Saturn in Sagittarius – Now Leaving Depression

sagittarius17Susana asked why we were feeling Saturn in Sagittarius energy, early in the comment on Dealing With A Fluid Reality. I think it’s because Jupiter / Sagittarius is always looking ahead.

Jupiter types constantly scan the horizon They also expect things to be better in the future. We often fulfill out expectations, so it’s not a bad way to be.

I’m now taking an anti-malarial for lupus. I feel better, literally, by the day. I’m seeing my symptoms disappear. It occurs to me I am leaving depression.

Not necessarily, clinical depression. I’m not depressed that I know of, but I have been walking around with sores on my face for several years now. Feeling great is a challenge when you look like a leper!

So that’s me, but I think this is universal.  Saturn will leave Scorpio for Sagittarius, Christmas time.  If you look ahead, can you that you are also leaving a depression?

Do you feel we, as a collective, are headed for higher ground? How about you, personally?

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  1. Well said. I’m struggling a little. It’s like a pendulum swinging back and forth “hunker down” “get moving” “hunker down” “get moving”

    1. Absolutely learningground. Me to. I will be having a Saturn return too, in my first, widely conj. Mercy. I am hoping my Philosophy will grow into something meaningful and I will atop feeling that “up/down” feeling.

  2. As a four times Sagittarius, I’m worried about all the coming Saturn conjunctions. The first being my Natal Sun Mars conjunction at 5 degrees. I’m readying myself by putting my energy into work & discipline.

  3. Yes! I am feeling optimistic about feeling more optimistic as December approaches, Glad to hear Elsa, that the meds are kicking in and you are starting to feel an improvement.

  4. it is strange, but i do feel that we’re in saturn sagittarius and left scorpio, but we haven’t yet. Sagittarius is really eager to be here and scorpio can’t wait to just get out of the spotlight and relax.

  5. I am not feeling it yet–Saturn is smack-dab on my Mecury and just left my Sun/Venus conjunction in the 10th. It is hard to remember what good feels like! (I’m getting a report as a birthday gift for myself because my bd is coming up soon). Saturn will be heading for my moon in Sadge next, so it’s hard to get excited with Cap rising. But hopefully by Christmas, this depression will lift and I will be transformed! It is really good to hear that you are coming out of the trials, though, Elsa!

  6. it’s so good to read this, all I hear is horror stories about Sat transiting the AC, but what I feel since weeks is that I’m really leaving a very long time of depression, I’m leaving my black hole 🙂

    1. Well Saturn transiting the 12th house is no picnic! I’m not surprised you are feeling better after 2+ years of that. 🙂

  7. Saturn is Scorpio has wreaked havoc on my social life: I have hermited myself in my house due to feeling “blah”. Have been studying and doing a lot of research.

    Definitely feel a shift in the energy… much more optimistic, making a lot of future plans, and have been socializing and exercising every day, to my surprise this energy is lifting me out of the trenches 😉

  8. I’ve been a witness to other people’s suffering the past couple of years but while it has been close-by, I haven’t taken any direct major blows, nothing I can’t handle, anyway. Fear has been my major obstacle, I think. I am ready to move ahead. I agree with LisLioness on the energy thing.

  9. I want to ride the feel better train!

    I have a new thing I do, if I’m outside and the wind blows I say to myself that it’s blowing away anything I no longer need. I say the same in the shower, the water is washing away anything that I no longer need. Any negative thought, angry memory, any remembered hurt.

    1. That IS a great idea! I am using affirmations, and I think I’ll add your idea to my routine, if you don’t mind. Very symbolic!

    2. I too would like to board that train. I love your concept of the physical world acting as an instrument in support of your best interests and growth. I really needed to hear that today. I believe you have touched upon a truth that is a reality. Thanks for reminding me to have faith in the wisdom of the universe and trust that I too shall be healed. It has been a rough ride for far too long.

  10. I’m still in Saturn in Scorpio hell. Its conjunct my Venus and Mercury and square Pluto. I’m having a terrible time right now with power struggles in my family. I’m pretty depressed on top of that as nothing has gone right with my life since Saturn entered Scorpio.

    I am just waiting for that glimmer of hope from Saturn in Sadge. I need a break.

    I’m so glad to hear your new meds are working for you, Elsa. That’s great!

    1. I’m sorry, JoFrance. It’s true, people with planets at the late degrees of Fixed signs have a ways to go. But you’re still headed to where I am, eventually. 🙂

  11. A 28 degree scorpio ascendant here with a progressed moon at 2 degrees sagittarius…Totally ready to get off this ride!!! Depression, doubt, anxiety, worthlessness, withdrew from family, now coughing up blood…enough already. Lol, my husband says I remind him of Cameron off of Ferris Buellers Day Off when he initially refuses to get out of bed. My Mercury in aquarius finds this funny but even it is getting tired of looking for the humorous in this calamitous situation. Giddy up Saturn, scorpio wants you to finish this purge!

      1. I know. I was hoping the lesson was integrated by then because Jupiter will be on my Draconic ascendant squaring my natal ascendant around the same time. Maybe a benevolent hand helping me take my final exam. My spiritual dharma finally realized. I could be thinking like this because of my jupiter/uranus conjunction in my first house= sudden help, relief, bailout, guidance. My guardian angels work overtime.

  12. With Saturn entering my 12th house in a month, I don’t think I’m headed OUT of a depression–I’m headed INTO one. How do you fight the depths of the 12th house?

  13. When Saturn was in my 12th the last time I was studying music…. as Saturn went deeper into my 12th I wrote music and started playing in bars a lot while working a couple jobs – it was a really fun, creative, time. Toured around the country. Met my musician husband and got married with the big outer planet Cap stellium in 1990.
    When Saturn gets away from my 2 deg Gemini moon (which Obama has also – will be interesting…) I expect to have fun.

  14. Cindi hits it on the head with…. “It is hard to remember what good feels like!” That’s exactly how I feel. I’m annoyed, discouraged, flat, too busy to even care if things get done or they don’t because there’s too many loose ends to deal with. Since Saturn has crossed my Ascendant it has come with some depression. I do feel that now.
    I’m curious to know how the shift from Saturn/Scorpio to Saturn/Sag will feel to all who have that in their 12th house transit?

  15. I don’t feel the collective is headed for a higher ground, with all the bad things going on in the world.
    But for some reason or other (I must be naïve, or maybe my life hasn’t been horrible enough) I still have hopeful thoughts – but only about certain things.
    I think that internet, in spite of all the sh$$t that comes with it, will somehow help towards a wider conscience of some sort.
    @blue-rose : have you checked out Elsa’s Saturn transit 12th house workshop transcript? I signed up for the workshop & it really helps to pre-explore that transit and get an idea of what to expect!

  16. I’m looking forward to Saturn in Sagittarius! I feel that society will continue to degrade, but people will still have hope. Saturn in Scorpio is pretty harsh. It’s currently in hard aspect to my Moon, but I’m not feeling depressed. I did have bouts of depression during this transit – some severe, but I managed to pick myself up. If anything, I mostly struggled with lack of energy. Though I look forward to Saturn in Sagittarius, I’m a little nervous about Saturn in the 12th. And imagine, after Saturn passes through my 12th, it will be my Saturn Return. I didn’t realize it would be here so soon… 2.5 years will pass in a blip.

  17. I went on meds for depression as well, but they first worked and then they stopped working.
    The last months have been so incredibly heavy again that I really don’t know if I trust astrology any longer.
    Things should be fine, Jupiter trines my AC atm and is in my 5th house.
    BS, really. Things have been fine for a while but collapsed so hard 1 month ago.
    I started to fight back in public against this person who is attacking my business. I started to put out Press Releases.

    Since then I have been in a psychological hell. Disastrous things happened I can’t explain with logic. I became terribly ill and
    the docs thought I was having cancer. My hair started falling out (in an obvious way).

    All my friends and helpers I met during the great Jupiter transits turned against me or left me. Several things with the police and one accident.
    If I was not sure that there are Psychic attacks before, now I am. And I don’t think that you can fight them with love, protection or simply Uncrossing anymore.
    Again, everything before was fine, I am so confused about this.

    There are no astrological constellations or progressions any more that support this terrible happenings in my life AT ALL.
    Saturn starts to trine my Venus soon. I fell in love with someone new.
    But just at the same time when things started to go wrong, he just disappeared making up a crazy story that I don’t believe.
    I cannot explain this terrible phase of mine with any logic or astrological support….
    Some demons you can only destroy by fighting back in every way.
    I feel so stupid I didn’t understand this earlier.
    The doctors themselves said they do not understand how someone can be so unlucky. Just one thing after another. My doc is scared to see me by now.
    Several other things happened that I can’t reveal here.

    If this is just coincidence I think I’m going crazy.
    I haven’t been so isolated since Moon/Pluto but now there is no Moon/Pluto, no Moon/Saturn…nothing.
    Maybe there are people who truly can hurt you with something many people don’t believe in. I feel so lost not being able to talk to anyone about this. It just seems so crazy everything.

  18. Sorry, if this all sounds a bit weird and confused.
    I really, really hope the shift from Saturn into Sag will make a change. My progressed moon is also moving into Aquarius in one month.
    I’m working on staying positive and being strong, alone. Making up my own mind, learning to trust my own intuition without feeling the urge to share it with everyone to get approval. Some things you know and better keep to yourself and can only fight alone.
    I’m using my aggression to fight back in ways I didn’t do before because people told me it was wrong—turn the other cheek…yeah right.
    That’s when aggression turns into depression. All this anger and suppressed bad emotions I had to keep to myself. They are all exploding now, my hate and aggression is there in ways I never felt before. I don’t feel is wrong any longer. I imagine murdering this person in every possible way and put all my aggression out on a doll I created just in a phase of terrible depression.
    It feels so much better than depression to have this feelings and accept them although everyone tells you they are wrong. It feels so good to punch this doll, cut it, scream at it and do so-called voodoo…..I project all this suppressed anger on this toy—
    (I lately heard the person I am talking about is depressed too now).

    I believe many people are depressed because they learn to remain weak and TURN THE OTHER CHEEK, or see only the positive about everything.
    This is so wrong.
    Accept that others did bad to them…yes, they just don’t know what they’re doing, God says.
    So many people are depressed because we have been taught to be weak and accept being victimized by others.
    So many bad people get away with BS because the good people believe they are never allowed to feel hate, aggression and put wrongdoers in their place.
    They say “karma will take care of it” but it feels so much better to do it yourself and use your Psychic Abilities and Powers against the so-called richer or stronger ones if they did them wrong.

    That’s how the world would finally become a better place of justice and love.
    If people would use this powers. And by now only wrong people use it to keep others down because the good ones want to stay away of BLACK MAGIC or anything psychic- and that has been told to us to keep us down and weak.
    I cannot talk to anyone about it but I know
    now that all my sad emotions, anger and the feelings others told me are NOT for GOOD PEOPLE has pushed me into depression again and again. The feeling of being told I am powerless, and finally feeling powerless.
    But I’m learning to use my hate and bad emotions and not repressing them anymore bc society says it is wrong.

  19. Thank God! Ugh.

    This mutual reception to Pluto in Capricorn has made it harder for the collective (Pluto) than Saturn in Scorpios in the past.

  20. I feel it, personally… a lightness has returned, a more grounded lightness for sure. Collectively, I notice opportunities arriving for friends, breakthroughs. I have friends going through some unspeakably hard times, tragic things have happened… but they’ve happened and ways to help and maneuver through the situations have been shown and are being taken. As a global collective… I’m not sure I believe we’ll all ever be on the same page headed for higher ground. Maybe, what I’ve come to believe is that the low and the high will always exist as some kind of existential test to get to the middle. …but if somehow I am unconsciously linked to the the feelings of the global collective and they are what dictate my own inner feeling, then yes, it’s going towards higher ground.

  21. hah! thats how i always feel, that the future will get better, looking towards the best. wow i guess that is very jupiterian of me.

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