List Of Inconjuncts Between Signs

inconjunct or quincunx symbolThe inconjunct, also called a “quincunx”, exists when planets are 150 degrees apart. Signs can also be seen in this way.

I’m prompted to write this because Pluto in Aquarius brought sudden change to many people, especially those with planets near zero degrees. Aquarians, sure. Fixed signs too. But I also worked with a lot of people with planets at zero degrees Cancer and Virgo. Why? Because these are the signs 150 degrees from Aquarius.

When considering natal or transiting inconjunct aspects, you want to use a tight orb. Three degrees is typical, with the understanding, the intensity increases as the gap closes.

Here’s a list to help you discern if there is anything going on in your chart that you might want to look into.

Aries inconjuncts Virgo and Scorpio
Taurus inconjuncts Libra and Sagittarius
Gemini inconjuncts Scorpio and Capricorn
Cancer inconjuncts Sagittarius and Aquarius
Leo inconjuncts Capricorn and Pisces
Virgo inconjuncts Aries and Aquarius
Libra inconjuncts Taurus and Pisces
Scorpio inconjuncts Aries and Gemini
Sagittarius inconjuncts Taurus and Cancer
Capricorn inconjuncts Gemini and Leo
Aquarius inconjuncts Cancer and Virgo
Pisces inconjuncts Leo and Libra

Here’s Satori’s take on this:

The Quincunx Aspect

Do you have an inconjunct in your natal chart?  How about a transiting planet aspecting one of your natal planets at a 150 degree angle?

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  1. I do! I have Saturn at 0 degrees Aquarius and Uranus at 0 degrees Virgo. Build it up; knock it down dilemma lol.

    Saturn is my sun sign ruler so natally I will tend towards building things up. But Saturn is in Aquarius ruled by Uranus so when triggered by transits my freak flag emerges. The cool thing about the quincunx is that when one planet gets a transiting square, the other quincunx planet gets a favorable aspect. For example when Saturn in Aqua gets a square from a Scorpio planet, my Virgo Uranus gets a sextile. I like that.

  2. Satori’s post is helpful. The see saw image — and the animals/signs depicted in the photo really do it.

    I agree that quincunxes get overlooked. They are sooooo difficult! I have some in a yod; two others with my AC; another with Saturn-Uranus. When I learned about the quincunx, that helped with understanding the tensions I have felt throughout my life — tensions different than squares (spur to action) or oppositions (tensions from projecting onto others or they onto me). With quincunxes, accept what you can’t change. Learn to live with the incongruity and don’t take it as a shortcoming. Forewarned is forearmed!

    Thanks for bringing this to light again, Elsa.

  3. I have a lot of them in my natal.
    I also have a lot between my BF and I in our synastry chart.

    One of the specific ones in the synastry chart is between our Venuses. His is in Gemini.
    Mine is in Scorpio.
    His is located in the 6th house.
    Mine in the 9th.
    So, it’s even squared of in the houses as well.

    This plays out in several ways, but most of all, it causes our desire natures to be very different. His Venus is even retro, so it’s a double whammy of communication bugs.

    In the 6th it’s about work, and if he has work on his mind, he can’t think about bedroom stuff. With my Scorpio Sun/Venus/Jupiter all mashed up on the same hot degree, you can imagine how that is playing out very often….
    (We are currently seeing a therapist after 4 years of trouble in this department of our relationship).

    Also, as my wants and desires are in Scorpio, and his is mental/work oriented, he has to work to get in the mood, and often, due to the retro Venus, we are experiencing issues that other people would just look at and say “But but… I don’t understand. HOW can you experience issues with THAT? Is that even possible?!”

    Well, yes! It IS possible to feel that sexy time is so difficult!
    The silver lining here though, is that my own Mercury (his 6th house ruler) is in Scorpio too, and that his Cancer Mercury tribes my 4 Scorpio planets, including Mercury.

    The whole thing did not improve by the fact that he hadn’t had a lot of experience with the opposite sex when we met. And me being VERY experienced in this department (cue: Scorpio and Libra planets)…. That was like the extreme in opposites!

    In my chart, I have Saturn and Pluto in Libra in the 9th quincunxing my Taurus Chiron in the 3rd. Usually, the only thing they can agree on, is the artistic stuff, words and learning about relationship stuff. It’s the Venusian influence I guess. But at least they are controlled by the same planet!

    I am also having transit Chiron soon quincunxing my Scorpio stellium, so there is definitely something going on, but at the same time, Scorpio too, is co-ruled by Mars (Aries).

    So if I have to find the silver lining I guess it’s the co-rulership planetwise in these cases. His Venus trines my Saturn and Pluto, so we often make it work, and we do tend to have a lot of other good aspects between our charts. So it’s not all bad. Not with his Mars/Saturn conjuction sextiling my Scorpio stuff. But is certainly IS complicated by his Mars/Saturn squaring his Venus and Neptune + Venus makes an opposition to Neptune in Sag. Gaaah!

    But it just shows that synastry cannot be used alone. The persons’ planets and their aspects influence the whole thing too, and the relationship is affected by them too.

    But yeah… Quincunxing stuff is tricky! Who is the one in charge, yes? 😉

    1. I just read the post about the square between Saturn and Pluto after reading this post. Pluto is transitting the last degrees of my 12th house Capricorn house, squaring my Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Libra – and have been squaring it for the past 2-3 years.

      The raw ambition for power to survive and/or thrive.
      That nails it perfectly by the way… It’s a mind-blowing transit, especially between Libra and Capricorn! It’s about taking control of your destiny and taking charge of your way down the road, to grab life by the horns and keep at it, because it will set you up on a new path for the rest of your life.

      I THINK I have made the best of what this transit entails. I really do feel I am in a much more clear and a bit more powerful place than I was before this transit began. It started out like a textbook Pluto transit with a major breakdown from stress, loss of my career path and/or job situation, and forever transformated my further path in the career and job market. But … To the better, because I dealt with what Pluto threw in my face. I booked the appointments, took charge, got diagnosed, got medicine, self educated myself and I will have more personal power from it, when Pluto finally gets his butt into my 1st house.

      Responsibility is key in Cap.

  4. I have Moon inconjunct Pluto. Haven’t really looked at it before, and there’s not too much info out there. I think I will mull on it a while until I get a grip on it!

  5. All the inconjunt signs have things in common with each other. They are relatives to each other. Now I am speaking in general:

    Look at gemini and scorpio for example, they both like knowledge. They both are very curious about mysteries and going into details, finding clues and details etc.

    Virgo and aquarius is both aloof signs that can come across as cold, has pequliar and odd habits etc. In Virgos case they are actually warm though in their core, while aqua is cold (ok I am biased here since I have been burned by several cold aqua/uranian females while I also have an uranian moon).

    Pieces and libra seems obvious aswell. They are both charming and on the outside sensitive looking beings (in general!)

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