Eclipse in Scorpio: Loss Of The One Person You Know You Can Rely On

My friend, Ben, is about to lose his mother.  They’re both Scorpios. I wouldn’t even try describe their relationship or pretend that I understand its complexity. But I have been in his life for thirty years, and I do know this…

When the chips are down, Ben can rely on his mother and she can rely on him. It doesn’t matter if they like each other, love each other, repulse each other, or any combination of those things.  If one of them calls on the other, that call will be answered.

I told Ben that while I don’t get involved in his relationship with his mother, I’m aware how important it is. I’ve been observing for thirty years, with little to say, because it’s just not my business. But I know she serves this important function in his life, and when she passes, I will be willing to take her place.

“I don’t know if you will like this or if you will accept it,” I said. “I don’t know what might happen in either of our lives, but the fact is, you do have me. I will do for you, whatever she would do for you..”

I explained that I knew him well enough that I thought I could serve in this way without getting too close and having to feel he was being smothering.

“I think I would know what to do, what you want and what you would not want, plus I would ask what you want and if you told me, I would listen.

“I don’t know if you believe me,” I said.

He said he pretty much did believe me.  “When I first met you, I knew it was going to be an important relationship.”

But he’s a Scorpio and he won’t know until he knows, right? I understand that too.

This is all so fitting for Saturn at the tail end of Scorpio.

Who shows up for you, when the chips are down? Can someone rely on you if things go south?



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  1. Elsa, I’m a double Scorpio. That story is the most beautiful thing I’ve read in a long time. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I have a lot of Scorpio on my chart and I understand this very well. I also know who I can count on them and they also know I have their back. My loyalty is not to be questioned…it just is. Like Susan stated, beautifully written Elsa, Patrice.

  3. The Scorpios are coming to say the same thing, “beautifully written Elsa.” You know the sign. I am very touched.

    My brother who passed earlier this Spring knew he could count on me. We counted on each other, and, he continues to come to me in dreams asking and giving just as we have for sixty plus years. It’s a comforting continuity that explains to a Scorpio like me the meaning of deeply rooted.

    Scorpio, I. Sagittarius, he.

  4. This made me unexpectedly teary, because my mom was similar to Ben’s mom. She passed away two years ago. There’s an important Scorpio in my life, and this line rang so true, “But he’s a Scorpio and he won’t know until he knows, right?”

    Sending good thoughts to Ben, his mom, and you. You’re good people, Elsa.

  5. Sun opp. Pluto, and what you’re saying is true, although I would never be able to describe it so well…I don’t know till I know. But I do immensely respect a person for offering what you’re offering.
    I wish you, and your friend, and his mom the very best Elsa. God bless you.

  6. Thanks, everyone.
    Ben would never call me for anything unless he had exhausted his every resource. Knowing this, if he ever called me and said, ‘I hate to ask you something like this…”

    I would interrupt him, “Skip the preamble. What do you need, because what ever it is, you can have it.”

    This is the case and I was glad to hear that he suspects this to be the case.

    It was interesting, to hear that this kind of thing might have crossed him mind, thirty years ago.

    I can’t say I am anywhere near as conscious. I meet people and sort of see them all in the same way, until they distinguish themselves in some way. I definitely didn’t think I would know, Ben all my life when we met. We just had a lot of fun and laughs. It was several years later, before I knew I had friend to cherish, who cherished me.

    I would say I would pay closer attention when I meet someone, after hearing this, but I’m sure I won’t. I can’t.

    I am designed to be open to everyone and wind up with few.

    I am not sure how, Ben operates in life as far as this goes. I think I’ll ask.

  7. Thank you so much sweet Elsa. You are such a beautiful soul besides being a fabulous astrologer. You, of all, have a special way of telling stories from real life in a genuine and simple way. We should all learn from your simplicity. Thank you Elsa <3

  8. Q: “Who shows up for you, when the chips are down?”
    A: Almost no one ever, in my entire life. My chart also says it… I have to take care of myself in everything but finances, because no one else will. (Because no one loves me. I typed it. None of these people ever loved me, or they would have cared. I don’t care how much people of average I.Q.’s believe they love others… The fact is that only intelligent people can experience love, because you must KNOW a person to love him/her, and those of average intelligence can’t even figure themselves out, no matter how simple they are, let alone others. For that reason, they don’t give back in their relationships unless they are getting something from that person they can’t get equal or better of from someone else, they just use people. It takes brains to have heart. And, most people don’t have it, so most people have neither. Average folks are just a load of frauds in their relationships, and I’m done with them.)

    Q: “Can someone rely on you if things go south?”
    A: Yes. I invest my all into my loved ones. (Which is why I’m done with average people over their inability to love back, causing them to never give back, and to never pick me over others due to my lack of money. I give too damn much to get nothing in return but LIES to make themselves feel, and look good. Also, it’s worse. Average people try to use me these days for sex. I can no longer keep a friend, because it’s all about them either wanting my exceptional DNA for themselves, or them wanting it for a group of some kind they’re part of, such as trying to force me to marry Christian instead of Buddhist because they’re Christian. I AM NOT A SLAVE. OTHERS HAVE NO RIGHT TO ASK ANYTHING OF ME. Except the one I depend upon financially, whom may use my intelligence in her decision-making, or get me to do a household chore… But, she obviously can’t have a speck of say regarding my oocyte (eggs) either, BECAUSE I ALONE GET TO PICK MY HUSBAND! Screwed people… Screwed up, uncivilized ruins of a lost civilization we live in… Once upon a time, people were smarter on average, and could actually love eachother. I’m pretty sure I’m a lingering on dinosaur from some lost species, or two that were murdered almost into extinction by cave people.)

    1. Oh! There is one who has often turned up. Hermes.
      The actual god Hermes.
      But, I think you meant of people on the physical plane, so… No one.

    2. Screwed up people…*

      So, I guess I exaggerated, I don’t give ALL to my loved ones. My oocytes are MINE! My future children are MINE! Anyone trying to rape me, or in on trying to get me raped can go to Hell! I am not a slave!
      I will not sell my oocytes! I will not sell my children!
      And, I will not let thievery of this occur! I will not be enslaved!

  9. oh yes. my capricorn dad. he is so very responsible and helps me and almost ecveryone he knows. he is loved by many because he is so kind. I know one day I will lose him..he’s 90.

  10. When I say “I promise” to something, that is as good as gold. I never use that word unless I am going follow through with what is asked of me.

    I have been the strong shoulder for quite a few people, but I have that void in my own life.

    As of right now, I do not believe there is anyone who would have my back, and this kind of hurts.

  11. That’s sweet. & I try to remind myself of that question often, because I know my best friend has been that person. We’ve been through a lot and I have cut her out before. It was when we were living together though. I’m a Taurus not a Scorpio, but I feel like I’m like your friend Ben. My sun opposes my Scorpio Pluto Asc. But she has been there for me without a doubt when the chips are down. & so it teaches me to learn forgiveness for the times she’s not perfect. Good use of my Venus Neptune square. Because I take things onto such a profound personal level when loving- I have to remember what you always say, protect what I have, not destroy it. It touches me deeply to think of those that have really been there for me, because I do know who they are

  12. I have my husband and that’s it. However, I have tremendous faith.

    I think if I truly had a need, someone, somewhere would help me. A stranger maybe, or someone I might know or have known in the past.

    I believe this because of my past experience. You see it in my book. God sends someone or something to help me, without fail.

    In fact, if no one shows up, it’s a clear sign to me, that I’m not actually in trouble! 🙂

    Or like when this site was going down. CArRiE and Jilly arrived, kept it up and saved the day!

    1. I so relate, I’ve never truly needed for anything in my life, something, someone turns up and if they/it doesn’t I just get to it myself.

  13. Funny you should choose to write about this today. My father died this morning. He adopted me when I was 2, when he married my mother. He had been abandoned as a child and wanted to be sure no other child felt that pain if he could help it. He was an Aquarius and, as you would expect, he raised me to care about the world and the people in it. Thanks for giving me the chance to share a bit of his story Elsa.

  14. That was wonderful to read.

    I’m a Scorpio, and while I don’t try to make promises to people any more because of having experienced so many losses, one important lesson for me to learn was about boundaries. If I care about someone and have a deep relationship with them, I’ll go to the ends of the earth for them. The boundaries are important because I was raised not to have them and sometimes people have taken advantage of that. Now I know my limits, what I really can and can’t do for someone else, and need to follow them.

    My mother was the only person to consistently be there for me, although there were times when she resented it. She was a double Leo (Sun and Moon as well as Mercury) and died in 1992. Since then there’s been no one. You quickly learn who your friends are when there is a crisis.

    I’m trying now to reach out to others and rebuild my life, and it’s difficult. Many people assume that I am happy being “independent” but we all need others in our lives and I’m no exception to that.

  15. Yes. I am loyal to my friends, if they allow me to make my Uranian disappearances from time to time.

    My ex and I now have a good friendship, and we can rely on each other. I trust he will be in my life an even longer time than he already has been. We have a lot of Saturn and Pluto in our synastry. He’s one of the only people I trust in the world.

    There are a few others, less notable.

  16. Avatar

    I am that person for everyone. Aries Sun, Cancer Rising, Cap Moon, and Midheaven in Pisces. I have learned to parse out what I need to certain people. I have a Scorp male friend and he is like my finance guy. My psychic is a Leo woman. My best friend/sounding board is a Sadge woman. My mother is the queen of honest pep talks and my Libra aunt nurtures me. I am all these things to everyone else in my life. In my 40’s, I have learned how pace myself so that I do not get burnt out serving everyone else’s needs. Hugs to your friend Ben.

  17. For most of my life I had this one person. She couldn’t help me financially but she gave me the love I needed to survive this world. She passed in September of 1995 and when I lost her I lost a part of myself. She was my grandmother. No one has ever loved me like my strong and amazing Capricorn grandmother did.

    I am the pole that holds up the tent in my family. The good thing is they know it and the do show appreciation now. (just over the last two years)

    They tell me they know I have been there for them. It’s good to hear. When you give everything you have and you are either taken advantage of or no one says a word…not even a thank you its hard to continue to do it. But, I love them. So, I wont stop.

    When you do things for people you never do it to get applause but once in a while its good to know that your family appreciates what you have tried to do.

    I have been backing off somewhat. Doing it so that they can be strong on their own. I don’t want them to need me. I want them to be strong and self sufficient and able to take care of themselves. I am not going to be here that much longer and I really need to know they can do what they need to do on their own. The stronger they get, the more peace of mind I get. I need independent children. I want them to love me, and I want them to need a mother, but I don’t want them to need me to survive!

    I have my husband. He has proven time and again he can be counted on no matter what. It took me 40 years to find this love. And even though you will read me here complaining about my brats god help the poor son of a buck that ever did a thing to me. My Gemini son would rip them limb from limb…and my Libra would be a little slower to respond as he would be plotting how he would retaliate. I have my sons. I didn’t always know that. I do now.

    There used to be a time I felt sad that I didn’t have a daughter. I was unable to have more children after my youngest and felt I was cheated out of raising the opposite sex. Always happy I had big healthy sons I longed for a daughter. Today I know I got exactly what I needed. I got them. They are a pain in the ass. They will stand toe to toe with me (of course I raised them that way lol) but they are only a phone call away. I know I can count on them. Its a wonderful feeling to know you raised children that will fight for you, and right along side you to the death.

    A Scorpio counts on that kind of love to come along!

  18. My brother for me and I for him. It’s not anything written, it just “is.” Trust is pure. We can make each other laugh till we collapse. Whoever dies first, the other will grieve in luxury.

  19. Of my family the only one I could rely on was my Grandma Gloria who passed away on Thursday. Already the communication from my dad has declined. I have the calling hours and funeral and after that I’m sure I won’t see any of the family again.

    Other than that I have my husband. I have a few very close friends and my husband’s side of the family is simply amazing.

    But having only one person that I could call for anything who would answer, no I don’t have that.

  20. I don’t have a Scorpio parent or immediate family member. Rather, I am surrounded by them as co-workers and bosses. Every boss I have had in the past ten years (strangly) have been Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces… but mostly Scorpios the past 5 years. My boss is not a hard core Scorpio (only the sun sign I think), but we have such a good relationship that is built on trust. I have done some major screw ups at work and have vented, raged and cried in front of him. I don’t know what I would do if he wasn’t my boss anymore. If he was to leave, I don’t know what the point would be of staying there.

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