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titus_triumph victory paradeRecently I had a client with a lot of Aries, Libra and Aquarius in her chart. I explained how Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius would be a boon for her. Saturn will support virtually every planet in her chart for two and a half years.

With so many people struggling, I thought it might be a good idea to mention this.  If you’re suffering this year, it’s a small piece of a much bigger picture. If everything is going your way, it’s still worth keeping this in mind.

It made me think of this quote:

“For over a thousand years Roman conquerors returning from the wars enjoyed the honor of triumph, a tumultuous parade. . .

A slave stood behind the conqueror holding a golden crown and whispering in his ear a warning: that all glory is fleeting.”
– Attributed to George Patton

Latin – “Sic transit gloria mundi”, literally “Thus passes the glory of the world”.

Is Saturn in Scorpio mostly favorable to your chart…or no?

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  1. Saturn has been a sweetheart in Scorpio as it’s been trining my Pisces stellium and my Cappy moon. A great relief after a bitter Saturn return in Libra. Saturn in Sag will square the Pisces stellium I just mentioned, and also will square Chiron, which is well-known for making me cry every time he hits a planet in my chart. Needless to say, I am not looking forward to that.

  2. I can’t wait until Saturn gets the heck out of Scorpio. It has been wreaking havoc in my life since mid 2012. That was when I had my second Saturn return (in my second house). It also made a conjunction with my Scorpio Moon. That was a pretty depressing time as I lost my job and was unable to find a new one. I wasn’t crazy about the job, to be honest, but not being able to find a new one is the pits.

    Now Saturn is conjunct my Mercury and Venus, square to my natal Pluto. I’m trying to use the energy the best way I can by learning something new and starting a business, but its slooow going. I feel like I’m pushing a boulder up a hill.

  3. Saturn in Scorpio has been tougher on me than I thought it was going to be (I have Venus and Uranus in Scorpio with my Moon in Taurus). I’m a little nervous b/c I thought I would be getting a small break before it heads into Sag where my Mercury (ASC/IC ruler), Sun, Neptune (MC ruler), Mars, and DSC is…

  4. Its been very favorable to me. My planets are all in Scorpio, Sag, and Pisces so it has had a lot of trines and conjunctions. I am sure Saturn in Sagittarius will make up for it by being nice and difficult.

  5. Saturn in Scorpio: my second Saturn return in the sixth house.. was laid off a job that I had for 25 years, ended up subletting my apartment, moving to an uninsulated cottage in the mountains without a stove in the coldest year with no car or license, ha ha.. I did know that this position can bring a loss of job. Starting to work online and about to get a license, will get a car and ride out the recession…

    1. can you clarify, please? “…that this position can bring a loss of job”, what position? a second saturn return or a second return in the 6th house of day to day work?

  6. i loved saturn in scorpio, and i notice i’m allright too with mutable in saturn… i was doing allright in libra saturn too.
    it’s just about taking it one day at a time.

    I do know that through these years of saturn in scorpio, it has been tough…more so with close relatives and it effects us alot.

  7. Saturn in Scorpio sextiles my Virgo and trines my Cancer, while leaving my Libra alone. It’s such a relief, given that I have been pummeled by the outer planets not to have to deal with rough Saturn too!

  8. Found this quote that makes a lot of sense:

    “If Saturn in Scorpio has touched your Neptune, you’re more aware, sensitive, and “feeling-connected” within a larger field. If they’re touched your Uranus, you now have a more developed individuality and sense of your special qualities. And if they’ve touched your Saturn, well, “you’re not a kid anymore….”

    In all Saturn contacts, use Saturn’s best qualities to be a world-changer, healer, individual, and/or power in ways that are perfect for who you are and what you feel will bring forth your higher purpose on Earth. Saturn transits over any of our planets show us how to utilize patience, diligence, a sense of responsibility, and maturity to achieve the dominion that is our Divine birthright. Whatever this “Ring-Pass-Not” touches is bound in and across time as part of our “Great Work.” ” – Robert Wilkinson

    Hope this helps everybody. Saturn is transiting my 6th House squaring my Uranus. NOT a fun time. Just got some test scores back, though, from a vocational test I took 3 weeks ago and I scored average to above average. Since the 6th house has to do with health and work, I found the place which does this out of the blue and now the people who ran the test want to help me with open positions for a job.

    Still…am a Cancer with a Pisces Moon…so I have a lot of trepidation moving forward on anything – especially with Mercury retrograde at the same time. This is so intense. Guess I have to get spiritual about everything and recognize this is the result of karma. Yikes!!

    1. Saturn transits can feel like a grind, but they’re not the end of the world. You can always work with them. From my perspective, in terms of difficulty, Saturn transits have nothing on Pluto and Neptune transits. I have the benefit of being 30+, however, in saying this.

  9. Yes, I second that Elsa. Saturn trines and sextiles are better than Saturn squares, oppositions, septiles, Yod’s and conjunctions.

    I have Saturn trine my Venus and that has really helped my love life and made me really take advantage of my looks somewhat. I worked as a male model, was on a soap opera on CBS and did a ton of movie and commercial work. I attribute that to this aspect.

    Transits, on the other hand (esp when they are hard) do test me big time. I feel your pain Louis. Am sure everyone’s been there. 🙂

  10. This transit has incredibly interesting and necessary for me. I feel like I’m really growing as an individual and touching on deeper things I hadn’t noticed about myself. The transit has squared my Mars, and snuggled with my pluto as well as trining my sun. It definitely feels like a trine in that something is ripe for the taking but I have to scale a fence and cross a busy intersection for it. Going slow and paying attention is my best bet. I also need to open myself up to working with others while being fully aware of those potential dangers.

    I’m sorta looking forward to the RX period because I need the chance to reflect and I really want to fix these issues before the bigger trials come.

  11. What is good? What is bad? I can’t tell anymore. Neptune must be softening it all up. I really dug down and made sense of my natal chart. That is success for me. So I am flying with that knowlege. There will be ups, there will be downs. Some release of long disguised pain with the merc rx, very cool. Really didn’t want to go there, but it was a long time a comin. I suppose with natal saturn in scorpio, it’s just pretty much business as usual. I just see it more clearly now. And am getting some hunches about my progressed saturn in sag. It does seem a bit lighter.

  12. It’s favorable to the Capricorn part, but it’s a square for my Leo. Did I see some dark shit.

    Good grief, my father (who always had a huge shadow) has escalated and his pathology is now out of control to the point we got the doc to order counseling.

  13. Even though I have a Virgo stellium, Saturn in Scorpio has always felt like the waiting period where life feels stagnant but I can’t seem to move forward regardless of what I do. Saturn in Sagittarius has always been a “take off” time for me probably because if my moon in Aries and Venus and Mars in Leo.

  14. What about people who have planets/points the same degrees in Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable signs? I have Ascendant 6′ Virgo, Sun 7’59 (I tend to be precise about this :-P) Libra and NN/Uranus/Venus 3-5′ degrees Scorpio. It seems I never get a Saturn Transit that is just supportive. 🙁

    Except, yes, I have Moon 15′ Capricorn, Mercury 23′ Virgo and MC 19′ Taurus, so the rest of the Scorpio transit should be good!

  15. I am not sure what the higher message is I am meant to learn from Saturn transiting 1st house Neptune, I took a job last Sep at an environmental charity and my boss has turned out to be a nit picking bully, a negative Saturn, and now my higher ideals are now shot to pieces, after dealing with this issue through MH to Asc, am pretty worn out.

  16. Well, Saturn in Libra was way worse. I have a stellium in Capricorn, moon in Aries and Libra ASC. Currently I’m going through my first Saturn return, and tr. Saturn will pass my natal Saturn three times this year… so far so good. I think I went through most of my shit with Saturn in Libra. I do however have some financial issues (Saturn in 2nd). Not too worried though, I always get a job if I’m in need of one. Also, I noticed practically nothing when Saturn was conjunct my Pluto and squared my Mars in Aqua. Saturn in Sadge will however conjunct my natal Sun/Uranus conjunction… not too sure about that.

  17. Pure hell… Trying to be positive. Saturn transiting Scorpio conjuncts my moon, Mars and Jupiter which squares my Venus in Leo. First Christmas without my mom, my little sister and I got robbed in my home at gunpoint. A week later both my cats are broken into… I’m leaving my job to start my own business, but my capital is tied up in the family business. Feeling all alone like there is no family support whatsoever. Worst transit ever… Can’t wait for Sag. I feel disconnected from family and on a constant low energy… Mindfulness and an awareness if whats happening in the skies, help much.. I appreciate this blog 🙂

  18. It’s been very tough while transiting my 12th house. My mom who also has Scorpio rising (and her moon in the 12th) became ill and I had to quickly get her into Hospice. The day after she passed away. Now care taking for my father while working full time. It’s not been easy. No time for friends and frolick. I also kind of lost a job I had been in for 25 years and though I knew it was time to move on, due to my age, and no degree of any sort, I was disjointed when placed in another department. Suppose I was very lucky they didn’t just let me go as they created this job just for me. It sounded a little more exciting than it actually is. But it’s a job. I was also displaced from a great place I was living in due Tobit being sold and being strapped for money, moved in with my ex-husband who I divorced in 2009. That has had it’s own ups and downs on top of everything else!

  19. Saturn in Scorpio, touched my moon at early degree. Crossed my DSC and now will get retro from close conjunct my Neptune at 26 deg. Saturn and natal Neptune close contact making me saffocated. I just keep looking for breathing air …

  20. Saturn is currently transiting my 11th house. I’ll finish my degree before it leaves. In October 2013 Neptune was over the late degrees of my 10th house and it made a conjunction with Neptune there. I looked at the exact date and that was the day I enrolled in a creative writing course (which I’m now taking). I think there is a distinction to be made as to which time this conjunction happens. I’ve already had a Saturn return and am heading towards another in less than a decade. During the first time around my chart when Saturn made contact through a conjunction with Neptune it was a very disorienting for me. I felt as if I were floundering and was going through changes that ultimately lead to me ending the career path I had been within less than a year. I’ve found Saturn tends to give me the punch in the forehead I need but I don’t always appreciate it when it happens. I’m not a fan of Saturn but it gives me the medicine I need at the time. But, Saturn in my chart has good aspects with the exception of a very wide square to the MC. Neptune is the loose cannon in my chart for sure.

  21. I agree with several other posters that Saturn in Libra was tough—much of my 10th house is Libran, with natal Saturn close to the MC (and in a Cardinal cross with Chiron, Jupiter, and Uranus), and natal Neptune not far away. In 2011, during my second Saturn return, I broke up a longish relationship, found out 3 months later that the company I worked for was being sold (again), and also that my sister had just been diagnosed with late-stage ovarian cancer. Got my official layoff notice in the fall 0f 2011, was deathly ill when I finally got out of there in early 2012. I also had a 12th house Sun in my SR chart for 2011 (I don’t recommend the 6th house SR, either—that was this last birthday year).

    The main thing I noticed about Saturn in Scorpio is that my student workload (I went back to school for 2 years) was very demanding during the conjunction to natal Mars last fall. However, I am a glutton for hard work, so that felt more like necessity rather than punishment.

    Saturn in Sag will transit my entire 12th house/Asc./the 1st 7 degrees of my first house. It will also sextile my Venus/Moon, square my Sun/Mercury, trine Jupiter, sextile Saturn and Neptune, trine Pluto (no major aspects with Uranus or Mars). I am hoping that the karmic reckoning and sense of isolation that many people experience with Saturn in the 12th will be mitigated somewhat by the easier transits to the rest of my chart.

  22. I fear Saturn in early Sag will conjunct my moon in a Tsquare with Pisces Asc opposite natal Pluto. I haven’t had it hard for a few years at all with Saturn in the 8th. Things have been stable.

  23. James,

    I have Pluto opp my Sun in Cancer in the first house, and my Sun is conjunct my Asc which is Gemini (3rd decant). And, all I can say is, it’s not been fun. It’s been cathartic. There have been tremendous changes both personally and professionally. But Pluto will cross your descendant too into the seventh house and, this happened to me, all of my friends changed – almost every single one -and I found new friends who replaced them, who were more honest and incredibly deep.

    A Moon in Sadge, is a great position for the Moon, Saturn crossing it might mean a change with females in your life – mother, female boss’, on and on. You will learn a valuable lesson from them. Saturn is all about teaching with an iron hand. But once you learned the lessons, you’ll have matured into a much better person. I’d be more worried if Pluto was conjunct my Moon.

    See what happens. It won’t be easy at first, but you’ll get through it.


  24. I posted earlier this week. The day after I posted Saturn transiting my Scorpio 11th house came into orb in opposition of my 5th house Taurus moon. A very dear friend of mine suddenly died. It was a completely unexpected death. She was Pisces sun with Pisces rising.

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