Jupiter Conjunct Uranus: Freedom For All

With Jupiter conjunct Uranus broad ideas come in a flash. This happened to me today in the midst of a consultation when it occurred to me that everyone everywhere has a chance to be liberated from whatever is oppressing them if they tap this conjunction.  The opportunity may come out of the blue sky, brilliance is at hand  but you can also be liberated by changing (Uranus) your perspective (Jupiter) in even the most pedestrian way.

For example changing your language from, “I can’t” to, “I will” is almost certain to change your day if not your week, if not your life.

Opting to go from greedy to generous and benevolent (Jupiter) will also create a revolution ( Uranus) in your life.

It you look at the big picture (Jupiter) this will also liberate (Uranus) you, as even 5 or 10 or 15 years or even a lifetime of hardship is nothing in the scheme of things. Have people not suffered before? Throughout history? They have.  And if you think of this it will shrink down your personal hardship and in some cases eradicate it completely.

You can also detach (Uranus) and realize that you yourself will become a person who is part of history. This perspective opens all kinds of doors.

I hope I have managed to convey this. I don’t care who you are and what you are enduring, there is a door there.  There is a way out.

19 thoughts on “Jupiter Conjunct Uranus: Freedom For All”

  1. This is true, true, true, listen to what the lady says, people.

    Uranus and Jupiter are sitting on my descendent and since they hit, I have been getting the most liberating thought processes, notions, it’s like having been in prison for years and the chains suddenly start falling off.

    And the best thing? In true Uranus style, none of these things are what I thought might happen, they are totally upsided down, and I feel so FREE!

  2. Avatar
    Eve (on the look out 4 her Adam)

    Thanks Elsa for this post…Oppression can definitely feel like you are looking at the world through a keyhole and only privy to the immediate reality, rather than seeing the spectrum of possibilities.

    Thanks for reaffirming my FAITH in the myriad of possiblities out there today. I for one am going to embrace the Jupiter/Uranus aspect and ride it like a “mechanical bull”….So what if I fall off, liberty here I come.

  3. Wonderful idea Elsa. I’ve been wondering how this transit will play out for me and what it means to me and I think you clarified it. There’s so much abstract “shifts in what we want from the world!” astro-gobbledygook floating around about this conjunction.

  4. Freedom on 2th house
    Mmh… goodbye heavy things ?

    Freedom on 12 house (intercepted)
    The karma loves me to much. X_X
    Ok. Let’s go fly !

  5. Got terrible, awful news today about the mother of a toddler who has been coming to our library programs since he was a baby. His mother just gave birth 5 weeks ago to a baby girl – yesterday, she came home from work, got out of her car, and was mowed down by a senior citizen, who I believe did not obey a stop sign. She died instantly.

    This is horrible, horrible news, but also lit up in me, just fuck it, just fuck it all, live each day the best you can, all the shit and suffering, like Elsa said, just live each day with as much passion as you can. I don’t know if this can be considered a Jupiter/Uranus moment, but it feels like one to me.

  6. Yes. Yes! Oui, si, ye, hai and every other form of yes there is. It felt liberating just to read this, and I am indeed experiencing this energy in every way right now. It’s – awesome. Also very dramatic. Since I have so much Uranus I’m definitely fired up!

  7. Thank You Elsa P. !!!

    I saw before and after the conjunction between Jupiter & Uranus Friends that i havent seen for a While came back some other i found that i have looked for before and i did not found !!!
    I am having a Jupiter Conjunct Uranus 30° from my MH and 120° from my Ascendant but Uranus 150° to My Uranus so Change is Happening but Uranus is Unpredictable !!!

    I can feel it in the Air !!!

    Hope This is for Everybody !!!

    Blessings !!!

  8. Yes – Elsa thanks for this great post!

    I’ve got the sun transiting my venus, and saturn transiting my jupiter, uranus, and pluto. Somethin’s a brewin’! I don’t know what, but it feels intense, and it feels liberating!


    PS – I’m also really psyched that I’ve been reading your blog long enough that I now know what this stuff means! 🙂 Thanks!

  9. and elsa breaks out THE picture. time to celebrate! liberation is definitely in the air. feeling so alive these days =)

  10. And Dorothy – I’m sorry to hear your news. And I also know what you’re saying about your reaction to it. Very powerful.

  11. “For example changing your language from, ‘I can’t’ to, ‘I will’ is almost certain to change your day if not your week, if not your life.”

    Recently did this, actually. In my head. Very tired of the “can’t” demon running the show, so tapped into my inner rebel.
    I can’t? *eyes wide* Motherfucker, watch me!

    I’m so good at doing this on the outside but just realized last week (?) that I can apply it inside, as well. Whew! 😀

  12. A series of oppressive/unscrupulous people have appeared, not friends so much, more on the professional level… feeling scammed… shocking really, but suddenly today I finally had an epiphany about the right door to walk through.. of course Pluto is back sitting on my moon in the 7th house.. so it is power issues coming from others.. now I know the way to go with it all.

  13. I’m trying really hard to look at the big picture here. I know you’re right, but my ego keeps getting in the way (5th house stellium) and causing all sorts of internal emotional drama. Ugh. Fundamentally, the big picture appeals to my Cappy moon though. It actually makes it feel more secure, which is rare.

  14. I was worried (Cap?) and upset (Mars?) when my bf (who suffers from depression/bipolar) gave away ALL of his books and some clothing recently and reading this post helped me put into perspective maybe he is trying to liberate (Uranus)himself too in his own way…

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