Is Your Life A “Busted Flush”? What A Concept!

Plutonian copyrightI ran across the phrase, “busted flush”.  It was used to describe a man’s life and I was just floored.

I realize this may be my own weirdness. I played a lot of cards when I was young…when I was a kid. I know what it means when your flush gets busted. It means you were holding all the cards…but the last one did you in.

I spent hours now, trying to figure out how and if the concept of a “busted flush” applies to life. I’m sure some people think it does. I even googled the term to make sure I was understanding the phrase in 2015. I am sure some people think they (or their enemy or whoever) had it all…and then lost it. But I just can’t see it.

A busted flush is not a flush in the first place. A flush consists of five cards of the same suit. If you have four cards, that is not a flush. All that means is you have to sit at the table with strange feelings in your crotch and see what you’re dealt next.

Do you see this the way I do?  It’s an all or nothing proposition.

Also, even if you have a flush, you’re not going to have it for long. One hand, then you need to come up with something else.

I bet there are people who inflate their losses in this way. “I had a flush but then…” It reminds me of this other old saw from my childhood, “close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.”

Is your life a busted flush?

20 thoughts on “Is Your Life A “Busted Flush”? What A Concept!”

  1. Venus (and Pluto) in the 8th house, was told years ago i might benefit financially through someone’s death. Took care of my mother for a year and half when she was diagnosed with brain cancer. She had life insurance but neglected to pay a difference of $50 so when she died the insurance money was gone like she never paid the 20 years into it that she did.I was close to having inheritance. Busted flush?

  2. Maybe it’s time to call the plumber and get the darn thang fixed already. That’s virgo for ya. Practicality plus at the moment. Bor-ing. My analyzer just ain’t workin.

  3. I’ve had tremendous luck and shit ass luck. I cannot define my life in poker terms. I’ll tell you this, though…life keeps dealing me a joker. No fair, life! You can’t do nothin’ with that damn card.

  4. I think I can say no matter how good a pass I throw, there is likely to be a fumble on the other end. I have to run it in myself. That about sums it up.

    1. EXCELLENT analogy, Notch. I feel the exact same way. Further, no one would see my good pass, or me running it in, they would just criticize for the fumble. I have natal Sun 5th house opposing Pluto 10th house, not sure if this is a marker of such or not…
      Most recently, the boss asked me to have his assistant send an email from his email address, asking a a state official for their input on an important project. I did my job, emailing the assistant, telling her what the email should say. She didn’t send the email. Her fault, right? Nope. According to him it was MY fault that I didn’t follow up with her to make sure she sent it. Really?? A week later I was let go, yet ditzy assistant still has her job.

      1. So sorry about that. Where I’m at, I’d be thinking was it a setup for some reason? I thought it was my imagination with neptune opposing sun jupiter, but then I keep hearing it pop up with other people. Taking people down. One friend told me that it makes people feel more important when they take somebody else down. I don’t know the reason. Don’t know that the reason matters. I am always surprised when people in position are susceptible to being manipulated like that. It seems to be a trend. Or gotta take care of the office wife or husband. Take care of yourself. I’m a fine one to talk on that one. : D

  5. I’ve just been shortlisted for a dream job from 50 applicants to 2 for second interview. Waited a month for it to come around. I was overwound up about it. It was yesterday and I missed it, my mind re-wired the date as today. Jupiter went exact on natal Pluto yesterday in my 10th Hs, opposing Chiron and Saturn in 4th. Very depressed right now and questioning why? Is it the mind just tapping into fate i.e. I had inner reservations about it or is it an inbuilt failure / fear / faulty wired mind. What is that quote about there are no accidents? I took in the Elsa video about solving one big aspect on your chart that cleans up a whole area of your life, so am doing a lot of thinking from under my rock.

  6. I had a busted flush once:
    Winning a draw for an all exclusive paid trip for 4 anywhere in the world… but lost it cause I left the work party early and therfore couldn’t claim the prize.

    My manager and staff did not want to tell me and it turned into a big secret. Finally a coworker spilt the news (a Scorpio of all people). When I heard, to my surprise I was disappointed but not terribly upset. The prize ending up going to abother coworker who had never been on a vacation before I her life. I have.

    When I look back, even to this day, I am not upset. Everyone else assumed I would be. Why should I be? A vacation at that point would not be a good idea. I was a kid at the time. I did not want to go without my parents and I also despised my parents at that time. And where would I go?

    This happened during the life upheaval time in my life. Pluto was in Sagittarius squaring my Virgo Sun.

    Having a busted flush isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Did we need the flush in the first place? I guess it all depends on your perspective.

  7. Avatar
    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    Stargirl, I’m so sorry. I’ve had a few experiences like that too. Still painful to remember, still a puzzle. So much easier to endure if someone else was at fault. Perhaps it’s all a necessary part of a purging/humbling/revising process? Sending best wishes for your future.

    1. Thankyou, it’s been emotional! Spoke to a fellow Arian with similar history, he said in the end you just gotta go through it. Am considering dyspraxia and dyscalculia, so mental purge does make sense. Talk about learning the hard way! Hope your All Hallows’ Eve is a good one, Satori’s forecast is throwing out a light : )

    2. Hey I got a reprieve! They rescheduled another interview for next week : D
      Am taking these deeper insights forward and thanking this process, whatever the outcome. Will keep you posted!

  8. It depends on how you define success and winning. You can have it all but without love, you have nothing. You can have nothing but have love and it’s everything. All things, including our bodies, are bound to perish at some point.

    That’s my take. ?

  9. Royal flush here. I would like to cultivate more gratitude and faith for all my blessings. I simply do not want to slight a blessing by not recognizing it and giving thanks. It’s not easy to stay positive sometimes, but I am also trying to learn how I create my own difficulties in life. I want to own up to more, and blame others less. And I want to open my heart, life and mind to God to receive and understand his ultimate wisdom and guidance.

  10. Royal flush outlook thanks to Sun trine Jupiter. Also have Moon trine Neptune.

    Currently having Neptune conjunct Moon transit, so spirituality is heightened.

  11. Thinking about this a little further. I don’t know where the man is in his life. But I know that everything changed for me when I was 50. I wouldn’t have thought of it but have heard others say, ‘everything changes at 50.’ I sum it up by saying by the time a person turns 50 the world has changed enough that the same game no longer works. I don’t know if it is true for everyone, I’ve only heard it from the people who experienced it.

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