouched natural diet kept them all healthy. Within three generations of an industrial diet (sugar, tinned food, pasteurisation, fluoridation etc.) hips, dental arches and even faces narrowed, myopia developed, intelligence dropped. Fertility ended after the third generation.

            As for fibromyalgia, I had that when I lived in NZ, they’ve been fluoridated for one of the longest periods. They’re rather a ‘tester’ country. Chlorine, fluoride and bromide (in water, food and furniture among other things) knock iodine off its perch- they all land on the same receptors in the body.
            If iodine is knocked off said receptor, the thyroid, pineal, pituitary glands are affected negatively (same with glands which require it like breast tissue) and chaos ensues physically and mentally.
            We can point the finger at ‘those who may not be mentioned’, or simply take responsibility for our choices, which is what they really want us to do.
            earthclinic.com is great.

            1. I’m familiar with Weston A. Price and really appreciate his work. It’s fascinating and makes a lot of sense. I also appreciate this information about iodine, I did not know this about it.

              1. Bromide or bromate is in all those white sandwich breads we grew up on. Its in all conventional bread and is used to strengthen dough and make it more elastic. Lots of people have had this in their diet for decades.

  5. I read about the genes in ones body having a love affair with family history. It has a specific name I can’t remember.

    E.g – your ancestral line ran from the Nazis. Or they lived in a KZ camp.

    Thus, a lot of the happy and security oriented brain cells and genes was kinda “evolutionaried out” so that more unstable and anxiety-rich programming went on in your brain’s amygdala.

    And then, you were often attracted to likewise minds/partners.
    Getting pregnant, and in a blink – 9 months later, out came child with a mutated brain profile, which were just as perceptive for threats in the environment and maybe even more so. Your receptors for negative events, anxiety and so on, was amplified by every birth.

    All I am saying, is that getting even with your genetic history and profile takes a LOT of time, therapy and self improvement.

    If your parents had a traumatic past, they also passed it to you.
    Traumas are often inherited, as we see with the 8th house.

    If we add the fact that it’s rarely the good and stable persons (men) that rape women, back in the day, it would mean difficulty getting an abortion, so you continued genetic profiles that were susceptible to more negative traits.

    1. Our grown son was UBER healthy for the last 25 years.Body builder,mountain biker, positive thinking, happy go lucky.Nice girlfriend.great job. An apartment in the cool side of town. Then after his second “shot” in 2021 he began suffering with awful autoimmune type neurological issues and it continues. He was PERFECTLY healthy till then.10 days after the med, illness began. We are still trying to get help. Mayo,Barrows, trying to find a real cause, some definitive test results, etc. He has some very small improvements lately, mostly attitude wise, which are helping him be a bit more active.But he cannot tolerate even a walk around the block now, or a bike ride.EXTREME exercise intolerance and great pain the next day for “too much” movement. ( A walk around the block=too much movement.) He has managed to keep the job, work from home 3 days a week, 2 days on campus..which. wears him out.. and lives back home with us now. A huge life shift for all of us.Yes, I believe our species is undergoing SOMETHING BIG.. I used to have the hubris to think I understood it all, but now, I am humbled by what I see happening all around me.Politically, health wise , etc.. Covid certainly changed the way people do EVERYTHING including interacting with one another.I feel the isolation has made us feral..we are now, always,subliminally, protecting our territory.. it seems harder to make connections, to keep families close. My friends cancel dates all the time now, they are sick, or sad, or.. something… .I have not seen my East Coast family since 2019 and I feel estranged .. I could go on and on but Elsa, I appreciate your dose of reality and real discussion here..I keep the remnants of my optimism charged up with meditation,prayer,exercise, love, when I can.. but I am also a realist..Sun Cancer Moon in Cap.Pisce rising.I appear drifty, I am a soft touch, extremely empathic (ouch) but cross my line and I can become very calculating and driven. All good,I guess. Thanks for all you’re sharing with us lately. We need this.

  6. The first thing my very unwell niece said to me was: l am in spiritual emergency. Given she was hearing voices–l thought that was astute.

    And yes, Me Too with autoimmune disorders …l have also heard cases of MS are rising sharply, here, in Australia.

    Pluto in Aquarius and Saturn in Pisces coming–we are all in spiritual crises. And with respect–it has to be about more than ‘thoughts and prayers’ … we are part of all things. All things are part of us. This means self responsibility too. I have been trying to clean up my act.

    Ps Thanks for your work on the nodes, Elsa. Just read mine.

      1. Your site, Elsa …you gave them the nod.
        It was what l needed ‘in the moment’
        Thanks for giving credit where it was due–that doesn’t always happen.

  7. I’ve taken my great health for granted having had a hernia at 21 and chicken pox at 36! That’s about it. I eat very healthy, exercise daily and am generally happy and outgoing but ever since I’ve had the Covid shots(4) on top of regular flu shots(3) in the past 3 years I’ve been getting breathlessness, flaky, itchy skin. severe headaches, muscle cramps that last for days and general lack of alertness. I don’t get the common cold or flus or allergies. Doctors tell me it’s all in my head! I don’t think so. I’ve been sold a bad bill of goods on this whole Covid fiasco! God help me now.

  8. My exhusband was diagnosed with autoimmune granulomatosis with polyangiitis (Wegener’s) which is a form of vasculitis. Harold Ramis died from this awhile back. His wife has idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Both are on a lot of steroids and medications. Autoimmune diseases have no known root cause from what I understand. Doctors have told my ex not to get upset as that will cause his condition to worsen. He was a lifer Marine of nearly 30 years. So many toxic substances he was around including Desert Storm in 1991. He has an out of sign trine with Saturn in Scorpio in the 10th house. Leo sun.

    1. Right. There is no clarity on this. I just know that save childhood asthma, I was always healthy. Whatever happened to me, happened overnight.

      Stress is definitely a trigger. It’s one of the reasons I blow off a lot of the “attractions” distractions out there. I want to do this job and it requires me to be well, both physically and mentally.

      I do feel I’m pretty much on top of things now, so I work to stay there.

  9. Stress is a HUGE trigger. I want to thank you Elsa for your site, observations, and feedback. They help me keep stress to a minimum. You are a blessing and good for my health; emotionally and mentally. Happy Valentine’s day ❤️

  10. Do you think anybody might consider that caffeine has anything to do with anxiety that shows up about four hours later after morning coffee and drags around? I have not always drink coffee ,I am these days, however once in a while I’ll just skip out of the habit and stick with my tea a few weeks at a time and things get calm !!but I have noticed any given situation that includes some anxiety is , for me,when I have put coffee there first ?just wondering?

    1. I don’t know! Neptune squaring planets in Gemini and Virgo has been problematic for many.
      Mars in Gemini all these months has really aggravated the problem.

    2. Coffee totally freaks me out! It gave me anxiety and made me very nervous.
      I quit a long time ago & now only drink tea (and can’t drink that too much either).
      I guess it’s a personal physical reaction. I see other people drink several coffees a day (and not the watered-down type). I’d be in a straightjacket if I drank that!

  11. Thanks Elsa ,yes you are so right!!!
    This has been happening down the ages.
    But I don’t believe anything happens without a reason.
    Autoimmune Diseases can be triggered by something that attacks the system.
    Lead or mercury in the water , even accidentally inhaling pesticides.
    America has down the ages being spraying Aluminium via airplanes in the sky .
    Called “Chemtrails”
    Eating the most inorganic food.
    I have never seen such huge apples,or tomato,or capcicum.
    When you come to India and look at the organic vegetables you will probably think they are bad or rotten .
    Not so shiny ,full of color etc.
    Starting with Hamburger,chips,fast food s that is the staple of most Americans.
    Not All.
    Today American s have woken up.
    Most eat healthy and organic,off the grid.
    And many are vegan or vegetarian.
    Have made Healthy choices.
    But for ages this did NOT happen.
    People have been drinking tap water for millennia, unfiltered.
    Of Course this is not so now.
    But even now fruit and veg ,meat and milk is not without additives.
    Meat is full of hormones,so is milk.
    All these affect the system in different ways.
    Emotional trauma can also cause physical problems.
    That effects how the body responds in crisis.
    There are reasons for this along with medication, that people don’t think twice about taking.
    I have since I was a teenager, never taken pain medication,for headache, stomachache,
    I use homeopathy,which I studied.
    Or use food to cure aliments.
    In those days Doctors over medicated.
    Now there are regulations,once not heard off.
    Many people also self medicated.
    And so many reasons for autoimmune.
    In India its not considered without causes.

  12. Trauma is inherent, leaves a mark, children and grandchildren inherent the mark now prey to some,it’s something I think of when asking myself why do I have this mark? How can others see my weakness? Nature wins

  13. This has been discussed widely amongst my circle of friends/family for the past 12 months or so. There are a myriad reasons why people can get sick, but why such a large amount, all at the same time? Why previously very healthy individuals experiencing strokes, heart attacks etc? I am wondering why I’m experiencing daily headaches and nausea and intense pain where there was none before. Add stress to the mix, and it’s a pretty potent cocktail. I’m just hoping we can find a way to heal ourselves before the damage is irreparable.

    1. I agree and add that the kids all around the world have now been traumatized with no end in sight. I mean, now comes layoffs; parents are ill; it’s accelerating everyone’s aging process. It makes sense to pull away from sources of stress, anyway you can.

  14. Don’t forget Fluoride in the drinking water! It destroys the body and lowers the IQ, etc…just a few of the possible destructive nature of fluoride!

  15. I seemes that everything can cause diseases!
    But stress (and fear) agravates both the mental and physical condition.
    What drives me nuts is that you can’t trust anything anymore, “information”, the food you eat (so-called “organic” is not always free of chemicals), the climate, eartquakes, meds (made in China or India…), pollution, balloons flying over countries, wars etc. etc.
    This world-wide cloud of obfuscation is despairing.
    No wonder people are down.
    Enough to make anybody sick.

  16. Well, Interesting comments and thread. I do know that how they harvest wheat has changed. If it is not organic, they spray round up on it (yes – that round up). It dessicates the wheat and makes it easier to harvest. Also, very toxic. Gluten is in everything. Try avoiding it when you are allergic to it. I know that Genetically modified food made its advent mid 90’s. I took all the prerequisites to go to Medical school, but I did not go. I am talking years of Biology and Chemistry. Even I know that they did not test this enough before they put it on the Market. Maybe it is the Wifi we are all saturated with now. Maybe we live longer, and we expect to live longer, which is why some of these have time to surface. Used to, 60 was considered old. You were lucky to live to 70. We don’t think that way anymore. I do think second hand smoke had some part in my getting sick. I don’t think processed food is good for you. Get off the Sugar and the Processed Food was the first thing my doctor and his Nurses said to me when I got Cancer. The second thing was get off the sugar.

    1. I bought some regular brand (mostaccioli) pasta, I am familiar with. It said to cook it seven minutes – are you kidding me?

      I have never seen dry pasta cook in seven minutes. It looked the same but clearly, it’s not.

      1. It isn’t. It is ok to eat wheat – but I sure would eat only Organic. They are not allowed to use the Round Up harvesting method on Organic Wheat. I think some of the illness goes back to what we are eating on a collective level.

  17. This thread has got me thinking… so hard.. and feeling… I feel SO strongly that that I am not willing to let “these times” the current stresses in my life, Covid, the crazed government,steal my Joy.. not completely.Perhaps (definitely) I am a bit less happy go lucky than in earlier times, but I refuse to let the rest of my life on this planet get stolen away from me.I have a dear friend going through way more than I am dealing with and she tells me she has to wake up every day and CHOOSE Joy. I am not a pollyanna/ But I DO appreciate feeling GOOD vs feeling shitty.. it’s just a more conscious choice, now..and harder work,that’s for sure. On any given day there is still music,art, Nature, my husband, my friends (those who have not been done in completelyby Covidtimes..). and what’s left of my faith.

  18. Worrying about this caused me a lot of stress in the last few years. I’ve tried to just stop, saying there’s nothing we can do so just do what we can. It’s a fallen world after all. But I am also worried that I’ll check out entirely and then mess something up. And round and round I go.

    I’ve had health issues since I was 17. I hate it. If I could have anything for myself in this life it would be perfect health. I have to remind myself that people have been having health issues since the dawn of time. Maybe it’s meant to be. But I’ll stop before I get too lofty in thought. All I mean to say is I don’t understand much of anything. Even years later!

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