My Personal Psychopath

batman flinging open his capeIf you’ve read this blog awhile, you may have realized I know more than my share of psychopaths.  I don’t see this ever changing. Psychopathy is part of the landscape of my life.

I have had contact of various psychopathic people, throughout my life.  I don’t think they are as interesting as most people, but one gal takes the cake.

Some serial killers with leave notes or some other kind of sign to taunt or challenge the cops. This gal is of that ilk. She’s too smart to be detected.  She’s not going to be detected, unless she decides to show herself to someone for some purpose. When she does do this, it’s real dramatic, like Batman flinging open his cape.  Ha ha, jokes on you!

This is the way she works, but her relationship with me, i In s a little different.  She knows I see her plainly so she’s set up something unique for me –  my own private show of her abilities.

You know those cops who get notes from some killer for years and years…for decades in some cases? That’s the situation between us.  She’s able to reach out and ping me, and to be candid, it usually makes me laugh.

The chick is entertaining, you know. She’s dangerous as hell, deadly even, but she’s clever and she knows I appreciate this quality.

I’ve written over the years about when I came to understand, some people are not likely to be caught. Not on this plane, anyway. I think this gal is of that ilk.

So this is my little drama which I expect to go on until one of us dies.

News from my Pluto-side.

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  1. @Trish, I agree with you one trillion percent. This is just a question of semantics. We are both thinking the same exact thing, but expressing it verbally in different ways. Like one of your friends, have been told many times – and have experiences to prove it – that am extremely psychic too, but don’t want to work as one, bc it just is. As far as I’m concerned, I didn’t ask for it consciously – and I find it a nuisance more than anything – I work in advertising instead. If I pick up some weird vibe from someone, I just avoid them. And, yes, there is sOOO much to take into effect: progressions, secondary, solar arc, tertiary, directions, transits like septiles, biquintiles, yods, astrocartography. I just find it interesting that some people share a lot of the same qualities according to certain aspects. That’s why there are so many compilations out like Robert Hand’s and then some, about that very subject. Albeit, in a superficial way, not in the way you nor I are used to seeing. Free will and power over those are saved for the more evolved people in the world. I agree. But, not everyone is evolved. Just look at death row. Like I said, truce! See you in the next blog!!!!

    Thank you Iris and Julie. Never heard of Astropoetics. Will google it. xoxoox

  2. Most people here are talking about family members/acquaintances/ex-lovers etc who may or may not be psychopaths. I’ve met one at work. Now, I’ve met lots of annoying, vicious, highly ambitious people who would chew your arm off and trample over your prone bleeding body to get ahead on the job, so I do know the difference between a psychopath and a corporate raider. And like Elsa, I have a packed 8th House – that’s where all the action is – so if there is something like this going on, believe me, I will spot it. And I’m not patting myself on the back for being so perceptive – it is the loneliest imaginable position to be in I wish to God I didn’t see them coming in many respects. I can do nothing for them so they wouldn’t be interested in me otherwise. The only reason they are interested in me is because they can tell I know what they are. And they do not like that.

    Now the psychopath I know is a high-functioning one and as Elsa said somewhere earlier on the thread is lying doggo, as high-functioning psychopaths do, because the smart they are not going to blow it all by some big gesture which might give the game away. But I will tell you one thing: lots of people do know they are a wrong ‘un – something doesn’t smell right – but what they don’t figure out is that virtually everything you see is a hologram. Not just a few bits and pieces – none of us share our whole selves with anyone, much less someone at work – the entire schmozzle. It’s all a construct. Secondly: the high functioning psychopath has the true mark of the predator: they never break sweat. You can’t hurt their feelings – they don’t have any. Though they will do a very good imitation, if necessary and they’ll enjoy pretending that YOU upset THEM,. Virtually anything that might unsettle us, (criticism from a boss or co-worker, a complaint from a customer) is just grist to their mill: they don’t give a sh*t, they’ll turn it right round so they come out on top, whereas you’d be desperate to salvage your reputation and probably end up looking worse than before! So what are they about? Simple: power. Not power to do anything or stop anything, but just power. They got it, you don’t.

  3. So do you have a 7th house pluto? What in your chart pulls them in? I have 7th house pluto and I’ve pulled in some doozies.

  4. If there are repeated correlations in the charts of people you get involved with, it says more about you than the other people. It’s what you are attracting. So it would be more useful, I would have thought, to look at one’s own chart to see where you need to shore up or change in order to repel these people. It begins and ends with the self. These people aren’t going to change, and they’re not going to go away. All we can do is find ways to make sure we are not their favourite dinner. I’ve had similar experiences to Julie, and simple things like creating firm boundaries (which I didn’t have before), having the courage to say no, etc have had an enormous impact on my life subsequent to this relationship. It’s all very well saying ‘I’m emotional, I believe the best in people’ etc etc, but as the old saying goes, why cast your pearls before swine? Keep your good qualities to yourself until you find a place where they are appreciated. Don’t assume the world is going to love you for what you are. Children do, and that’s why we have to watch them. To keep them safe from what’s out there. Why do we forget to do this for ourselves?

  5. Wow! i had my phone and internet cut off friday night and cannot believe this blog is still going, there have been some brilliant comments though, really interesting. Its clear by this blogg that there are many people impacted by a psychopath – I will say a have met many and dont feel they are in the minority., I feel i will never recover & am having to apply for specialist help on the NHS because of the serious impact on me. I dont think i will get this help though they dont acknowledge abuse and trauma in the uk. There must be more information out there because the seriousness of how they affect you is so extreme, my friend committed suicide 10 years ago because of her narcassistic partner he pushed her over the edge with his disturbing mind games, probably because they will go to any lengths to hide what they are doing and their reputation. They destroy lives. The man i knew had pluto and saturn in 7/8 house opposition mars and uranus in 2nd house plus venus opposition pluto. I have found this blogg a big help. The trouble is if you relate in a normal empathetic way to others once you meet someone who is a psychopath its difficult to recover or accept. Its so horrific you cannot believe they are like that u cannot accept it. Its very much like a child who cannot stop loving or trying to please a parent who keeps abusing them. I guess we are all like children in this case. Any information about psychopaths are important , i dont want anyone to lose their lives to these people like i did.

  6. I used to think I was cursed for having a narcissistic sister, but now I think she was a blessing. I can spot any old emotionless charming psycho-or-socio-or-any-path by a mile. Also, I know how to act with them. It’s best to keep them at a safe distance, which obviously is easier said than done when it’s your family, but it’s manageable. Personally, I just made my sister understand that I knew her tricks, and eventually she backed off and changed scenery. Before that the least she would do was to manipulate me to confide to her and then humiliate me in front of everyone to make herself seem better. Crucial was also to at least pretend that I didn’t care. If you obviously care, it’s fuel to them. They live by sucking the life and emotion of people around them.

  7. ^ And just as a post scriptum, if this seems like projecting (:D), I’m not a stranger to being emotionless myself. The difference between my sister and me is that I don’t take pride on hurting other people.

    But, as they say, if you give me a child until he is five, he will be mine for life. I was three and my sister was five.

  8. To H’s post:

    Rather, we find that in the beginning, when the Source first “moved” within Itself and became a Creator, all possibilities and potentials were glimpsed.

    We being the active, experiencing part of Source, well it’s only when we use our freewill to choose that Source and those fully in-tune with same, can see the most probable outcomes. As far as life events, some things we (our expanded self level) and the larger whole desire enough to try to work hard towards. But even these conditions can be changed by the at times chaotic nature of our freewill or the freewill interference of others in our life path.

    Probable is probable, not set in stone. However, there are perhaps a finite amount of events and choices that can result from one choice to choice. Hence, at times, the future can be seen fairly accurately. Other times, not much at all, all depending on use of freewill.

    Freewill is limited in the sense of, we can buck and buck against our Creator and the ways of same, but it’s only by attuning our will to the will of the Creative Force(s) do we come to know and experience joy, at peaceness, and a lasting sense of true Home and belonging–because that is the realest reality there is, because it’s the original reality, the nature of Source from which we spring and most of us are ever drawn back to however long we delay or not.

    However, the fact we remains, we do have the ability to buck and rebel, and for some, this goes on for a very long time.

    Psychopaths: Most are rather immature consciousnesses. Some were previously of certain E.T. groups which in some ways are more evolved than humans, but in other ways, spiritually are even less evolved–lack less collective attunement to Love. A couple of groups have been meddling in our affairs for quite a long time, and occasionally send in some of their own to become humans to meddle more directly.

    In other words, consciousness wise, they have taken the path of de-evolution. However, even some of these eventually turn things around. I met a woman recently that has a bit of a cold and hard vibe to her–mostly defense i think, not cruel, but just not warm or heart open. I wondered about her as i sensed contradictory energies about her. Unbidden and out of the blue, a strong thought/feeling/knowing popped into my awareness–“reformed Reptilian”. She has gotten back on the path of consciousness evolution, but with her history and path, she has a hard time at times with feeling empathy and love, but she tries. Astrology wise, I’m not sure.

    I don’t expect singular aspects to show up much in charts of people with these kinds of traits and tendencies–i would look for more general, but much stronger indications. The planets that represent consciousness with least attunement to empathy and Love are Mars, Saturn, Pluto, and Mercury.

    The Planets that indicate attunement to empathy, love, consideration of others, other awareness to varying degrees are Venus, Neptune, Jupiter, and Sun.

    Moon is sort of in the middle of these two categories. She is somewhat selfish and self/preservation concerned, but she has some basic empathy and awareness of others–she is just immature and limited in her “love”. She is like a lower octave and more instinctual and materially attuned Venus.

    Anyways, if a chart shows the first group very strong (Angular, Conjunct to ruling Planet, etc, etc), but the latter group is very weak, then one might expect the probability of psychopathy to go up. However, charts do not read or indicate present freewill. Never can, never will, they only indicate freewill use in the past. However, for most, past character is present destiny so to speak.

    I don’t expect Signs will have a lot to do with it overall. Every Sign based experiment on astrology has failed miserably. The only scientific experience to show definite statistical above chance correlation was Planetary based (in relation to the Angles). Signs are more the “wavering” indications of fleeting personality–more related to our ever changing emotional level of self. The Planets on the other hand, connect and indicate more the more stable and core mental level of self, that tends to change much more slowly.

    Look at Dick Cheney’s (a psychopath if there ever was one) chart for a good example of this contrast between Signs and Planetary indications. On one hand, he is an Aquarius Sun with Pisces Moon, but on the other–Saturn, Mars, and Pluto are very strong and also stressed in relation to important personal Planets. Classic case of how much more potent and indicative Planetary indications are than Sign.

    Same is true for me, I’m much more accurately and consistently described by my strongest Planetary energies, rather than my Sign indications. Not to say the latter doesn’t indicate anything about self’s overall personality and energies, but corresponds more to that emotional and changeable level of self. One can see this in auras and connection auras to charts. Signs will show up a lot more in the emotional level of the auric field, and strongest Planets in the mental level. This self has Jupiter as the strongest Planet, and purple is the most predominate aura color in the consistent sense from the mental level.

    Btw, i’d expect that color wise, most psychopaths will most prefer the colors of especially red and black (not a color, lack of light), and to slightly lesser extents aubergine, orange, yellow,, as these (especially red and black) show up strongly and consistently in their auras–usually the darker and less clear and bright shades and tones of these colors. Like attracts, begets, and likes Like on the inner levels. As a sensitive, I’ve found that often one’s favorite color or colors are the strongest in the person’s auric field–particularly in the mental level. However, sometimes we gravitate more to a particular color temporarily, that is very strong in our emotional level–but again, that is more changeable.

    I’m NOT saying that if you tend to prefer the color red, you are a psychopath. Some reds are more expanded and less slow vibratory than others (like rose reds–actually a mid vibration). It’s the really dark, muddy, and predominate reds for example, in people’s auras, that indicate much selfishness, repressed or expressed aggression and dislike of others, severe lack of empathy, etc.

    Thankfully, I haven’t interacted much with too many more severe psychopathic type personalities. A couple, but most connections have been more fleeting.

  9. I was involved with two psychopaths for quite along time. One was my lover, the other a so-called ‘best friend’ who had the habit of sabotaging relationships one after the other that came her way, including her own, and going after other womens’ men. After she told me that she had undertaken psychotherapy and was told that she ‘sabotaged her relationships’ she went after my man (while she was married – that never stopped her of course). I had to throw both of them out of my life as he was a serial sexual person really addicted to all types of kinky sex. They are still involved with each other and are both married but that doesn’t stop either one. The damage they did to me has taken years to heal, but healed I am and although I would really like to seek revenge against them, I have decided to move on with my life. I have a heavy stellium in Cancer which made me clingy and needy – they have placements in Pisces with his Moon, Jupiter in Gemini square his Sun-Pisces (guess that says it all re his sexual obsessions – sorry if I offend anyone).

  10. Just also realized that I have had run-ins with a few psychopaths in my time, one from a former boss who STILL bugs, haunts and ‘pings’ me from time to time. And I just don’t get WHY this person cannot let it go. He’s Sun-Aquarius, Moon-Scorpio, Pisces ASC – all I can remember from his profile. I was also stalked by a Sun-Virgo type as well as a Sun-Pisces different times and conditions. Each time it was very difficult in getting rid of these people but the one Sun-Aqua Moon-Scorp still hangs around and plagues me. Wondering WTH did I ever do to deserve all this nonsense …. maybe my Cancer stellium shows EMOTIONAL TARGET on my back ….

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